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The Best Positions for Looking Great and Losing Weight

The Best Positions for Looking Great and Losing Weight

The Best Positions for Looking Great and Losing Weight

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Although it would be fabulous if the last thing on our minds was how we looked during sex, unfortunately for some these thoughts can flit through the mind making people self-conscious and requesting sex with the lights off.

There's no denying that confidence is the key to a great time in bed as a woman who exudes a sense of being happy in her own skin concentrates on pleasuring and being pleasured rather than the aesthetics of the situation.

However, there are ways you can look great, lose weight and exude that elusive confidence even if you fake it. Just knowing that your bum displays no dimples of cellulite as he takes you from behind allows you to release your inhibitions for a fabulous ride.

Doggy Position

The best way to make your behind look absolutely amazing is through the age old tried and tested technique of the doggy position. Even wobbly thighs and bouncy behinds can look sleek and toned when making just a few little changes with your hands. Instead of adopting the same old stance on hands and knees, either bend over with your legs in a standing position, making him stand behind you or if on your knees drop onto your elbows and rest your head on the bed. Not only does this give you the vantage point to be able to see his manhood entering you, which is a turn on in itself, it also tightens skin and muscle giving a svelte appearance despite your weight. Holding yourself in this position is also the Yoga technique known as the plank. It tones stomachs thighs and buttocks giving you a workout to enjoy.

Girl on Top

Every man loves the woman to take charge and one of their favourite positions is the girl on top. It's fair to say that when rewarded with this they won't be concerned about your wobbly bits however you might. When taking the position you can increase the intensity by making sure his eyes navigate to your best assets. As most women hate their stomachs to be scrutinised, take the position whilst still wearing a bra and remove it as you pleasure him. His hands and eyes will travel directly to your breasts. You can make them linger here by playing with your own nipples, increasing your own pleasure whilst driving him crazy with desire.

Instead of trying to hide your stomach by leaning forward and kissing or burying your head in his shoulder, take another route. Lean back so your hands are placed on his thighs for support, this will flatten any stomach. It will also tone your waist and buttocks as you bring him to climax, another score for the workout.

You can adapt thi position to still look great whilst recovering the next day with aching muscles that prove you've burned some calories, try spinning round and placing your back towards him, and lean forward to support your arms so your back and bum are streamlined. Or squat onto your feet as you lean back using his legs for support, you can achieve incredible depth here and may even find this is the way to make sure he hits your G-spot as his eyes focus on his own member pleasuring you.

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