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Making love is an exercise just like any other. You need to be fit to have a good sex life; you need to be healthy. Other sex positions will call for your strength and fitness to pull it off, for example, the little dipper sex position.

Good sex and a healthy body are connected. According to Lindau & Gavrilova (2010), sex helps you have better health. For example, it helps relieve stress in the body and the mind. This is because sex enhances the secretion of the feel-good hormones. Gray (2010) explains that the feel-good hormones are responsible for making you happy and excited. Therefore, you will have a good sex life when you have good health. Kaplan (2013) states that exercises are good for your sex life, for example, push-ups and Kegel exercises. This makes the sex positions that involve strengthening the body good for any person to try. This article outlines the basics of performing the little dipper sex position.

The Little Dipper Sex Position

This sex position is much more about exercise than having greater pleasurable sex. It is quite related to the bigger dipper sex position. To perform the little dipper sex position, you should have a bed, sofa, chair, or footstool. The man will lie down while his back is supported between the bed and the footstool. You will be on top of him, seated and on his crotch facing him. Your hands will be on the stool, and your legs supported on the bed. Move up and down to make the thrust. Position yourself in a way that will make you comfortable enough not to be hurt. The position will need your strength from both partners to pull it off, long enough for you to feel the pleasure. You should also not be having any back issues or joint pains.

As a girl in this position, you will be the one doing the thrust having support on your hands. The position is considered y to be a little novelty since it will not take long before you start feeling your jelly in the arms. Therefore, you will not be able to lift yourself anymore. You can seat on him and focus on grinding instead. Be comfortable enough to make a move and communicate if you are tired. According to Thomtén & Linton (2013), communication helps avoid injuries and pain. Similarly, you can make your man thrust in you as you hold yourself up in a perfect position. You can be turn-taking to make it more pleasurable.

The man in the little dipper sex position will not be doing much unless you hold yourself up so he can trust you. If you are clinging, then he can have a chance to stimulate the clitoris. There are so many reasons why the clitoris needs to be appreciated and respected since it is highly sensitive. The clitoris has many nerves ending, thus making it more sensitive. When it is stimulated, it can lead to a firm and massive orgasm. Through clitoral stimulation, the genital is activated, increasing the blood flow; hence they are more sensational, enhancing a woman's orgasm.

Although you will not find more pleasure while using the little dipper sex position, it is worth trying. This is why you need to be free and open to trying new things with your partner. It might be hard for some people, but you find it more pleasurable with your partner.

Things To Consider When Performing The Little Dipper Sex Position

It is good for anal stimulation. If you can explore and find more pleasure in having anal sex in your relationship, it is a good position to try out. All you need to do is position yourself right to feel the sensation.

Grinding yourself on the man can be more fun than lifting yourself up and down to make the stokes. Therefore, go for grinding instead when you want to last for long in this sex position.

When you are a workout freak, this little dipper sex position will work for you when you set up the mind like you are in the gym but also have the pleasure of making it more fun.

Similar Positions

The Seesaw Sex Position

 This is somehow easier compared to the little ones. Since your man will be seated, it does not need mucles and biceps to pull the dipper sex position.

The Big Dipper Sex Position

 It is a little bit different from the little dipper sex position where your man will be in a seating position, and he will be the one to carry on all work; thrusting

Side Ride

It is a much easier sex position since you will be seated on him. Your man will be lying on his back while you are seated facing one side; choose the one you will be comfortable with as you grind and make the thrusts. You will be able to support yourself on the floor.


Little dipper's exposition might not favor you, but you can still adjust it to a certain angle that will fit you. For the man, make the table or the bed edge has something soft which will not cause injuries. If you have back or joint pain, this sex position might not favor you. To start any sex session with your man, make it a norm always to have foreplay. One of the best forms of foreplay you can use is oral sex play. You can be sexual heroin and a hero when you learn how to give good oral sex to your partner. Doing so will make your partner utterly and completely addicted to you. There is a secret in the oral sex that can give your man aching body-shaking orgasms. When you are in a relationship and feel like the spark is lost, you can gain it back by being adventurous in your relationship.


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