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Lux Fetish

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Do you engage in fetish play with your partner? Maybe you’ve tried it before with a willing lover or want to introduce it to your early bedroom time. For first timers it may seem intimidating due to having less experience, but don’t worry because the Lux Fetish at Peaches and Screams UK sex shop is here to give guidance. You can also visit the Lux Fetish shop website for sample fetish products and more.

What is a fetish lingerie?

Generally, a lingerie is an intimate outfit worn by women and even men. But a fetish lingerie is an accessory or clothing designed for extreme sexual provocation. It’s unusually part of many people’s daily wardrobes. They’re mostly preserved for special events such as fetish games and fun. Every individual has a desire to feel awesome about themselves in life. Therefore, getting a pretty fetish lingerie is among the things that bring that special feeling. Regardless of your wish for buying a fetish wear; having a special time with your man, woman, or simply for yourself, making the perfect choice can do the best to your intention. The Lux Fetish lingerie shop has various pieces for everybody. The problem comes to choosing at the market. It's even worse with a first experience in the fetish world. However, don't worry anymore. You simply need to understand what you should look for. That's why we got you a guide on lingerie buying tips.

How to shop for fetish lingerie

Most people are likely to be intimidated to shop for fetish lingerie, especially if it’s a first time ever. However, we’re here to make things easier for you. Try and consider the following factors to get the best choice. They include;


Sizing is a relevant consideration when shopping for anything, especially fetish lingerie. You’ll find people mainly worried about their weight ad forget thinking about figure and size. The most suitable size for your fit is looked at using your figure and measurements. Doing that ensures you don’t waste money on something that won’t serve as expected.


Pricing is among the first things one looks at when shopping. Unfortunately, most individuals put their focus on the wrong side of it. It’s the dilemma of paying attention to the budget, instead of the price tag. Ask yourself the much you intend to use on that product. Is that item worth the percentage it’d be subtracting from that budget? By doing so, you’d be having a well-managed and focused shopping encounter.


Material is also another valuable consideration in lingerie. That’s because it determines the fit, comfort, and use. In this case, the lingerie we’re talking of is for fetish purposes meaning it’s likely to be used for sexual pleasures. Therefore, you should look for a material for such trend and its usefulness. Don’t forget the material’s shelf life and the maintenance it requires to serve longer.


Style can be debatable as a factor to consider. However, you should understand better whether it fits the use or not, depending on where you’ll wear it. Be sure its style is the real thing bringing out the look followed by other things.


Supermodels have various options, but with lingerie, go for what's comfortable and is your style personally. You could probably be aiming at blowing your man's mind, but do you feel good in it? Flaunting in a lingerie is only good if you get comfort in it. Beginners in lingerie can opt for simple pieces such as those with laces and having a neutral color for a great look regardless of what it is. If you’re a pro, try going wild this round.

Body type and shape

We understand well that there’s no one size fits all in lingerie. Just like in dieting, you have to go with what matches your body type. Suppose your body curvy and naturally blessed, you’d wish to highlight all the curves and conceal any unappealing areas. Buy something that supports your bust as it allows attention at the cleavage. On the contrary, those on the smaller end got multiple choices. Get yourself a padded bra or half cup one to give you a fuller appearance. Petit women can as well use ruffles. Other body types like athletic can try a pretty lace bralette to flirt your look. Please don't overlook a v-shaped neckline that will make your body appear curvier.

How to wear fetish lingerie

Have you ever imagined of what need there is wearing lingerie when it will definitely be taken off sometimes? Well, lingerie is used for firing up your partner's imagination. A man's brain is ignited, leaving them with thoughts of what's coming their way and the vice versa is true. The anonymous is extremely powerful to the extent of raising your endorphins and adds pleasure to touches and sex itself. Therefore, that minimal body covering plays a very essential role. Depending on your look in the lingerie, your partner's heart might start racing unusually, trying to imagine the experience. One remains thrusting and pounding by just seeing even before touching begins.

The feeling is real, more so with an added fragrance and other embellishments like a tattoo. Furthermore, it shows your effort in the entire experience. Your partner will appreciate that you thought it through, making them feel how much you’re into them. It feels good knowing how much you mean to your partner, right? It makes the whole thing even more memorable with your body language, voice, and how you express yourself. Please understand that t’s not just about nakedness and sex, but entirely concerning how you carry yourself and making the experience memorable.

Show your partner what you feel. That's why the Lux Fetish lingerie shop is here to bless you with the best lingerie for a fun and exciting moment with your guy. Our lingerie helps you flirt with him or her to make his heart race you tease positively and seduce him in your hot looking attire. This way, the whole experience will be unique. It will always be remembered with more days scheduled for the same thing to happen over and over.