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woman-on-top sexual positions are just as it sounds. The woman is the one who is on top and gets to control the thrusts. These sex positions are cowgirl, faceoff, and reverse cowgirl. Some instances like self-esteem issues, having no experience, and uncomfortable position may make it hard to get into such positions.

Getting on top may be very intimidating if you are used to missionary sex with your significant other. This is because you are used to the comfortable missionary sex. It is always great to spice up the sex life and try new sex styles in the bedroom. Woman-on-top is always the best choice. This is because you will be in charge of the pleasures that you want to get and also get the feeling of empowerment. You are in charge of the thrust from your partner during penetration, intensity, and stimulation. It is also known to be great as you can incorporate a lot of sex toys during penetration. Your partner can use the vibrators on your butt as you control the thrusts while on top.

Types of woman-on-top sex positions

Different sexual positions demand one to have the woman-on-top position. They include;

Cowgirl Position

According to Oliva-Lozano et al. (2022), the cowgirl position involves a man lying on the back while the woman is on top. The woman can either be in a squatting or kneeling position. To ease penetration, the woman must ensure that her vagina is aligned with the man's penis. Once the penis is inside the man's penis, the woman can ride up and down or in whatever movement she pleases on the partner's erect penis. The woman is the one who is in charge of the pace and rhythm of the thrusts as well as the duration in which the penetration will take place. a lot of stimulation can happen in this position. The man can reach the breasts and massage them or even clutch onto the butt of the woman and help her with the thrusts as she feels the butt. According to Chalker (2018), there are instances when the woman is likely to get her orgasms before the man. The woman's pelvis can be raised, and the man wil take over with the thrusts in the upward motion until he can get an orgasm.    


faceoff sex position demands that the bodies need to be close to each other. The significant other may sit at the edge of the bed or the seat, and the woman can sit on the lap while facing them. The woman should be in control of the thrusts and the depth and pace of penetration. Since the bodies are too close, you may have friction on the clitoris during penetration.

Reverse Cowgirl

It is known to be the same as the cowgirl position, but the position is always different. Dae & Crescent (2012) stated that in reverse cowgirl, the woman faces the feet of the man while she makes sure that the vagina aligns with the penis. The woman or the man has to ensure that the penis is inside the vagina. The man can see either arch his legs or let them lie flat. The woman is either in a squatting or kneeling position. This position also allows the woman to control the thrusts' depth, pace, rhythm, and duration. she is in a position to change the thrusts, and this will give out a different stimulation to not only the woman but also the significant other. Vieira-Baptista et al. (2021) explained that the woman achieves the g-spot stimulation as the clitoris is stimulated.  

Seated Wheelbarrow

There is no better way to please your man than letting him have a great view of your butt. In a seated wheelbarrow, your man can be seated on the edge of the bed or a seat, and you may ride on your partner while his face is facing down on his feet, but his hands and thighs support your upper body. The great advantage is that your partner can still dominate in this position as he can use the slings on your butt while riding them. Your legs should be placed behind the waist of your partner. You can as well get some clitoral stimulation while grinding against the clitoris. 

Instances When The Woman Might Feel Uncomfortable Being On Top

Self-Esteem Issues

Not everyone is comfortable with their own body—the thought of exposing the full view of your body to their significant other. Being on top means your partner has an obstructed view of all your body parts. This may bring an issue to those that have low self-esteem. They may not be confident enough as they suffer from body image issues.     

Having No Experience

This may seem like a genuine reason. Most times, not everyone is comfortable with being on top of their partner. This is because most do not know what to do while on top. They do not know if they are the ones supposed to ride or if their significant other is the one who should penetrate them while on their back. This may make them find it hard to have a pleasurable experience with one another.

Uncomfortable Situations

You are never guaranteed to be uncomfortable when being on the top. Not everyone is physically fit to try the different woman-on-top sex styles. A lot of pressure may be applied to the cervix or the knees. There are different ways to try and make the experience more comfortable for you. You can always support yourself by leaning forward using the headboard or pillows beneath your knees. Many also try to change the different angles of the cervix either by leaning forward or making your face turn to your partner's feet.

Suppose you are one of those who have never been on top of your partner during sexual intercourse; it's great if you try it once. This is because you will be the one in control of your pleasure and movement. It is not only about pleasure but also gives individuals a sense of empowerment.    


The woman-on-top sex positions always have an advantage not only for the woman but also for the men. this can be seen in the situation where the man's weight is too much for the woman. This way, the woman gets on top to avoid the man's weight on top of her. It can also help when the man is sick or has some serious illness that cannot make them perform their duties on top of their women. Pregnant women are also at an advantage as less pressure is applied to the woman's abdomen, and she can control the thrusts. In all of these situations, the best one is that both the man and the woman can get stimulated, reach an orgasm and get different sensations. 


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