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Jelly Butt Plugs

Jelly Butt Plugs

The beauty of sex is the adventure and excitement of playing the game. And as the human race become more advanced and sophisticated, sex have also revolutionised. We want to be pleased in ways previously unthought-of. Both our bodies and our minds actually demand it. It is no longer about two willing bodies. Our bedrooms have been transformed to pleasure palaces with a collection of sexual gears to help us fulfil our wildest pleasure fantasies.

And if you are one of the thousands who have already joined the pleasure movement, you might have learnt early that it’s a dark and twisted roller-coaster of pain and pleasure. However, with ingenuity, sex experts have continually bestowed on us sex tools that make the pleasure paramount to pain. One of these many creations is Jelly butt plugs.

Unlike any other butt plug you may have used, Jelly anal plugs have a particular give to them. Jelly in itself is very smooth and snug to the touch. Now, imagine the same feeling inside your butthole. Absorb the sensual and comfortable feeling inside you, savour the intense stimulation as the soft and smooth plug soothingly stretches your rectal muscles, let the body throbbing, heart racing kind of totally satisfying horny feeling drive you insane with ultimate pleasure. Only a jelly butt plug can deliver this much.

Jelly butt plugs are unisex and can be worn during solo masturbation or sex with a partner. Considering jelly is a highly flexible material, jelly anal plugs are really awesome during sex. If you fancy dual stimulation, you can insert a jelly butt plug in your partner’s ass (and yours too), as you thrust her vagina with your penis, the up and down rhythm of your body will create a feeling of thrust in your butt and stimulate your prostate. The plug in her ass will create more fullness making sex feel like the first time for her and increase G-spot stimulation. You will both have explosive multiple orgasms that will mush your brains with pleasure and send you straight to sexual nirvana.

However, before going shopping for a jelly butt plug, there are a few things we at Peaches and Screams think you should consider.

Things to consider when buying a Jelly Butt Plug

Quality of the Jelly Used

There is a strong fear from most people that jelly contains phthalates, a plastic softening chemical believed to be harmful if absorbed by the body. As much as there is some level truth to this, there are also high-quality phthalate free jelly anal plugs in the market. Buy from top-brand manufacturers and retails shops like Peaches and Screams to make sure you get the highest quality products. If you still feel sceptical, slide in a condom on the jelly butt plug to prevent direct body contact.


Just like any other butt plug, jelly butt plugs come in varying sizes from small to large. For beginners, it recommendable to start small and work your way up as your anus gets used to taking larger things. Anal pros can take in as much big a size as you need to, it all depends on your personal preference and how much pressure and pleasure stimulation you need to attain an ultimate sexual high.

When considering size, you also want to think about how you want to use the butt plug. If you play to fly solo, whatever size that delivers your desired fullness will do. However, if you plan to invite a friend over for some exciting anal play coupled with penile penetration, a medium jelly anal plug will be more practical to firm up her ass while you thrust inside her vagina. If you are the one wearing, a medium jelly butt plug will also be more comfortable for you to arch your body up and down as your thrust your partner’s ass.


Most jelly butt plugs combine the traditional functions of a butt plug with varying shapes to increase the stimulation aspect of the overall anal plug. You will find smooth, waved, strawberry skin and even bumped among others for that extra stimulation when sliding it in and out. Some are curved to reach deeper inside for some prostate massage as your rectal muscles enjoy a smooth stimulating stretch from the jelly butt plug. Here, only your creativity and adventurous spirit can guide you. However, for anal novice, please stick to simple designs with a smooth preferably straight shaft until you are a little more butt trained to take in different sizes and shapes.

A Strong Firm Base

Jelly is a soft material that gives easily. Choose a base that has been firmed up to make sure the jelly butt plug does not get lost inside your anus. Believe us; you definitely won’t like an embarrassing trip to the local hospital to get it medically removed. A firm base also provides you a good grip to control the jelly anal plug during insertion and extraction.

Now that you know how to buy and a few creative ways to use your jelly butt plug, it is important you know how to care for it proper to preserve both its quality and your health.

How to Clean a Jelly Anal Plug

Jelly is a highly porous material and should be cleaned immediately after use to prevent anal bacteria from crawling inside. Bacterial multiplication in the toy can cause anal infections in future use.

Simply clean the jelly butt plug with warm soapy water and antiseptic disinfectant. Dry the plug thoroughly and store in a clean dry place, preferable, its original package box. Do not place the jelly anal plug together with other jelly toys as the materials will react and melt.

If you crave a sexually fulfilling moment that changes the way you experience pleasure, you need to take a spin to our Peaches and Screams online store and claim your very own jelly butt plug. Our Jelly butt plugs are made from high quality material that is safe and easy to clean. Remember to add some anal lubricate to make the games erotically smooth and free of pain. And some excitement into your sex life; you owe it to yourself.