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While some guys like penetrative sex, others swear by blow jobs, claiming they are a path to a satisfying sex life. You may wonder, "which is the best blow job position?". There are tons of blow job sex positions out there. However, the kneeling Bj sex position is a great place to start if you are giving a blow job for the first time. How do you get into it? What are its variations?

Blow jobs are often wrongly believed to be a thing of porn alone. You can introduce blow jobs into your escapades and make them the way you want. Giving blow job and having sex have the same reward-orgasm. Most guys like the former. Besides being orgasm-inducing, blow jobs often require no strength and effort from the man or one with the penis.

Men will tell you mainstream pornography if you ask them where they learned about blow bob. While porn is usually intended for entertainment, borrowing some ideas is the best way to add flavor to your bedroom antics. Assuming both of you are on the same page about blowjobs, what next? There are many blowjob positions, and you may want a beginner-friendly one. That is where the kneeling BJ sex position comes in handy. Learn a few things about this standard blow job position.

What Is the Kneeling BJ Sex Position?

The Kneeling BJ sex position is how it sounds like one partner kneels to give oral sex. While Kneeling BJ is not the best position for oral sex out there, at least it gives people an easy time stepping into the blow job world. The position is also associated with men who like to be dominants in the bedroom. Those who like to be submissive can also try the 69-sex position.

How to get into the Kneeling BJ Sex Position

the man or one with the penis stands. The blowjob giver kneels in front of them, with their head at the same level as the man's groin. Consider using a pillow beneath your knees (if you are giving a blowjob). Goes et al. (2022) noted that Sex pillows take pressure off your knees, allowing you to last longer in the position.

Where can You Use the Kneeling Blow Job Sex Position?

You can use the kneeling blow job position in your bedroom, public or semi-public places. This is because the position requires a little space where the giver can kneel and give a blowjob. The position is great for a quickie.

Variations of the Kneeling Blow Job Position

The kneeling Blow Job Position can be boring. You can also try these variations to spice up things in your bedroom.

Boss' Chair

In the Boss Chair Blow Job Sex Position, the man is the boss (they sit down, relax and enjoy what you do). A  man sits on a chair or edge of a bed, planting their feet on the floor. The blowjob giver kneels between their legs (on a pillow or folded blanket for comfort). They can lower themselves onto the man's penis and start sucking and licking them. You can do it in front of the TV or computer. Rose (2022) suggested that Keeping the man busy while sucking or licking them will be a great treat.


The man lies on the sofa for the sofa blow job position. The blowjob giver kneels by their side and lowers themselves onto their genitals. The blow job giver is not limited to the man's penis alone. They can also show the man's balls and perineum and prostrate some love. The man will experience a real meltdown-intense orgasm. A man can place their hands at the back of the giver's head or use them to massage their back if they also want to be active in the play.

How to Make the Most Out of Kneeling Blow Job Position


Communication is the fundamental aspect of a healthy relationship. Open and honest communication will help you know the blow job techniques they like. For instance, your partner might be among the many guys who don't buy the idea of deep-throating and testicle fondling. It is also worth noting communication isn't a tool to benefit the man alone. Ye et al. (2022) noted that through effective communication, your man could know whether or not you are interested in giving a blowjob. Do not engage in sexual activity you don't like, but there is a good chance it will not be fun, exciting, and pleasurable.

Take Shower

Going down on your man and meeting smelly genitals is extremely disgusting. A man should hit the shower before you bring the topic of blowjobs to the table after working out or a day of hard work. The vagina and penis are located close to the anus. Men can also meet an unpleasant odor down there during cunnilingus, especially if the woman does not have hygiene. Kara et al. (2022), While wet wipes are always a solution for many couples, it is always best to take a shower before oral sex.

Trim The Hairs on The Genitals

Hairs may also contribute to the unpleasant smell down there. Hair is normal, but in the case of blowjobs, your man may want to trim them for a better experience. You can help them with the task in the shower if you are a caring partner (shower sex).

Watch Out for Non-Verbal Cues

Most people communicate with non-verbal cues in sexual activities. In this case, you may want to keep an eye on your man's voice, body, and breathing pattern. There is a good chance they like what you are doing if they moan. Also, if their breath shortens or quickens, chances are you are doing a good job down there. Regarding the body, if your man grabs you, curls their toe, or clenches fists, that is a sign they are enjoying your sucking and licking game.

The Bottom Line

While the Kneeling blow Job position is among the easiest blowjob positions out there, you may want to talk to your partner before you get into it. Effective communication helps your partner know your preferences when it comes to blowjobs. Oral sex is only pleasurable when the two parties are on the same page, but communication will also help you know if your partner is really into blowjobs. However,  if you get a "NO," respect their opinion and stick to the sexual activity you both enjoy.


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