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Position yourself to experience the real feeling of being in love. Make your partner feel everything in you by being open and free to try out new things. This article highlights how to try the lazy wheel barrow sex position safely and similar positions that give the same feeling.

A lazy wheelbarrow sex position is one of the best and most erotic positions you would like to try. To perform and get it the better way to enhance the pleasure you are looking for, you need to have a good deal of effort. Good sex in a relationship can make other people jealous of you and your partner and how you connect. Your partner will always look at you like he wants to get down on you and increase the connection. It might not be strenuous, but it is a good deal. If you want to try a sex passion that is somehow lazy but gives you the best feeling ever, read the article below.

Lazy Wheelbarrow Sex Position

To perform this sex position, the man must sit on a sofa or chair. This sex position enhances awesome sensations. The platform should be armless. You will need to lean forward as far as possible, put your hands on the floor and support your stomach, waist, and thighs. You will be able to make your man scream with pleasure, be addicted, and be obsessed. You will also cross his mind and boast about yourself.

You will be in an awkward position when performing the lazy wheelbarrow. However, you can keep up with yourself by getting support from your hands. Therefore, there will be not much to do.

Since the man will be seated, he will guide the strokes and thrusts you will receive. If it is your first time, let your man know when he is hurting you or doing anything that feels uncomfortable. This will be possible if you can talk about anything in your relationship. Communication is basic and therefore creates a good environment for both of you to enjoy, as explained by Schein (2021). Your man will not be able to give thrusts to the fullest. Therefore, he will hold on to your waist and move you back and forth.

Factors to Consider While Having a Lazy Wheelbarrow Sex Position

Consider the following factors if you want to experience the best sensations.

The Safety and Comfort

You need to ensure that you are comfortable in the position to feel the pleasure. Hernandez (2021) stated that comfortability makes sex enjoyable. When you feel any pain and troublesome moments, let your man be aware.

You do not need to overjudge the position if you have never had it before. Although being an exotic sex style, if it does not work for you, there are still other sex positions that can be enjoyable and satisfying, giving you the pleasure you desire.

If you like thrusting sex, you will hate the lazy wheelbarrow sex since it is difficult for your man to give the strokes. Instead, he will use your waist to make the thrusts. It is also one of the less intimate sex positions if you love having more intimate moments and feelings for each other.

Similar Positions

Wheelbarrow Sex Position

Unlike the lazy wheelbarrow sex position where the man is seated, he will be standing and, therefore, more able to give much harder and deeper thrusts. This makes it more enjoyable and pleasurable through the wheelbarrow sex position.

The Stairway to Heaven

The stairway to heaven sex position will give you all the pleasure you desire. It works best when you are on the stairs, where you must be on your knees, slightly bent forward in a comfortable position, and supporting yourself on a slightly higher staircase. Your man will be on his knees and thrust you from behind, with his hands grabbing your waist.

The Frog Leap

You might not have heard about this erotic sexy sex position. It is almost similar to the doggy style, but you will be squatting, giving him more access to your beneath. He will be on his knees, holding your waist. With this position, you can be fully stimulated, and your man is likely to hit the G spot. According to Sayin (2012), G-spot stimulation leads to a massive orgasm even if you have never had one. Your partner can give you some spanks and slaps on the ass since he has a full view of your body and booty. According to Weiss (2011), spanking is a form of BDSM play.

Is There Anything That I Can Do To Make It Smoother?

The lazy wheelbarrow sex position will feel awkward at first. However, you need to find a way to make yourself more comfortable and flexible enough for your man to be able to move you up and down. You are free to shift angles to get the one that will feel much better for you. Since the position might be tiresome to the one seated, you can have some more soft pillows on the arms of the seat to get support. Similarly, the one standing will tire. Therefore they can support themselves on the counter or the wall. Make sure you are comfortable enough to enjoy making love.


You can make every sex position worth the effort when you have the best foreplay. Foreplay might involve the use of sex toys or oral sex. This is a way to set yourselves up for the sex game. You can never have amazing sex without setting the mood. You can set the mood both physically and emotionally by preparing your partner. You can make out and set the mood and thus be ready for the stimulation and the sensation that will lead to a screaming orgasm. The physical environment can be made conducive to setting the mood by dimming the lights, using some candles ( scented ones will be nice), and changing the beddings to make the bedroom look different. You can also have some soft and cool background music; instrumentals can be the best.


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