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Lifesize Dolls - #1 Sex Doll, Real Life Size Love Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Dolls

Shop our incredible range of lifesize love sex dolls at Peaches and Screams. Choose from our stunning range of realistic sex dolls with your favourite characteristics. Real Life Size Love Sex Dolls is the closest you can come to the real girlfriend experience that feels extremely lifelike. Shop our Lifesize Sex Dolls.

You may have tried pornstar fleshlights, realistic vagina and ass masturbators and other great male sex toys. Real Life Sex Dolls is a real game changer when it comes to masturbators for men because they deliver the full-experience. All lifesize dolls are exactly what it says on the tin, they are human-sized love dolls that look and feel incredibly like a real female. Our Real Life Size Sex Dolls come with different features: blondes, brunettes, redhairs, small breasts, big breasts, small ass, big ass and so on.

Adult silicone doll technology has vastly improved over the last 5 years, So much so that it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate between pictures of some of the higher end silicone dolls and their genuine human counterparts. With improved silicone that is soft to the touch very akin to the look and feel of human skin. In fact some silicone doll manufactures are now researching incorperating machanics and robotics into their love dolls. Having sex whenever you want it and for however long. Imagine it. At the drop of a hat, you can have your wicked way with a stunningly lifelike silicone love doll whenever your want and for however long you want and in whatever positions that take your fancy. Now what was once the impossible and unattainable for the most of us is now possible and attainable with a beautiful silicone love doll, and when it comes to sex there's no more having to try and perform like a porn star to in order to satisfy your partner. Your new silicone lover will never complain about your performance or moan about the size of your dick or force you to hold back when your just aching to cum. Now maybe you haven't been with a girl for a long time and you have lost confidence in your sexual abilities. With a silicone love doll you can regain your confidence by practicing and perfecting new positions and techiques on without fear of getting it wrong. When you again have sex with a real life partner you can pleasure them with your new found sexual skills. Good to be able to practice and perfect your technique on a doll. what's there not to like a stunninly beautiful willing partner that never gets any older or never will put on any weight. She'll alway be what was on the tin when you purchased her. You wont have to engage in any idle chat either. Think of all the money and time you'll save on dating girls, dating girls with no guarentees of anything at the end of a very expensive night out. Your save tons of money and time on dating girls often with no guarantee of even a sniff of sex at the end of the date. Another not inconsequential benefit of a silicone love doll parter as opposed to a real life girl is not having interfearing inlaws and having to live up to the girls friends high expectations for you.

Sex Dolls

No woman around? No problem. You can always get company form one of these hot and gorgeous sex dolls. The best part is, these dolls are always ready for you. Most of these sex dolls are generally life sized. And usually made of inflatable plastic, and others being made of solid flesh-like materials to help maximize your experience.

These sex dolls are made with all the necessary orifice to have sex with. You get the mouth, pussy and ass. The various products offer differing realism and features, with some including a removable vagina and anus made from realistic material such as LoveClone®, some also have vibration for added stimulation. There are also some with more realistic facial features, while others are more novelty items which can be heaps of fun.

You can even find some of your favourite stars waiting for you to claim them on this category.

  • Multiple orifice to choose from
  • Realistic and lifelike
  • Always read when you are
  • Up for anything

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