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What are patterned stockings and striped stockings? How often does an individual need to where the stockings? How can one get access to such striped and patterned stockings? This article explains the guides one can use on patterned and striped stockings.

Stockings are a great accessory for your legs. Depending on what you have on, they are worn to bring out your legs beautifully and sexy. Though, color plays a big role in how you'll look and is an important aspect to consider. Patterned and striped stockings are elegant designs to pick from for the look you want. However, there are things to consider with patterned and striped stockings.

 Women don't give too much attention to their legs. But just like the boobs and ass, the legs can also be a center of attraction. The legs make up for the beauty of a woman, most attention going to the thighs. Your legs can be the new center of attention with the right accessories. When it comes to showing out the legs, the first thing that pops into the mind is short dresses and clothes that will only cover a small area of your thighs. But it's not necessary to be all showy for your legs to be attractive; stockings are a nice way to accessorize your legs. However, to pick the perfect stockings, there are several factors you need to consider first. In the case of patterned and striped stockings, here is a guide for you. 

Patterned Stockings 

When it comes to stockings or any other kind of clothing, designers get creative to ensure that there are more than enough varieties to match your needs. Peacock (2019) stated that there are many patterned stockings, including manipulation of opaque and sheer materials to make visible designs. There are numerous designs on these stockings to explore. But the choice of patterns will depend on the occasion you are attending and your personal preference. Simple patterns will do you fine if you think of going a little official with these patterns. However, you want to go all out with wild patterns when going to events. Patterned stockings are elegant and add a little twist to your normal dress code for a more refined look. So if you want to explore patterned stockings, go for them to switch things up.

Striped Stockings 

These are not your normal stockings as they are better suited for people with a bold sense of fashion since they need creativity to pull them off. Neuman (2019) explained that younger ladies are lovers and are seemingly better suited for these parlous stockings. They come in different colors, meaning you have a variety to choose from, but they require someone up to speed with the new trends. Stripped stockings bring out a sense of adventure and style and need someone of the same character to match them. For someone, corporate stripped stockings may embarrass you because they can easily be poorly executed. Before going out there in striped stockings, make sure they bring out that flattering look. Striped stockings will suit well occasions such as parties and events.

Tips for Choosing the Right Stockings 

  • You need to know the size of your stocking. There is no such thing as all-size stockings; just like every other cloth, they also have sizes. You need to buy the perfect size from a quality brand.
  • Buy stockings that match your shoe. Remember that the shoe color should not be lighter than your stockings. A nude sheer stocking gives your leg a nice smooth look, and the shade goes with almost everything you wear. 
  • Before buying stockings, consider the texture and opacity. Remember that sandals and open shoes don't look nice with opaque stockings. 
  • Patterned stockings go a long way to bring out an artistic look, mostly worn underpants or short dresses when going for something rather official.
  • Good quality products have a longer lifespan. The durability of stockings will mean that you will spend a little more on that quality pair of stockings.
  • Mann (2019) stated that knee-length skirts and dresses go well with sheer stockings to give you a stunning look. Nude stockings are not a good idea as they are usually for young ladies who are not afraid to reveal some skin. 
  • There is a difference between pantyhose and stockings, and they go with different outfits. Pantyhose usually go well with clingy outfits.

Stockings care 

Choose the Right Size

Good quality brands have a size guide that should be checked when buying stockings. If you happen to fall in between sizes, then it is recommended you go for the larger size.

Stretch Stockings Before putting on

You need to pre-stretch your stockings to get the yarn ready and mobile. You can do this by placing one hand on the foot of one leg and the other on top of part of the stockings and pulling them tightly.

Scrunch One Leg at a Time  

You don't just wear tights just like you would have with regular pair of trousers or jeans. Take your time to put them on, bunch one leg of the stockings together, and put one leg in as you pull the tight up. Do this to the other leg until they are both at the knee before you can now pull the stockings up to your waist. This way, there will be enough yarn to fit the rest of your body. Keep in mind that you need to keep short nails to prevent them from getting torn when wearing tights.

Solely pull from the Bottom Up

If you feel that too much yarn is concentrated in one area or feels uneven, take off the tights and put them on, repeating the same process to make the yarn even. Moving the yarn incrementally puts your stocking at the risk of snagging or running the tights. 

  1. Wear with care 

Some stockings require greater care when putting them on, especially those with lighter materials. Special stocking care includes trimming and filling toenails to avoid snagging or tearing the yarn. This way, your stockings will last longer. 

Wash when Necessary 

You need only wash stockings when needed to get rid of the build-up of body oils and dead skin. It is recommended to wash them after 5-6 years, but you can wash them if they get stained after wearing. 

Washing the Stockings

It is recommended that you hand wash the stockings, but this doesn't mean that you cannot wash them in the washing machine. However, when washing stockings, avoid fabric softeners and the drier. Instead, consider air drying to retain their shape and avoid stretching.


When picking outstripped or patterned stockings, you need to be extra cautious. Wearing the wrong stockings can result in a fashion disaster, and instead of giving you that look you were going for, it will instead ruin everything. Patterned and striped stockings are among the best accessories that can make your legs look smooth and fantastic. Pick out the right patterned or striped stockings for each occasion to add some beauty to your legs and outfit. 


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