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Have fun with a new sex position that leaves you and your partner fully satisfied. The kneeling sex position is a perfect choice if you love intimacy. Face each other while having great sex with this position and experience great intimacy you have never felt before. The kneeling position will give you unimaginable sex life. Hard orgasms that leave a man roaring come with the right sex position. Herein is everything you need to know about the kneeling sex position if you want to try it.

Getting Into the Kneeling Sex Pose

Both partners have duties to make the kneeling pose amazing. Let a man stand on the ground with you kneeling on your bed. It will be sexy if you both face each other. Ensure that a man's cock's head is exactly at the position with your vagina before making more steps. This position may be difficult, but you should try putting some sturdy books below your bed to keep you raised. This position will put you at the same height as him. You can also use pillows to be a bit higher than your man. When you attain the best height for both, let a man penetrate your vagina while thrusting on you. Have great and satisfying oral sex with your partner with the kneeling pose. Blow jobs can make you experience better mind-blowing orgasms, as Grundmann (2003) noted.

Girl's Role While Having Sex in The Kneeling Position

Apply a few tricks as you have sex in the kneeling pose. You should ensure that your man is at the peak of arousal which will leave him addicted to you. Experience pleasures in a kneeling position by staying upright as your man hits you. Try backward leans to make it more satisfying. Your angle of leaning determines how much pleasure you get. Your man will be in a position to support you as you lean backward by holding your waist.

Lean back more, and support yourself by placing your hands on the bed. You can use one hand to support yourself as you lean backward while your man supports you. According to Comfort (2003), kneeling back sex position leaves you free to rub on your clit. Your man will get incredibly turned on when he sees you rubbing on your clit and masturbating.

What Is the Role of Your Man While I The Kneeling Position?

Make your woman get the perfect part of you in bed as you are in the kneeling position. However, a man has little to perform. You only need to position yourself or if you want to do some job, help your woman get some support. A man's hands will be free to spank on a woman and grab her. A man can also hold a woman closely and kiss her. Trautner (2005) suggested that a man could put hands on a woman's breasts and gently rub them when the woman is leaning back. However, be careful not to hurt your woman. Give a woman perfect stimulations on her nipples that will leave her craving for more in the end, as Magon & Kalra (2011) stated. You can make possible mistakes that will turn a woman off easily.

What Should One Consider While Having Sex in The Kneeling Position?

The kneeling position is among the best position that maximizes Comfort and increases intimacy. However, to make it more pleasurable, you need to consider a few key points, including:

  • It is vital to incorporate foreplay while in this position to help achieve sensational pleasures.
  • Take time to find the right angle for easier and pleasurable penetration.
  • The kneeling back position might not be the best position for you if you love quickies.
  • The best enjoyment is achieved when you are far behind. Also, your man or the bed may not be at the right height; hence, you need to use position enhancers for maximum Comfort. Alternatively, you can spread your legs to bring yourself down or let your man be on his toes.

Other Sex Positions Similar to Kneeling Pose

Life Raft

In this position, your man will stand with you remaining on the bed. You can also lie on your belly with your legs wrapped around his waist. It will give him a great penetration angle.

The Dancer

Imagine the two of you facing each other while standing. Think of how smart it is when a man penetrates you with one of your legs lifted with an upward knee, leaving him with your vagina to rock on.

Stand and Cry

Stand and cry is a simple but crazy position. Move into this posture with your legs wrapped around a man as he gives you body support.

Book Ends

Kneeling and facing each other will drop you into this position. It will be a great chance for you to kiss each other.

Try sucking your partner's lips and balls. It will be a great joy as it will give you the energy to have sex more often. It will also make you have a taste of each other. Experiment with it today as an amazing sex tool to make him have it all with you in the bedroom.

Benefits of the Kneeling Position

  • It will change your man's attitude toward you, leaving him looking at you most of the time. A man will have an increased appetite for you and want to unclothe you all the time.
  • It will ruin your better relationship with your female friends who will be now jealous of you, how your partner treats you, and how close he is to you.
  • You man will tend to make excuses to his friends and cancel appointments to have time with you.
  • Your man will always want to have his hands on you whenever he sits close to you.


Women and young ladies have escaped some battles, including breakups, attempted divorce, and frequent beatings from their partners. Make a kneeling sex position a bond between you and your partner, and enjoy eternal pleasure whenever you get intimate. The position may not be ideal for everyone, but it has benefits such as increasing intimacy due to face-to-face posture.


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