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MUST READ! Ultimate Guide: How to Buy Anal Lubes

Whether you are new to anal sex or simply not enjoying it as much as you thought, adding an anal lube to your bedroom essentials is warranted. The anus and rectum are not self- lubricating organs and need smoothing before anal sex. Anal lubricants make anal gliding more sensational and pleasurable. They not only add softness to your anal walls, but also lubricate the anus for a gentle painless penetration and smooth thrusting for both you and your partner.

Anal lubricating is mostly about comfort and peace of mind. If you are not relaxed and constantly worried about painful penetrative sex, your body will naturally tense and tighten up making any kind of insertion whether through fingers, sex toys or penis even more hander. Without proper sensuality, anal sex will not be so fun. Using a good lubricant not only gives your body an easy smooth entry but also heals, conditions and smoothness your skin. It  provides you the comfort your body needs to truly enjoy the benefits of anal sex. Anal sex lubes can be an arousal element to your play. Applying lube can actually be a part of the foreplay. Let your partner smooth you up and even have a few slow glides up your backdoor with their fingers.

Evidently, there are plenty of reasons why anal lube is a must have when engaging in anal sex. But before buying any lubricant, it is important to know the different types available in the market.

Types of Anal Lubes

  • Water-based Lubricants

These are considered to be the most basic lubricants.  They are compatible with all sex toys, condoms and can even be amazing for raw anal sex. However, they dry up quickly and can be sticky which can be uncomfortable. But this should not be a problem as you can refresh by add more or touching up some water or saliva. But if you love enjoying shower sex, stay away from these lube as they wash out easily.

  • Silicone-based lubes

 If you want a longer uninterrupted anal sex session with your partner or butt plug, silicone- based lube is the way to go. It is safe to use with a condom and even more efficient if you want to enjoy some deep gliding in the shower. But, be careful when using sex toys as silicone lubes reacts and can cause damage to silicone toys.

Silicone-based lubricants also tend to be pricier than water-based types. The down side is that they are more difficult to wash off especially from sex toys. Some silicone-based lubes can be messy and fabric staining, which you may not like.

  • Hybrid Lubricants

These lubricants combine water and silicone to create a lube that is slicker, long-lasting and easy to wash. Hybrids lubes are thicker than silicone and are fabric safe. They are compatible with most toys and condoms expect for silicone sex toys because of the silicone ingredients.

When it comes to anal sex, the lubricant you choose can potentially affect your sex experience. Some anal lubes are not safe when used on latex condoms or sex toys. So choose wisely for anal lubricants that best fit your needs and desires.

Things to consider when buying anal sex lube

You can find lubricants and buy from any walk-in or online store, but if you grab whatever you find, you might end up with a sticky lube that reacts to your body and makes sex even worse than before. A good anal lube tends to be thicker to provide cushion and slick during sex. Some have inbuilt desensitizes to help with any discomfort that may arouse during penetration. While with proper preparation you should enjoy explosive anal sex, Peaches and Screams advice you to keep in mind a few things when buying anal lubes:

  • Ingredients

Every bottle of lubricant you will come across has an elaborate ingredients list. Mostly, you will see water-based, silicone-based or hybrid tag and a list of other chemicals used to give the lube its specific texture and consistency. Although most ingredients are harmless, some are known to cause skin irritations or even increase the risk of infections. Some of the ingredients to avoid include;

  • Glycerin – for those prone to yeast infections, avoid using lube with glycerin as it is sugar based and can potentially cause a yeast and urinary Tract Infections.
  • Polyquaternium -15, research shows that this ingredient is damaging to the rectal lining and can actively increase HIV replication.
  • Menthol- this ingredient is commonly used for its cooling and tingling properties. However, it can cause drying and scaring of rectal tissues.
  • Petroleum- oils can cause skin pore blockage and is hard to clean off especially form sex toys.

In addition, depending on the ingredients, some lubricants are not safe to use with different materials of sex toys. If you are planning to have protected sex with a condom of a latex glove, look for an anal lube that is compatible with these materials. And if are planning to use sex toys either alone or with your partner, look for toy friendly anal lubricants to keep your toys safe and your experience sensually memorable.

  • PH Balance

Your anal cavity has a PH of 5.5 – 7. Stick to lubes that have the closest ideal PH to avoid upsetting this balance. Imbalances can lead to bacterial or yeast infections.

  • Consistency

When it comes to anal lubricants, consistency matters. Thick lubes give you more cushioning and tend to stay where you want them, but they dry up more quickly prompting you to keep on refreshing. This can also cause discomfort to your partner as they tend to become sticky when drying up. Thinner lubricants last-longer however, they can be messier and harder to clean out. For ultimate pleasure, you can try using a little of each, alternate to get a more slick, long-lasting penetration.

Whether indulging alone or with your partner, anal sex and prostrate stimulation is a lot smoother if you have the right lubes to sooth and cushion your backdoor. Move your erotic game a notch higher, buy and use high quality and safe anal lubricants from Peach and Screams. Lubricate and join the world of intense anal plays and thrilling orgasms.

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