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  • Rimba Sexy Black And Red Strapless C-string - Peaches Screams
    Rimba Sexy Black And Red Strapless C-string - Peaches Screams
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    Rimba Sexy Black And Red Strapless C-string

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    Step into the world of provocative allure with the Rimba Sexy Black and Red Strapless C-String, a daring and innovative addition to your lingerie ...

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    Original Price £30.41
    Current Price £23.39
    Save £7.02
    Only 2 left!


Are you tired of those disgusting panty lines or do you just need something that will expose most of your skin while covering your crotch? It is time to try C-strings, a new version of invisible undergarments that is slowly turning the lingerie world upside down.

C-strings or invisible undergarments have been around for years but most people had not embraced these trendy pieces like today. C-strings come resemble G-strings, but their differences come in their straps and support mechanisms. For anyone looking to add these trendy lingerie pieces to their erotic collection, here is everything about C-strings.

What Is a C-String?

A C-string is a C-shaped undergarment worn without side or waist straps. It is made of a thin piece of wire covered with a soft fabric that fits around the crotch. It is also easy to wear since you only need to spread your legs and place them over your groin. This invisible underwear stays between your butt crack. That means minimal adjustments are needed to keep it in place.

C-strings come in two primary versions; structured and unstructured invisible undergarments. Structured C-strings have wires that run along their lengths and make them stay intact without slipping. Unstructured C-strings do not have support wires. Instead, they have sticky pads that hold the front and back pieces in place. Both versions are suitable for indoor and outdoor wear; hence, one can wear them while sunbathing or teasing her man in the bedroom.

C-String Vs G-String

C-strings and G-strings serve almost the same purpose of covering only the crotch and allowing more skin exposure. However, the slight difference between the two lingerie pieces comes in terms of waist and side straps. G-string thongs have thin strings that connect the back and front sides at the waistline. Contrary, C-cup strings do not have side straps but are held in place by wires or sticky pads. Other invisible undergarments also have reusable tabs of flexible silicone gel that prevent them from falling off.

Who Can Wear a C-String Thong?

You may probably think that C-strings are only meant for women, but this is not the case. Both genders can enjoy the sexiness of this new version of invisible underwear. What makes women's and men's C-strings different is their structure. Men's C-cup thongs have an extra space at the front to hold the man's genitalia. Both styles have the same adhesive or wire types to keep them in place. Therefore, it is not a surprise to see men wearing C-cup strings since they offer much-needed breathability and comfort.

How To Buy C-String Underwear

Whether you want a C-string to seduce your partner in the bedroom, feel cozy on the beach, or avoid unwanted panty lines, always consider the following factors to select the right piece:


Although most C-cup thongs come in one size that can fit all women, it is vital to pick the ideal size that will not fall off. This is essential when you intend to get busy during the day and you don’t want to keep on adjusting your C-string. You may have to try up to 3 sizes before landing on the right one. 


Popular C-string fabrics include cotton, butter-soft polyamide, and silk. Cotton is ideal for hot and humid weather due to its skin-friendly and breathability features. Polyamide, has a seamless and smooth finish inside, making it feel plush and brighter.


You can wear C cup thongs with almost everything. However, this does not guarantee you can pick any outfit without considering its design and style. When wearing body-hugging outfits, always go for C-strings with adhesive pads to prevent them from bein visible. When wearing loose jeans or skirts where you can pick C-string thongs that feature underwires.


Underwear color also matters when it comes to your overall appearance. For instance, bright neon shades will certainly show when you wear them under white outfits. Therefore, if you intend to wear your C-thongs under white and colored outfits, it is recommended to go for a nude shade. You can also pick pants that match your skin tone to make them your secret wear.

C-Strings and Hygiene Tips

Here are a few hygiene tips to consider when wearing C-cup thongs:

  • Always change your underwear at least once a day to prevent bacterial buildup.
  • Consider moisture-winking undergarments when working out to prevent chafing.
  • Avoid wearing lace, polyester, or super-tight thongs for a long time.
  • Avoid wearing C-string thongs at night. You can go commando or put on loose-fitting underwear if you don’t want to sleep naked.
  • Always wash your undergarments with hypoallergic detergent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Wear C-strings Daily?

The fact that you can wear C-string thongs with anything makes them an ideal undergarment for every day. However, you should avoid tight-fitting thongs that need frequent adjustments.

Are C-strings Comfortable?

C-cup strings are ultimately comfortable because they are lightweight, discreet, and sleek. They are also made from hypoallergic fabrics that make them suitable for all skin types.


Wearing tight C-strings can be uncomfortable. For men, it is advisable to pick C-string thongs with enough space to hold your genitals and avoid pushing your scrotum against the body, which can cause temperature rise and low sperm count. For ladies, always go for breathable and natural fabrics like cotton to prevent bacterial buildup and chaffing.