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By Ekaterina Mironova

Buying lingerie for your significant other can be one of the most romantic things you can do. It's an intimate gift which, if you get it right, shows you really care, really do understand her and have put the effort in to really think about a gift they will like.

Here at The Peaches and Screams Lingerie Boutique we understand what a mine field this can be so we have made it our mission to be THE most male friendly site on the internet for buying lingerie.

So to start with here is a simple guide to help you, and if by the end of it you are still at a loss then we will help you some more (see further down the page).


1) It's NOT for You!

Remember who you are buying lingerie for and tailor your future choice to this. If you buy something in a style she doesn't usually wear then the chances are, you've got it wrong. If you buy it in a color or design she doesn't usually wear then again, you've probably got it wrong. Buy something YOU like and the chances are...YES, you guessed it, you've got it wrong!

The Golden Rule - You are buying lingerie for her...and NOT for yourself!

I am going to assume at this stage that because you are buying her underwear that you are pretty comfortable with each other, which usually means that you have been together a little while so Unless she has given you some tell tale signs that she likes leather, PVC, crotchless, cupless, peephole lingerie, French Maid or Naughty Nurse outfit then you can pretty much bet that she doesn't, so if you go ahead and buy any of the above you may find youself sleeping in the spare room that night. (and thats if you're lucky).


Buying the wrong size is the biggest mistake you can make. All woman take this personally, and while not grounds for divorce, it may see you eating the dogs dinners for quite some time(and thats if you are lucky enough to have a dog). It would be looked on as pure negligence. SO DO NOT try to guess her size, favorite style or for that matter, try to guess anything at all. You'll fail and fail miserably. Unfortunately, women don't work in S, M, L, and XL sizes like us; they have to make it more complicated. BUT it is very easily remedied and it isnt rocket science fellas.

Basically, do your research first before you do your shopping and you've got a vastly better chance of getting it right. Wait until she goes out and then raid her underwear drawer. (We wouldn’t normally advocate this sort of behaviour but on this occasion it may be essential).

And remember to put things back exactly where you found them… she will know.

Try to find things with the label in it and write down the numbers there. Make sure that the lingerie you take is on the new side or you risk buying something in the size she was rather than the size she is now... the very WORST thing you can do is buy something in the size she was before she went up a dress size or two!


We touched on style a little bit before, so you already know that you are not going to get any brownie points for buying her that little french maids outfit, so what do you buy? i hear you cry. We suggest that Whilst you are rummaging around amongst her undies making a note of sizes,make good use of this time by making a note of the colors and styles she likes. Is there a particular color she is particularly fond of? Does she like patterns or plain styles? Does she go for comfort or sex appeal? These are important things to note if you are going to buy something she will like rather than something which gets shoved to the bottom of the drawer.

Remember it needs to be lingerie that she will love to wear as much as you will to see her in it!

Think about her lingerie personality




Capturing her personality in the lingerie that you buy for her will make it all the more special.


Do you want her to excited when presented with her gift?

If it is professionally gift wrapped her eyes will light up, she will take her time opening it, she will take care with the bow and ease the wrapping paper off, the anticipation building as each second goes by, the smile on her face as all the paper lies on the floor and the box is opened, right now you are a king, no a god, no a king of gods you can do no wrong, you could have given her an empty box and still got points for effort. But then imagine her face as she pulls out the beautiful underwear set that you went to all that trouble to buy! Now wasn't that worth all the effort?

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