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How To Buy A Sexy Corset – Get The Sultry Shape You Crave

How To Buy A Sexy Corset – Get The Sultry Shape You Crave

How To Buy A Sexy Corset – Get The Sultry Shape You Crave

Do you find choosing a fitting corset that perfectly suits your body challenging? Here is a detailed guide on how to get the perfect corset that will flaunt and accentuate your curves for a sexy look and feel.

When shopping for a corset, it is essential to seek advice from a professional, like corset custom makers. This is a crucial step that will help you go through your difficulties. However, that does not mean you will require a fully customized choice to find a perfect fit. There are many options you can consider.

Basic Terminologies Used In Corset That You Should Know

Busk – the front part closure of the corset.

Stays or bones – the ribs in the corset help keep it in shape.

Channels - the place where the stays go in.

Bon casings - these are modified channels.

Stay, or waist stay – waist ribbons that reduce stretching.

Layers – exterior or interior aesthetic strength

Modesty panel – lacing guard that flaps the material behind the strap laces.

Lacing gap – an open area at the corset’s back

Compression – squishing things; it includes reforming the bones and relocating internal organs or somebody with a naturally deformed ribcage.

When shopping for a corset, consider the following factors to get the right sexy corset.


When looking for a corset, there are different materials you should consider. All these materials are perfect for different occasions and purposes. For instance, satin is perfect for undergarments. Cotton is thick, durable, and breathable, perfect for beginners. Brocade is also durable and thick. This material also stretches out and can fit different body sizes and shapes. Leather is a daring material. It stretches out and is perfect if you want to look stylish. Mesh is a perfect material for summer. It is breathable and ideal for undergarments. Corsets made from mesh are sexy and an immediate turn-on to your lover.

Consider Size

Before deciding on what corset to go for, consider your upper body measurements, including the breast, waist, and ribcage size. Also, consider how long you will be wearing the corset and the illusion you want to achieve. It is important to get a well-fitting corset. Get one that is not too tight or too loose. A perfect corset should be comfortable and sit on your body perfectly.

Under Versus Over

There are two categories of corsets; over bust and under the bust. They refer to something that goes over the breasts and something that does not. Over-bust corsets provide good posture support, correct the back curve, and offer excellent support to the breast. However, these corsets are hard to fit and tough to take off. They are also expensive and reduce lung capacity. Over-bust corsets are also easy to spot under clothing. On the other hand, under-bust corsets are easy to fit, take off, and affordable. They, however, don’t offer enough support, especially for the bustier ladies.


The styles of the corsets include;


This is not a corset but more of a perfect body shaper. It has no clothing at the waist.

Stays or bodice

These corsets end at the waistline. They have straps for a broad abdomen and shoulders.

Mid bust or flat front

This corset cuts straight away across your front. They are a perfect corset for small or asymmetrical breasts and cleavage.


This corset has an S-shaped curve at the hips and a flat front. They are ideal for creating an illusion of a small waist and broad hips.


This is a modern corset, good for brides and not perfect for ladies with uneven breasts.


This one resembles the sweetheart corset but has attached breast cups making it a custom fit.


It is shorter compared to under-bust. However, if your torso is short, this corset will be referred to as under the bust.


There are different shapes of corsets, each designed for different body shapes and different purposes. Some of the shapes include; conical, hourglass, cupped, and wasp waist.

Posture Aid

There is always a way to fix your shape without the need to wear a full-body corset. Horse riders who need perfect postures often use shoulder back. They are not stylish but functional.


When using a measuring tape to take your size, ensure it fits snugly and not too tight. You also need to know your cup size, length, and reduction amount.

Other Suggestions

Do not over-lace your hipline. You will need room for easy movement. The same applies to your chest area. When tying the corset, keep snug and let your body be used to the feeling. Then you can tie it tighter.

The Bottom Line

If you have been frustrated when buying or shopping for a corset to enhance your body shape, the above tips will help you. Go through all the points so that you don’t misinterpret a particular corset type. Most corsets shape the waist and make them look smaller. However, that is except for U-shaped corsets and Bustiers. Also, under-bust will enable you to have more ability to move. Avoid using Fajas because they are made from non-breathable material.

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