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Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra

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Bubble Bath, Body Paint, Body Powder, Massage Oil & Shaving Cream

Buy bubble bath soap, chocolate body paint, erotic edible body powder, sensual massage oil & shaving creams for women and erotic massage lotions at Peaches and Screams UK sex shop.

Kama Sutra is delighted to bring you an erotic selection of bubble bath soap, chocolate body paint, erotic edible body powder, sensual massage oil & shaving creams for women and erotic massage lotions. You have eaten and savoured the smooth sweet taste of crème brulee – a dessert like no other - now you can revel in the velvety feel of the Kama Sutra Body Soufflé Choc Crème Brulee on your skin. Peaches and Screams are on yet another trip to stimulate and arouse your pleasure senses. We bring you lickable body pleasures to take your foreplay to a higher level. Visit Peaches and Screams online shop and fill your shopping cart with the Kama Sutra range of body dust and crèmes. We have a variety of body dust enriched with nature’s sweetest gift – honey. Sweeten your erotic kisses buy the crème brulees or body dust. The art of touching and kissing is an important part of bedroom play. Visit Peaches and Screams and grab a few tins of body dust. The dust is neatly packed in a satin pouch and comes with a hand made feather applicator for tickling and teasing. The body dust can be used as a daily powder or can be delicately sprinkled on your bed sheets. Sense of smell is also important in eroticism and we have body dust to address that sensual need. The Kama Sutra crèmes, dust and chocolate body paints taste sweeter and better after a luxury bath with the Kama Sutra Luxury Mint Tree Bathing Gel. Have a good soak in the gel thoughtfully blended from natural vegetable extracts and Vitamin E rich wheat germ. Kama Sutra products are beautifully packaged and we get them to you discretely and fast. Kama Sutra products are for external use only. You have used food in your sexual play now buy and use Kama Sutra bubble bath soap, chocolate body paint, erotic edible body powder, sensual massage oil & shaving creams for women and erotic massage lotions for delicious foreplay. Massage the luscious and silky Kama Sutra crème brulee all over your lover’s body, stimulate or masturbate them or use the crème for drawn out foreplay. Delicately apply some chocolate body paint around your lover’s most sexually sensitive areas and slowly and teasingly lick it off or better still paint each other and drive each other insane with desire. If body dust is what drives out your fantasies then by all means whip out the dust and with delicate teasing strokes apply it on your lover. Apply some dust around the bum, tickle with the feather applicator and to make things really exciting spank that arse and then softly kiss away the pain and tickle some more. Put on your naughty hat and dish out more surprises to go with your sweetened kisses. Why not have a proper feast. Smoother generous helpings of the Kama Sutra Crème Brulee top with a light sprinkling of the body dust, kiss and tickle and massage your lover’s sexy butt and then take out that Fetish Fantasy Singapore Stinger3 and give them the taste of a fiery and multi-layered sensuous spanking. Be creative and showcase your ability to combine sweet pleasure with tingling pain. Learn to give and receive pleasure the sweet Kama Sutra way. Visit Peaches and Screams and buy delicacies from Kama Sutra to unlock those warm vibrant pleasure senses and shock them back into life. Take hedonistic pleasure out of your head and bring it to life with your lover the Kama Sutra way. You read the Kama Sutra now go a step further and explore the mysteries of passionate Kama Sutra products. Stay at the top of the game, get all the goodies you have bought from Peaches and Screams and create your own nirvana. Luxuriate in the pleasure of sexual freedom. Experiment with Kama Sutra bubble bath soap, chocolate body paint, erotic edible body powder, sensual massage oil & shaving creams for women and erotic massage lotions and enhance the quality and quantity of your orgasms. Add Kama Sutra sweet kisses to your boudoir repertoire. Shop from Peaches and Screams a reliable vendor. Make toe-curling erotic art with Kama Sutra. 

If you are not familiar with the ancient Indian scripts, Kama Sutra, they are writings about all aspects of life, philosophy, and sexual behaviors of human. Over the years, Kama Sutra has grown to a movement for sexual desires, positions, endurance, and incredible sensations by way of thinking, feeling, and the use of exciting products. The Kama Sutra products you will find here in our Bedroom Essentials collection here at Peaches and Screams can help get you and your partner to an incredible place where you find your sexual desires, fulfill them, and peak together. The Kama Sutra brand of products are premium sex products spanning from oils for erotic massage to edibles and foreplay desirables and sex toys. Edibles for your lover to lick off your body. Oils which can be tasted by your lips. Chocolate body paints which can painted on with a fine brush then licked and kissed off your body one flavourful mouthful at a time. Kama Sutra products are sexy. Their Honey Dust comes with a feather duster so you can dust honey dust on the sensitive erogenous zone on your lover’s body and then gently kiss off the sweet powder with soft kisses. Practicing Kama Sutra can be done in the bedroom and out of the bedroom. Practicing Kama Sutra can be done without sex toys and products. However, adding to the spice of your bedroom, Kama Sutra Brand of toys and products help with foreplay and with enticing your lover to the places you’d like them to be. You can mix and Kama Sutra products so you and your lover can enjoy Kama Sutra from start to finish. Start with a soft bath and Kama Sutra bath oils. Then take your soft supple skin to the bed and give your lover a massage with water based oil of love. With this oil, you can offer soft touches and move along your lover’s moist skin easily. Continue your love making with edibles on your lover’s skin. Kama Sutra offer gift sets for your bride or groom. Or if you and your partner are getting away for a bit, you can easily pack the Kama Sutra Weekender set in your overnight bag and set the mood for an incredible night or weekend. Connect with your lover with Kama Sutra. Practice these connections every day with the soft touch of Kama Sutra oil and lotions. Peaches and Screams offers many brands. We know Kama Sutra is one of the incredible brands that exposes your sensuality with your lover. With Kama Sutra products, you can explore your sexual desires with your lover and peak together still connected. Be sure to browse the entire line of Kama Sutra products and mix and match to create the most of your experiences together. With this amazing line of products, you are sure to find something for every sensual and sexual moment. Make your connection with your lover matter. Show your partner how much you love them, want them, and need them with the gift of Kama Sutra.

Full Guide: How to Buy Kama Sutra Massage Oils

In those evening when you want to relax and unwind with a sensual massage, you want massage oils that deliver to the fullest. Kama Sutra massage oils are silky smooth, light and infused with skin-nourishing essential oils to affect your mind, body and spirit. They are also fortified with vitamin E oils to nourish your skin. While there are a hundred plus brands in the market claiming to be the best, Kama Sutra never disappoints.

Kama Sutra massage oils are most popular for their light-weight nature. They are extracted from light oils such as safflower, apricot kernel or canola. These oils are easily absorbed by the skin giving you a deep moisturising affect. The oils also allow a smooth slide providing a low-friction glide. Some such as spearmint provide a tingling cooling effect making for a deeper massage technique that relax both your body muscles and mind.

Kama Sutra massage oils are also easily washable from fabrics and cloths. You don’t have to worry about your cloths, towels and bed sheets staining after a sweet bedroom massage. If you haven’t tried them yet, your definitely should. Here are a few tips to help your purchase your best Kama Sutra massage oils.

Tips to choosing Kama Sutra Massage Oils

Select a Scent That Provides You the Desired Mood

Kama Sutra massage oils are blended to create a harmonious effect to the mind, body and spirit. Think about the affects you want and choose appropriates. Scents like cardamom, marjoram, juniper, lavender, rosemary, elemi, clove, pine, and clary sage will sooth your tired muscles and restore body balance. To refresh, energise and invigorate the mind, body and spirit choose spearmint, peppermint, lemon, orange, ginger, funnel and geranium. For sensual and seductive intimacy, try rose, lavender, sandalwood and Italian jasmine. And to achieve serenity, calmness and complete quietness of the body and soul work with sweet almond, orange, lavender, cedar, and tangerine. Whether you are planning a romantic night or just looking to calm your partner after a traumatic event, there will be a scent for you. Kama Sutra fragrance palate caters for every mood occasion you would want to indulge in.

Consider The Kama Sutra Massage Lotions And Creams

If you are new to erotic body massage or want to work with something with a better hold, Kama Sutra offers massage lotions and creams that are much easier to handle than liquid oils. The lotions and creams add a luxurious cushiony feeling between the hands and skin which is quite arousing. Even without much warning, you can spread some lotion or cream on your hands and give your lover a sweet slow massage on the coach. Some like Kama Sutra Body Souffle are edible and can be licked up after the massage to spice up your erotic night.

Tips for a Blissful Erotic Massage

Giving your partner a massage intensifies your levels of intimacy. A massage changes the mood of your bedroom into one of passion and total calmness. Your partner is able to relax in your arms and let go of all the inhibitions keeping them from having a good time. For those shy and body conscious individuals, receiving an erotic massage from your partner helps you embrace your nudity. Once you are in harmony with you mind, body and soul, you are able to appreciate that your body is a wonderful tool of pleasure and enjoyment. But, for the experience to be erotic and ultimately pleasurable your need to be prepared:

  1. Set the ambiance right. You can line the bed with silk white and red sheets. Scatter some rose petals on the floor. Pull up the blinds and light some erotic candles. The setting and fragrances will relax your partner even before your lay your tender hands on them.
  2. Take care of anything that might disrupt the session. If you have kids, make sure they are out of the house. Take the dog out to pee. Switch of your phones and flip on the answering machine. This session should be a silent one where the mind, body and spirit can dance in harmony.
  3. Help your partner take a bath with the Kama Sutra Luxury Mint Tree Bathing Gel to cleanse and relax their muscles. This will also open their mind and soul to erotic anticipation that you will love.
  4. Before starting the massage, warm up the room, towels, massage oils and your hands. This will prevent shock once your partner is out of the warm bath.
  5. For your lucky partner, help them out of the tub and wipe them thoroughly with a warm towel. Let them lie down on the bed.
  6. Pour your favourite Kama Sutra oils of love and give your partner a sensual rub all over their body. Take slow, circular strokes to relax their muscles further. Then activate their senses with superficial long and straight strokes. Make sure to connect your strokes to both your breathing cycle. This will connect your minds and souls to roof climbing arousal.
  7. Spice things up with a Kama Sutra chocolate body paint and erotic body powder; lick them up to orgasmic trance. If you are looking for an intense intercourse after the massage, turn them around and masturbate them with the luscious and silky Kama Sutra Crème Brulee to induce an ejaculation. This will give them a longer lasting stamina. They will pummel you so good you will forget your name for a moment.

Sometime all you need to revamp your relationship is a well-orchestrated massage. Order Kama Sutra massage oils, massage lotions, massage creams, bath oils, and erotic edibles from Peaches and Screams. Connect with your partner in mind, body and soul with Kama Sutra. Be in harmony with your partner’s sexual desires and explore pleasure and relaxation like never before. Peaches and Screams proudly carry a wide variety of Kama Sutra massage oils and products in our Bedroom Essentials collection. Browse through the Kama Sutra products, mix and match different textures, colours and scents to create the most sensual moment for both you and your lover. Make your sex life incredible with Kama Sutra.