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Are you trying to figure out the most fulfilling sex position that will give sexual satisfaction? Don't worry.  This article has the ultimate sex position guide to help you have great sex and make your relationship romantic and fun. 

Most couples try to find different ways of spicing their sex life. Avoid the usual sex moves and techniques you have been using and make the experience unforgettable. When trying to break the monotony and boredom in your sex life, there are various new sex positions that you can try. Below are some of the ultimate sex positions to try out with your partner for new, mind-blowing sensations.

Doggy Style and its Variation

Doggy style is the best sex position that most people enjoy. However, if you use the same movement, your risk having a monotonous sex life. Here are some of the best doggy-style variations that you should try. 

The Booty Pop

Booty Pop is the best for when both partners want a quickie. In this style, the woman bends over on anything that supports her weight, like a bed or couch. While still standing, she puts her hand on the surface while her man penetrates from behind. 

Kneeling Booty Pop

This position allows couples to explore their sexual experience to get satisfaction. It usually involves a female partner getting on her knees and hands while at the edge of the bed or couch. Her partner stands behind her, just like in booty pop. This position is ideal for couples who wish to incorporate spanking. However, it is important to discuss the limits, safety, and safe words to be used before the play. This helps both partners to focus on pleasure and pain. 


In this position, both partners lie down, the woman being in front and the man directly behind her. This position is best for couples who want to try out anal sex. It is also ideal for beginners because it allows them to relax. Also, there is no eye contact, making it ideal for shy partners. 

Best Ultimate Sex Positions for Those Obsessed with the Breast 

Below are discussed best sex positions for those who enjoy breast stimulation. 

The Golden Globes

This position is perfect for partners who enjoy viewing the breast of their women. Since the man is on top, he can squeeze the thighs and knees together to make them wiggle against the woman. The additional friction is the best for stimulating the clit. 

Breast Friends

Here, the man straddles over the chest with the woman lying on her back. It can be done either while sitting, to ro u the back. It is advisable to use lube so as to avoid chaffing. 

The Spider

With the man sitting on a chair, his partner straddles him. In this position, both partners sit up straight, and the woman controls the intensity and speed of the thrusting. Here, the man has the perfect access to the breast for sucking and licking. 

Best Ultimate Sex Positions for Oral Sex

All Hail the Queen

In this position, the woman straddles the face of her partner. However, the woman should avoid exerting more weight on the partner. While straddling his head, lower yourself and do the adjustment that suits you. If you are tired, prop yourself on your arms, and work out the thighs by grinding up and down your partner's face.

The Leg-Up

Here, the woman lies on her back on one side of the bed while lifting her legs. The man then kneels against the bed. This position allows free access to the genitalia to avoid neck muscle cramps. 

Doggy Oral

To achieve this position, the woman gets on her elbows and knees, and the man offers oral stimulation from behind. For extra sensation, you can use your hands to play with your clit, and prop yourself up using pillows. You may also grind your partner's face up and down and allow your body to go as deep as you want to regulate the angle. 

The Mouth Off

The position variation is among sixty-nine standard maneuvers. Lie down with your head at the edge of your bed, touch yourself as you take your man's dick in the mouth. Sub partners enjoy the power play of surrendering control. It is fun when blood rushes to your head. However, this position is not ideal for beginners. 

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best ways to explore your sex life and keep your bedroom life fun, then you should try out this ultimate sex position guide. You will learn different ways of giving all types of sex in different variations. Avoid limiting yourself to specific sex positions. Try out the positions discussed in this article to taake your sex to the next level.

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