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There are many reasons why people have sex. If you have a poor sex life, it can affect your social life and your relationships with people. Making love to the man or the lady you love is the best thing you can do; it’s the best feeling that will make you more connected than before.

 Your body and mind should have relief from stress and anxiety, and the simple way to do that is by having sex. Sex enhances the production of feel-good hormones, which excites you, suppressing stress and anxiety. Before you make love, there are some things that you need to do so that you have an enjoyable session. Making love is just like any other exercise. It needs preparation both for the mind and the body. Also, let the psychologically set up by making out and having foreplay before the real game. This article outlines all the n basics you need to know about the launchpad sex position.

Launchpad Sex Position                           

This is one of the most pleasurable sex positions that you would like to try. It allows you to take up his position and dominate the sex moment. To perform this sex position, you should start by lying on your back, lifting your legs, and bringing the knees to your chest to rest the feet on your man’s chest. He will penetrate you while facing you, but he will be on his knees. He can lean over you so that you can get the deep penetration that you would desire. The sex position will require you to practice more and advance to other more pleasurable sex positions.

The lady will not have much to do in this sex position since the man will be in control. Since you have your legs on your man’s chest, you can control the thrust by making them deep or shallow, depending on how you like it. If the idea of having your legs on his chest makes you uncomfortable, you can put them on either side or all of them on one side. Also, you can control his angle and how much he leans on you using your legs.

On the other hand, the man in the launchpad sex position has less to do, thus making the position good. He will not strain. All he will be doing is thrusting in and out. If you want him to hit the G-spot instead of leaning over, you can lean behind at a comfortable angle. According to Kaya & Çalışkan (2018), G-spot stimulation can lead to massive orgasms.

Factors to Consider While Having Sex in Launchpad Sex Position

If you love having anal stimulation, this sex position can still be easy for you. Your man will note struggle to penetrate you. You can share your work as your man is thrusting in and out of you. You can help him with the same by pushing him back with your feet.


There are chances that your man will be overwhelmed and get a little over-enthusiastic in the sex position by leaning far much. This can hurt your back or feet. Therefore, before it gets to that point, communicate when you feel uncomfortable. Schein (2021) stated that open communication is vital in any relationship.

You should be flexible to have the pleasure you desire from the launch pad sex position. When you get tired, you can choose to put your legs on one side of your man instead of having them on the chest.

Prepare the Environment

You can prepare your partner mentally by making the environment conducive to sexual arousal. For example, you can have some cool and soft music playing in the background. You should avoid reggae and punk instrumentals. You can also set the mood by dimming the light in the room and using some scented candles, as highlighted by Chokoisky (2015).


According to Younis et al. (2020), foreplay makes sex enjoyable. Kissing, caressing, and cuddling are some of the things that you can do too. Maintaining eye contact can also keep your partner sexually aroused, setting them up for the real game. Even though you do everything the right way and cannot satisfy your partner in the bed, that can create a big problem making the relationship lose its meaning. Make your man feel the love and the sensation by being adventurous in sex. Explore and try out new sex positions such as Launchpad.

Similar Positions


The octopus sex position requires the most flexibility. You will be both seated while facing each other. You will be required to lift your legs and put them on your man’s shoulders as you support yourself with your hand slightly behind you.

The Anvil Sex Position

Like the launchpad sex position, you will have to push your legs back to your chest as your man leans forward to you with his legs straight behind him.


This makes the feeling more sensation since the legs are crossed at the ankles. You will be able to create friction while getting penetrated.

Deck Chair

The deck chair sex position involves switching things where your man’s arm is beneath your bent leg. This sex position is so intimate since you can see and feel the pleasure he can caress you on your bust and the nipples making it the best sex position you would always want. You can also intensify sexual arousal by having eye contact.


You can revive the lost spark in your relationship by having a good sex life, which will satisfy you. Sexual satisfaction is good since you will not seek satisfaction from any other place. You would like to experience more passion, fire, and intensity in your relationship to make your man constantly craving for you and thus cannot keep his hands away from you. You have to take it easy when making love and when trying a new sex position to feel the best sensation you desire to satisfy your sexual needs.


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