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When it comes to places you can perform sex, most people think about that in pretty binary terms. They are either doing it in the bedroom or someplace too risky that someone could walk on them. However, there are plenty of places and spaces between the options mentioned above that couples can venture into while getting frisky. Let's face it, sometimes the bedroom can become monotonous, and you need to have sex somewhere else.

Whether your bed is as noisy as hell, your sheets are in the laundry room, or you want to infuse some novelty to your sex antics, it can pay a lot to do it elsewhere. One particular option represents an easy place to get started; the chair. All you have to do is identify a sturdy chair, preferably armless, in your house and invite your spouse to a different corner of the house beside the old bedroom. Several sex positions, including the lap dance, become a possibility. In this post, we shall explore all you need to know about the lap dance sex position, how to perform the act safely, and how to get started.

How To Do It

Why insist on going to the bedroom and doing the same-old sex positions where there are a hundred ways you can have sex? Njoku (2006) explained that exploring different sex positions in different places at the house adds some much-needed zing to your sex life with the lap dance sex position. This erotic position can be performed in numerous places, but an armless, sturdy chair is the best option. Besides, it is one of the best positions to achieve deeper penetration, perform oral sex, and watch her give you a blowjob.

According to Colosi (2017), the lap dance sex position, among other positions that an individual can feasibly perform on a chair, is incredibly underutilized and underrated. As it turns out, it is not a position many folks think about, so they stick to the same-old bed. An online poll suggested that most people consider the lap dance position less intuitive. However, experts assert that it is worth it once you figure out the angles.

How do you perform the lap dance sex position? This sex position is designed with your partner in mind; you can also incorporate them into your solo sessions, especially in the spectrum of sex machines or sex toys. That said, here is how the lap dance sex position is done.

  • Identify an armless, sturdy, steady chair (nothing with wheels) and place it preferably against the wall or a comfortable corner.
  • As usual, engage in some grinding and bumping to get yourselves into the mood.
  • When you feel ready, have him sit comfortably on the chair.
  • Ease yourself slowly down onto his shaft, then carefully slip your legs one after the other over his shoulder or the arm of the chair – if present.
  • Depending on how comfortable you want to feel, you can place both legs over his shoulders and hold the back of his neck during thrusting.
  • Suppose the penetration isn't as deep; lean back slightly for more control. Leaning back undulates the hips for a unique penetrative experience.
  • As for his freed hands, he can wander over your breasts and other erogenous zones for extra pleasure.

Why She Would Love the Lap Dance Positions

Egan (2005) explained that the lap dance sex position is about as vast and varied as any other. That is because there are numerous ways to do it, plus it provides opportunities to explore more intensified sensations. For her part, the following is why she will love it:

  • Her undulating hips will have more control over how deep the penetration is.
  • His hands are free, and he can explore more erogenous sensations all over her body.
  • Plenty of room to incorporate sex toys such as the wand vibrator and nipple clamps.
  • The angle of penetration is different, and the sensations are bound to be more intensified and mind-blowing.
  • The position requires her to be a bit racy, making her feel sexier and naughtier.
  • The man can kiss her nape and sway back and forth to speed up the thrust.

Why He Would Love the Lap Dance Sex Position

Having your woman sit on your lap with her legs spread apart as a man is mind-blowing as it is a major guy fantasy. Therefore, this position allows you more room to view all her bits explicitly. You also enjoy deep penetrations, and the woman is in a perfect position to kiss you and explore your erogenous zones.

Safety Tips When Using the Lap Dance Sex Position

Hubbard & Colosi (2015) explained that while the chair is relatively easy to get started on sex outside the bedroom, several steps are essential to ensure safety and smooth running for all involved. Below are key safety tips to get you going:

  • Use an armless, sturdy chair for beginners (nothing with wheels, though).
  • When placing the chair against the wall, you will want a bare void of decorative hangings or pictures.
  • For acrobatic-type seats, you can use more pillows to get comfortable.


For most of us, sex is often performed in the bedroom or with someone close to the public's prying eye. That does not always have to be the case. There are plenty of places and spaces within our reach that can allow numerous positions. The lap dance sex position, for instance, is best performed in an armless chair, where you have your man seat comfortably before easily yourself slowly onto his shaft.

Although the position is underutilized, it is best at achieving deeper penetrations, allowing more free hands to wander and giving the woman more control over penetration. The lap dance position is fun, exciting, special, and a handy way to break the norm. Besides, it can bring energy to any couple's sex antics.


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