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A Guide to Wearing a Lingerie Bra

A Guide to Wearing a Lingerie Bra

A Guide to Wearing a Lingerie Bra

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Lingerie is very important for women, because it does not only provide support and comfort through a long day’s activities, whether they are at home or at work, but it also gives them confidence and a morale boost. Here are some ways to choose your lingerie bra in order to get the best comfort as well as suit the occasion.

Choosing the Right Lingerie Bra for Work

What we must try to get from a lingerie bra that we wear for long periods of time such as at work, home or even when we anticipate excessive activity, is comfort and support, Therefore, a cotton hypoallergenic bra would fit best the description.

The colors of the lingerie bra must be chosen with care, as if they are in contrast with your blouse it will be easily seen through it, and that is not the professional look that you want to show at work. However, if you are wearing a blouse that hides the color of your bra you can wear anything you choose as long as it is comfortable; most women choose cotton bras of black or white color for work wear.

Matching Your Lingerie Bra With the Underwear

Here the opinion differs, as some women will go to great lengths to positively match the bra with the underwear. However, it is not a must, and you can definitely mix and match as you please, mostly because it is fun to be adventurous. It is also fun to wear a very professional “dull” bra but match it with a sexy underwear.

While being adventurous is fun, you must match accordingly a lingerie bra with the underwear when trying to achieve a romantic look for your partner. For example, if you know you are going to try and seduce your partner with a sexy lingerie set, it must match in order to have any effect.

Helpful Tips

Women enjoy shopping for lingerie, and frankly it is hard to say when you have enough underwear or lingerie bras. However, it is essential you have the following categories in your lingerie collection: work or daily wear bra (which must be comfortable first and then anything else), a romantic lingerie bra that will perfectly match the romantic dress or attire you have in mind, a gym lingerie bra that provides support, and the strapless lingerie bra for your strapless dress.

Bras can be purchased specifically to your size and needs. It is essential you try it on before purchase to ensure it fits perfectly. Any slight discomfort can cause you pain and thus, you may never want to wear that bra again.

Bras by occasion

You need a bra for every occasion and Peaches and Screams are here to provide you with everything you could possibly need. Here we have selected some of our favorite products from our everyday and sports range. So you can relax and work out is comfort and style, look in our other categories for more specific occasions such as Bridal and Maternity Lingerie.

Nursing Bras

Nursing bras are so important for new others when breast feeding there new born babies and with our great styles you can breastfeed with comfort as well as looking stylish and feeling confident which is so important for a new mum.

We have a great range of nursing bras perfect for this special time. Nursing bras can be stylish as well as practical so shop our great range of nursing bras today

Nursing Bras And Feeding Bras Functions

The perfect nursing bra is so important at this stage post pregnancy to ensure comfort and relief from such conditions as mastitis and breast infection. The perfect nursing bra should be well fitted and without wires for extra comfort and move ability. The biggest mistake most women make is increasing the back size usually the back size should stay the same and you should increase your cup size. Measuring is easy at home with our bra size and fitting guide. The main benefits of nursing bras are there ability to unclip the cup and therefore feed with ease and with the super soft material it ensures the greatest comfort whilst unhooking. It couldn’t be easier and more discreet. Our favourite nursing bras are by the two most famous brands for maternity lingerie. Cake Lingerie has won multiple awards including ‘Maternity Brand of the Year’ and is world renowned for there comfortable lingerie. Each of the nursing bras are of the highest quality and in such beautiful styles. Maternity lingerie doesn’t have to be boring and ugly it can be pretty and feminine in fact most people wouldn’t even know it was a nursing bra you were wearing from the Cake styles to the Freya Dotty cup you can be feminine and comfortable and all for such great prices. The technology involved in nursing bras means that you have the greatest support without any wires so all of the support in the bra is at the front and reinforced with a thicker waistband so not only does it create the same shape you would have if you were to wear a normal bra it also has improved comfort. 

Our favourite nursing bra is the Strawberry Shortcake by Cake Lingerie. This nursing bra from Cake is flirty and feminine, perfect in order to feel beautiful! The lightweight fabric, with the detachable cups for easy feeding and the adjustable straps, this really is a fantastic maternity bra. Enabling you to feel feminine and look beautiful, and providing maximum comfort at the same time! Reviews on this product have been outstanding, everyone seems to love it.

Maternity Bras

Maternity bras at great value at Peaches and Screams. We stock the UKs best maternity bras by Cake Lingerie. Cake Lingerie was voted ‘Maternity Brand of the Year 2011’ and therefore you know that you are in great hands.

Shop our great range of maternity bras below and you will find we have a great range of maternity bras for you to have a look at all from your favourite brands!

More On Maternity Bras

It is important during pregnancy to wear the correct maternity bra due to the ever expanding sixe of your breasts as well as the possible soreness that comes with pregnancy. If your breasts aren’t properly supported then there could be damage to the ligaments and muscles. Mums to be often experience sore breasts and this is where Cake Lingerie comes in.

Bras by Cake are made from the softest material all with no wires just fantastic technology to give you the support you need. The special technology of the bras means that you still have a great shape and look like you are wearing a normal bra. They also come in an array of colours and prints so you can be trendy and pretty in this special time. The wider back strap gives you the extra support needed to ensure comfort whilst you are pregnant and your breasts are expanding. There are different adjustments also on all the backs of the bras so that the bra can grow with you as you grow in your pregnancy so you can loosen it as and when you need to. The gorgeous material also means it’s breathable which will help counteract the sweating you might encounter during pregnancy.

Sports Bras

Shop our great range of sports bras below and you will find we have a great range of sports bras for you to have a look at all from your favourite brands!

Whether you are looking for sports bras which will be perfect for light exercises or if you want something for running and jogging then we have the best sports bras for you. So shop our great range of sports bras today:

More On Sports Bras

Exercising without a sports bra can seriously change the shape of your bust and affect your performance. It can also be quite painful and annoying, so make sure you've picked the right bra for you! If you need any help or advice on sports bras, please feel free to give us a call!

Sports bras as decided by us to be the most versatile and comfortable when performing gentle or rigorous exercise. The benefits of a good sports bra are that they can improve performance and also increase comfort whilst exercising. More women are choosing to workout as part of there weekly regime without being sports players or playing a particular sport to improve there health and sometimes change there weight. With all of these new challenges ahead we need all the support we can get and that starts with a great sports bra. Sports bras help maintain proper form when exercising meaning that whilst jumping and exercising vigorously the correct support is given to the breasts to ensure that they don’t cause any pain or obstruct you in any way. A great sport bra can not only increase comfort, but also over time can improve your posture due to it being a compression garment. A great sports bra is very important when exercising and we have a great range for you.

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