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Fetish Footwear

Fetish Footwear

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Fetish Footwear - Stripper Heels, Stripper Platforms, Pole Dance Shoes

Fetish footwear like stripper heels, stripper platforms, and pole dance shoes complete a stunning look and gives an attractive walk when coupled with sexy lingerie.  

Looking sexy is challenging for many people, especially women who want to attract men. Besides sexy lingerie, your shoes affects your look. Therefore, matching these comfortable shoes with your lingerie can make any man crave you. There is a wide array of this sexy wear. Most fetish footwear are made of high-quality materials like leather to offer your feet comfort. Moreover, they are available in different colors and sizes to fit every demand. This article discusses everything you should know about fetish footwear to help you buy the right kind.

What is Fetish Footwear?

They are a type of shoe designed to elongate your feet and make them more refined and sexy. They are made from different premium materials for comfortable wear. Also, they have comfortable platform heights ranging from 2 to 4 inches to give you a sexy figure. Stripper platforms come in different tones to match perfectly with your lingerie pieces. You can also get them in different designs. Some are open toed while others offer a full-foot cover.

Why Should You Wear These Kink Shoes?

To Look Sexy

Stripper shoes are designed in gorgeous styles with unique colors that make you look sexy.

For Comfort

These shoes have beveled soles that cushion your movements and protect your feet from injuries.

For Aesthetic Feature

The shoes have long heels that elongate your feet making them more refined.

Types of Fetish Footwear


Sandals are made from high-quality materials to make you feel comfortable while you walk or dance. Most have a comfortable platform height of 3 inches to give you a stunning figure. Some are open to leave your sexy toes out, while others are closed for warmth. Moreover, they are available in different colors like red and blue to match perfectly with your stockings. Some have adjustable straps that crisscross your legs to complete the sexy look. You can also opt for fetish shoes decorated with beautiful flowers for a fun and sexy look.  

Stripper Heels

Stripper heels have a compatible platform height that makes you walk and dance comfortably. They are made of skin-friendly materials that make them perfect for a long-distance walk. They have heels ranging from 2 to 2.75 inches. You can wear your stripper heels with your gorgeous lingerie at parties or while in the bedroom with your lover. You can also get them in various colors to allow you to get what matches your lingerie.

Ankle Boots

If you want to look sexy and stand out while you walk in public, get these super-perfect shoes designed from high-quality materials. Ankle boots are open at the toes and heels side for comfort, even though they offer a little stability compared to sandals. These breathable, simple, and very cool shoes are perfect for people with sweaty feet. They feature non-slip soles to make you feel comfortable and safe while walking. Moreover, they come in different colors featuring an adjustable front with lacing and side zipper.

How to Select the Best Women's Fetish Shoes

Look at the Color

Your shoe color contributes a lot to your look. For instance, red, pink, and purple color matches perfectly with most lingerie pieces enhancing a sexy look. If you want to look sexier, choose the color that complements your stunning look.

Check the Price

Although they are nice and long-lasting, most fetish shoes are pricy. Cheaper shoes may be of low quality, meaning they wear them out easily. If you want to wear your shoes for a longer period, you may need to invest.

Consider the Materials

The material for your sexy shoes should feel smooth for comfort and safety. Consider materials like leather, rubber, and TPE because they are smooth and soft. Avoid metal and plastic materials if you have sensitive skin.

Consider the Inches of the Heels

Stripper shoes come in different heel sizes to suit every person's desires.  While experts can do higher platforms, beginners should start with a medium platform for comfort and a sexy walk.

Check the Durability

The durability of your shoes makes you save money and always look sexy. Some shoes look gorgeous but are not durable. You can browse or consult experts to find out shoes that last longer to help you save money. You can also check the material used, and read customer reviews to decide on what to get.

Consider the Size

The size of your shoes determines comfort, safety, and a nice look while you walk. For instance, large shoes interrupt your walking style and can cause accidents. Therefore, select shoes that fit your feet perfectly for a comfortable walk.

How to Wear Kinky Shoes

  • Ensure the shoes are a seamless fit to secure your feet and make you comfortable.
  • Get the right shoe size to avoid the toes and heels extending beyond the sole.
  • If you are wearing it for the first time, get a medium platform for comfort and safety.
  • For beginners, try them alone in the house to get used before going in public.
  • Match the shoes with your lingerie for a completely stunning look.
  • Do not overwear one type to avoid tearing easily.
  • After every wear clean as recommended to maintain the durability and restore their features.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stripper Heels

Are the Fetish Footwear Safe for Newbies?

Newbies should wear those with a medium platform for comfort while walking.

What Is the Best Way of Cleaning These Shoes?

Since they are designed from different materials, cleaning varies. Some require wiping with wet clothe, while others should be washed in water.


Fetish footwear is a great way to get a sexy look, have fun, and feel confident while walking. The shoes are designed for ladies who wish to attract their lovers with sexy lingerie pieces.  They are made from high-quality materials like leather to offer your feet a nice touch, especially when worn next to the skin. Always consider the color, materials, size, and inches of the platform if you look for a comfortable fit and walking.