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The Many Faces of Sexy Nightwear Lingerie - Shop Women's Sexy Underwear and Seductive Nightwear

They say women are generally vain. Whether slim or a bit on the heavy side, sweet 16 or matronly, a woman has a desire, albeit hidden in some cases, not only to look appealing but to own at least one piece of Sexy Nightwear Lingerie in her lifetime. With fashion going the way it is nowadays, when trends take on a rather quick turnover, a woman has only to choose which lingerie she prefers over a wide range of design, style, colour and material.

When Cotton is a No-no

Most ladies’ lingerie is made of satin because cotton is often perceived to be a tad too conservative for nightwear. Satin spells sexy. No leading lady in the James Bond film franchise has ever been shown onscreen wearing polyester pyjamas but, by and large, all of them have elicited “oohhs” and “aahhs” both from male and female viewers when they are seen in their full shots wearing a satin nightgown.

The loose fitted nightwear known as the “nightie” is not the long, shapeless flour sack with long sleeves and Peter Pan collar any more. The nightie of eons ago was “comfortable,” a kind word for old-fashioned and worn only by the Plain Jane’s of this world. The 21st century nightie now comes in various lengths and has redefined what comfortable means.

No Longer Confined to the Bedroom

Women’s nightwear has many “faces.” Spaghetti straps, ruffles, ribbons, appliqués, lace and bows in silk or chiffon. Sounds like a summer dress, doesn’t it? But it isn’t. The “baby doll” lingerie is what you call it. This is the micro-mini of nightwear, measuring thigh-high and sometimes even higher. And the neckline is always a scoop neckline which ends just a little above the cleavage. The baby doll has escaped the confines of the bedroom and is now worn with leggings or cut-off shorts.

While the baby doll is provocative, the “teddy” is seductive. Designed like a bodysuit, the teddy is more loose and more sheer, slipping off the shoulders rather than opening at the crotch. The teddy is just black or red, the colours of the night and passion, respectively. It still hasn’t been worn as daywear as much as the other kinds of nightwear, but the teddy has plenty of time to catch up with its Sexy Lingerie Nightwear siblings.

The Short and Long Versions

And there’s the camisole or “cammy,” the tank top in nightwear mode. Usually paired with short shorts, the camisole is made from sheer fabrics. Women wear the camisole even during daytime, under a blazer or a poncho, with pencil-cut skirts and low waist blue denim jeans. Nightwear or daywear, the camisole remains a solid contender for the top spot.

Finally, there’s the cammy’s longer, knee-length version is the chemise, with adjustable spaghetti straps worn either straight or racer back style. A forerunner of chic summer dresses, the chemise is basically created in solid colours, with lace for the bodice and satin trim for the straps. Although it has not graduated from being strictly Sexy Lingerie Nightwear, the chemise sometimes finds its way on a woman who will wear it under a trench coat, knee-high boots and a scarf, a look glamorised by the Royal sister-in-law, Pippa Middleton.