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Does your man have a problem with achieving orgasms? Wear these amazing plus-size stockings and hold-ups for extra-large sizes and have him reaching orgasmic bliss in no time. Herein is what you need to know about plus-size stockings, including; what they are, types, points to consider and how to use them.

These bedrooms' show set makes your night more romantic than ever before, especially when worn perfectly. They offer a sexy look and make you feel comfortable and confident whenever you wear them under your clothing. Furthermore, they are all over the market, made from different colors and smooth materials to offer you a gentle touch. This article explores everything you need to know before buying them to allow you to choose the right kind.

What Are Plus-Size Stockings?

Plus-size stockings are tiny fitting lingerie pieces worn to cover the legs, especially from the foot to the knee or half the thighs. They come in different colors, transparency, and design. They are specifically meant to be worn by big ladies for confidence, hygiene, tummy trimming, vintage look, and dressing up. They also offer a sexy look that attracts your partner's attraction.

Types of Plus-Size Stockings

Plus-Size Seamed Stockings

Plus-size seamed stockings are made from soft materials, like old and modern full-fashioned. The old-fashion stockings have seams going up the back of the legs. However, the modern design is better than the traditional one by cutting the fabric and sewing together. You can get them in various styles, including seamless, sheers, and stocking feet.

Plus-Size Knee-High

Plus-size knee-high stockings offer a fabulous look creating romantic feelings. They are designed to terminate at barely below the knee, giving a sexy appeal. They can be termed trouser socks or half-stocks made for bedroom show or worn under your work clothing for self-satisfaction. They come in various forms, like fishnets and see-throughs. The outfits are made from latex, TPE, nylon, and polyester to caress your skin gently while wearing and removing (Leigh, 2011).

Plus-Size Suspender Belt

Unlike other stockings, these alluring garments feature numerous adjustable straps to give you comfort and safety while playing with your partner or walking around. These sexy stockings come in different colors to draw people's eyes. Furthermore, they are made from high-quality materials to meet your sexual desires and needs. When paired with gorgeous heels, they offer you a fantastic look, making you stand out while in public.

Plus-Size Denier Stockings

Akankwasa et al. (2013) stated that plus-size denier stockings are designed from different materials like latex, nylon, and polyester for a comfy feeling. The stockings are thick; they are ideal for cold seasons. You can use them in the bondage play or wear them under your workwear for self-satisfaction all day. They are stretchy enough for easy wearing and removal. They occur in various styles, including see-through and net-like, to reveal your skin tone creating romantic feelings.

Types of Hold Ups for Extra-Large Sizes

Thigh Hold Ups for Extra-Large Sizes

People find black, pink, red, or purple sexy  Thigh hold-ups for extra-large sizes come in various colors and materials for every skin tone. Most hold-ups are net-like, made with straps attached to the thongs to hold them in place and for a sexy look. Moreover, some come attached to stockings for a completely stunning look. They are stretchy to offer comfort when wearing, removing, or walking around.

Points to Consider When Buying Plus-Size Stockings and Hold Ups for Extra-Large Sizes

Look at the Materials

Looking at the materials of stockings and hold-ups before buying, if you are looking for a safe and comfortable moment, They are worn next to the skin. You should choose smooth and soft materials like nylon, latex, and polyester offers a gentle touch.

Consider the Thickness

Thicker stockings show fewer legs, but they are stronger enough to last longer and provide warmth, especially in cold seasons. Thus, if you look to reveal fewer legs, choose thicker stockings.

Consider the Color

Consider your skin tone for a sexy look in the bedroom or in public when choosing plus-size stockings and hold-ups for extra-large sizes. Also, buy one that matches the event you are attending.

Look at the Finish

Stockings' finish determines your comfort and sexy look. Choose those with a matte finish which is good for reducing volume, and a shine finish that enhances more volume.

Choose the Best Size

Choose stockings that fit you perfectly for a sexy look and confidence while walking around. Avoid tight stockings and hold-ups to allow easy blood circulation (Johnson, 2002). Also, too loose plus-size stockings and hold-ups for extra-large sizes can intimidate you.

Look at the Durability

Look at the strength of the material before buying to save money when buying plus-size stockings and hold-ups for extra-large sizes. Some outfits may have beautiful colors, but it does not mean that they are the best ones to own in your sex life. Google to identify strong stockings and hold-ups that can last longer.

Consider the Cost

Consult people who have bought them earlier to avoid being robbed, or google first to find out the price complying with your budget before getting to the market if you are buying for the first time.

Look at the Adjustability

Sanchez-Villamañan et al. (2019) suggested that you could check well the adjustability of straps for comfy, safe, and confidence. Adjustability also ensures enjoyable and safe wearing and removal and comfortable play.

How to Use Plus-Size Stockings and Hold Ups for Extra-Large Sizes

  • You can pair the stocking with gorgeous heels to add beauty when walking.
  • When wearing shorts or skirts, be careful not to show the top of the stockings.
  • Wash as recommended by the manufacturer after using to maintain their durability.
  • Wear the hold-ups correctly under clothing to avoid showing them off.

Safety Tips on Using Plus-Size Stockings and Hold Ups for Extra-Large Sizes

  • Avoid leaving the straps hanging when playing with your partner or walking around to prevent accidents.
  • Avoid using too tight stockings frequently for smooth blood circulation.


Consider wearing plus-size stockings if you are a plus-size person. Wear knee-high stockings to enhance your looks. Consider safety tips and learn how to use these stockings. Consult friends before buying them if you are a first-timer.


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