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What is animal print lingerie? How effective is animal print lingerie? What are some of the animal print lingerie in the market? This article explains what animal print lingerie is and some different animal lingerie. 

When it comes to lingerie, it is not all about the design; color and theme are also important aspects when choosing lingerie. A fun and colorful choice for lingerie is the animal print. The most common animal prints are zebra, leopard, and cheater lingerie. 

Lingerie can be a mood setter for the day as they are the first thing an individual puts in the morning. It gives sexy looks as it can make one feel beautiful. Lingerie is a category of primarily women's clothing, including underwear, sleepwear, and lightweight robes. The choice of name is inspired to imply that the garment is alluring. Lingerie is made of smooth, beautiful, lightweight fabrics, either natural fibers like silk or synthetic ones such as nylon or polyester, as they come in different colors, designs, and prints. One popular lingerie print is the animal print, with zebra, leopard, and cheater being the main animal prints. 

Zebra Print Lingerie 

Zebras are pretty distinctive due to their black and white striped coats. Cardoso Filho et al. (2019) explained that just like the zebra stripes come in different patterns unique to each individual, so are zebra printed lingerie designs. This lingerie is a vibe to make you feel beautiful when in them. With zebra print lingerie, you want to go with lingerie sets. They will make one look great when worn every day. If you are into lingerie and a first-timer, this is your print. Find a set of matching bras and underwear to make the most of this print. High-quality lingerie will bring out your best features, however costly. Keep in mind that well-tailored lingerie makes you look amazing and gives you a sense of confidence.

Leopard Print Lingerie  

Leopard coats are yellow to yellowish-brown or golden. The leopard is usually confused with the cheater. The cheaters have black spots all over its body, while the leopard has an irregular rose-shaped spot called rosettes on its body. However, this will not come as a problem when shopping for lingerie since they are specified. If you are a lover of printed lingerie, you should probably try this print. Kurutz (2020) explained that the leopard print lingerie would go well in lingerie costumes or as a set. The leopard print will look creative and adventurous on an individual as a costume. They also look good as babydolls and chemises to bring out your form in a rather sexy manner busting your hips and drawing attention to your waist. You don't need to match your baby dolls and chemises with the bra and panties; slide them over your simple-colored bra and panties for a more refined.

Cheater Print Lingerie 

The cheater coat has black spots all around its body. These spots are rather distinctive on lingerie, and just like the leopard print lingerie, they will go well in any design. A nice lingerie set, bodysuit, or babydolls and Chemises will do fine. However, go for crotchless lingerie designs or those sexy bras to spice things up. If you plan on wearing it with a different bra or panties, then a cheater print see-through will do just fine. But when it comes to bras and different panties, go with plain colors. The cheetah print may come off as mostly sexy and a nice turn-on, definitely something to add to your closet. You can add this and other animal print designs the next time you go shopping for lingerie.  

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Lingerie 

Consider the Tummy 

If you are potbellied, consider dark color lingerie. You should also consider the type of lingerie you want. An individual should consider bodysuits, baby dolls, and chemises, which will cover their tummy and take away the attention from the belly. A leopard or cheater print will bring out your best features.

The Legs and Thighs 

Body size and features also have a part to play when picking out lingerie. If you are petite, go for high-cut leg designs to make your legs look longer and fuller. But whatever the body size, you can go sexy and rather seductive with a skimpy little thong. Plus size individuals should avoid thongs because of the plumpness of the thighs as they should go for something that covers up the fullness of their bottoms to focus the attention on the upper part of the body. Also, it would help if you avoided designs that hug your bottom tightly.  

Breast Size  

The bra size should always be in mind when shopping for lingerie. The bust line is always the center of attraction of the women's chest. You need to select lingerie that complements your breasts, so size is a key feature. Remember that you need lingerie that fits your boobs rather than squeezes them if you have full breasts.

Complementary Colors

Pick out lingerie that will suit your skin tone to bring out your best features. If you can't work out what suits you best, fall back on black lingerie. Bonanno (2020) stated that in the case of animal print lingerie, the cheater and leopard print would suit most skin tones. The zebra print usually comes in black and white and might not suit everyone. 

The Fabric and Design  

Feel the texture in your hands, and if it rubs well on your fingers, it will feel nice on your body. When it comes to lingerie, satin, laces, and silk never go wrong, unlike cotton, which might feel good but won't do well on most occasions, while leather looks fun, but it's harder to fit. To mush detailing might also be cumbersome to walk around in.

Waist and Hips  

The last thing you want is tight lingerie that constrains your waist and hips. However, if you feel like you don't have the curves, two-piece lingerie will suit you fine. This lingerie will bring out your body as curvy and sexy.

The Theme of the Lingerie  

Keep in mind the reason why you are going for the lingerie. There is theme-based lingerie such as this animal print lingerie. Animal prints are a perfect fit for something attractive and sexy all in one. If you want to go for something erotic or more seductive, avoid plain colored lingerie. Animal print lingerie will be the perfect pick. 

Lingerie Maintenance   

The lingerie is not any other garment in your wardrobe as individuals need to handle them with care. It will make sure that they will serve you for a long time. Here are some things to consider;

  • Your lingerie should be washed after every other wear or separately. 
  • Consider hand washing your lingerie with gentle detergent.
  • Never put lingerie in the drier but instead hang them to dry.
  • If you must wash lingerie in a machine, turn delicates inside out and always use a lingerie bag.
  • With bras, stack them in your drawer to avoid ripples in your cups.  
  • Always fold your panties carefully, not just crushing them. 
  • When folding bras, never fold the bra cap inwards.


When looking for your first lingerie, go for something that will bring out the best in you and make you feel good about yourself. Lingeries come in different designs and colors. So you need to do some research, especially if it's your first time for the perfect pick. The animal print lingerie will come in handy to light things up, and with this lingerie becoming popular, you should get yourself one.


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