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Don't let your back pain mess with your sex life again. We have provided you with the best sex positions to make you enjoy sex without back pain worries. 

Back pain affects your daily activities and hinders you from embracing your partner and having sex with comfort. However, the guideline on how the spinal cord works when having sex can help you avoid back pain when having sexual intercourse. In every ten people, eight are affected by back pain at some stage. Therefore, even if you are strong, there is a high possibility that back pain will affect you. Doctors recommend using the spooning sex position during intercourse for people with extreme back pain. Although there is no scientific backing, the method works as people have tried it. Read this article to know and understand the different sex positions you can try if you have a bad back.

Sex Positions to Try

There is no specific magical sex position that works for people with back pain. However, with research, trial, and error, there are some sex positions that people with back pain can use. To find the best position, a general understanding of your back pain is crucial. Always take things slowly to avoid making things worse. Communicate with your partner when you realize that you can’t take a certain position. Several researchers examined the spinal cord movement of more than 10 heterosexual couples while having penetrative sex to determine the best sex positions that will benefit people with back pain. As for pain-free sex positions, the following are the most efficient and comfortable. These positions are based on a certain study published and posted in 2015. 

The Doggy Style

DeAngelo, D. (2001) explains that the doggy style sex position is the best if you want to explore your partner’s body. Moreover, it is the best sex position if the penetrating partner experiences back pain when bending over or sitting for a long period. This sex position helps the receiving partner support themselves with their hands instead of elbows. This position can also be best if you have pain when arching or bending your back backward. 

Missionary Sex Position

This is the only sex position partners can use if any spinal cord movement causes pain. In other words, it is a sex position that anybody can try regardless of the state of the spinal cord or any other form of back pain. The partner on the back can always put their knees up and then place a soft rolled pillow behind their back. The pillow adds stability to the posting and minimizes any pain that a person is likely to experience in any spinal cord movement. Penetrating partners can then use their hands to support themselves and lie down or kneel facing the partner. 

Side-By-Side Sex Position

The side position is also recommended for any partner experiencing back pain due to spine movement. However, some people find it hard because not everyone can use this style regardless of its advantage. This sex position is comfortable for partners who experience pain when they sit for long periods. However, it is best to avoid this method if you experience pain when arching your back because it will bring more harm than good. 


This is another great sex position recommended by health experts to people with back pain. However, it is not effective for everyone since some people may experience back pain when using this method. However, the position is comfortable if you want to experience some pain when twerking slowly. Additionally, the position is the best for people with a high tolerance level. Think of the position as a rear-entry style. The penetrating partner should lie behind their partner.

Tips for Having Sex with Back Pain

After choosing the right sex position to use according to the nature of your back pain, there are several things that you can add to make your time comfortable and enjoyable. The following are some of the things you can consider:

Tweaking Your Posture

Unless a sex position causes you great pain, try moving your body while slightly adjusting your posture and see if it has any positive effects. In some cases, changing your posture or your partner is all you need to enjoy your sexual moments. 

Taking a Warm Bath Before Engaging in Sexual Activity With Your Partner

A hot bath or showering before sex helps relieve and relax the tense muscles and have a relaxed body before vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Additionally, a hot bath increases blood flow, thus making it easy for foreplay if you like having a soak together.

Taking Some Pain Killers Minutes or Hours Before Having Sex 

Some medicines available in the pharmacy can relieve back pain for some time. For instance, you can take over-the-counter (OTC), an anti-inflammatory medicine, before engaging in any sex. The drug relieves pain and inflammation of the spinal cord. Other medicines you can use for the same purpose include naproxen, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen. 

Using Pain Relieving Cream Before the Action

You can choose to apply pain-relieving cream or an ointment on your back before exploring your partner. It can help you reduce pain and inflammation the time you are having sex with your partner. After applying the cream, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with disinfectant or soap to avoid harming the genitals when you touch them. Other measures include using a pillow, communicating, moving with your knees and hips, and finding other ways to pleasure each other 

The Bottom Line 

Back pain can make exploring sex a headache if you are not prepared. However, it will be pleasurable with enough preparation and comfortable sex positions. Some positions will work better than others, so it is your responsibility to properly try the one that fits your situation. Also, you have to understand your spinal cord movements and the nature of your pain to make the best preparation. Adding a pillow under your back can help to some extent. 


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