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Never let your menstrual flow stop you from handling your daily activities. Manage your periods with Mae B Menstrual Cups from Peaches and Screams online sex shop.  

Periods can be stressful if they find you unprepared. While there are great options like tampons and pads, menstrual cups are also designed to give you peace of mind during your periods.  They collect large amounts of expelled vaginal fluids, leaving you fresh and comfortable. Period cups are a better alternative to tampons. They are also inserted into the vagina to collect blood instead of absorbing it. More interestingly, you can clean and reuse it many times, depending on your flow. Menstrual cups ensure you manage your heavy and light days stress-free.

What Are Mae B Menstrual Cups?

Menstrual Cups are bell-shaped cups crafted from silicone and rubber to help collect expelled blood during your flow. They are hygienic, reusable, and eco-friendly. These devices collect more blood than tampons and pads. Interestingly, you can have them for more than 10 hours, depending on your flow. With that in mind, it offers a tight air seal allowing you to go more hours without odor, relieving you from the stress of changing your pads frequently.

Why Choose Period Cups?

There are other options in the market, including tampons and pads that help manage periods. Here are some of the reasons that reusable period cups a better choice.

The Cups Are Budget Friendly with Long-Term Use

Menstrual cups have a less budget compared to pads and tampons. They are designed to help you collect period blood for a long time. You can clean and reuse them. Pads and tampons require frequent purchase.

No Odor 

Vaginal cups provide an airtight seal preventing your expelled blood from contact with air, resulting in a bad odor. With tampons and pads, the blood is exposed to air, creating an awful smell. Also, the cup does not alter the vaginal pH and bacteria like other methods.

Collects More Blood

Menstrual cups hold more than one ounce of the expelled blood. In contrast, tampons and pads can only absorb less than half an ounce of the flow.

Menstrual Cups Are Environmentally Friendly

Period cups are reusable. You can have them safe in your house for a longer time without disposing of them.

You Can Have Penetrative Sex with Them

Do you want to get mind-blowing orgasms while on heavy days spice up your sex life? Your lover can penetrate your vagina while the cup is in. The case is different from other methods.

How to Choose the Best Vaginal Period Cup

Menstrual cups are available in different colors, shapes, sizes, and firmness, making it challenging to determine the ideal one. However, consider the following tips before buying the cup.

Understand Your Flow

You can determine your flow based on how frequently you change disposables.  For instance, if you use 12ml super tampons for more than 3 hours, a 25ml menstrual cup can work for you. The cup will collect blood for six hours or more before washing and reusing.

Consider Your Cervix

Checking your cervix near or during periods can help you make better menstrual cup purchasing decisions. Insert your finger in the vagina until you reach the cervix. The cervix is usually rounded with a dent at the center. If your finger cannot reach the part, you have a high cervix. If your finger reaches the cervix with a second knuckle, you have a medium cervix. If you can feel the cervix with a first knuckle, it is a low cervix.

Those with a longer cervix should go for longer menstrual cups. Shorter cups may be difficult to remove after filling up as they penetrate deeper into the vaginal canal.  Shorter cups are suitable for people with a low cervix. A long cup may hang out of the vagina, causing discomfort.

Sensitivity of Your Bladder

A sensitive bladder sends signals before or during periods.  If you experience such, softer menstrual cups can be a better choice. These cups apply less pressure on your already sensitive bladders to avoid discomforts. Firmer cups can be your top choice if you have sturdy vaginal muscles and a pelvic floor. Softer cups may be broken by the muscles, resulting in blood leakages.

How to Insert a Menstrual Cup

Correct use of the cup helps prevent vaginal infections. Consider the following tips to insert the cup in the right way.

  • Clean your hands with soap and water before touching the cup to reduce the risk of vaginal infections.
  • Add water-based lubricant to the cup's rim to ease penetration. Silicon-based lube may destroy the cup and stretch your vagina.
  • Fold the cup in half, ensuring the rim faces upwards.
  • Insert the cup and rim in your vagina. A menstrual cup applicator is unnecessary because the cup will perfectly fit and sit below the cervix.
  • While in the vagina, rotate the menstrual cup for the airtight seal. This prevents air from outside coming in contact with the expelled blood.

Correct cup insertion should allow you to move freely. Also, if you feel the cup inside you, you may have inserted it in the wrong way. A well-inserted cup allows you to indulge in your everyday activities, including dancing and jumping. Visit a doctor or physician if you find it challenging to insert the menstrual cup.

When to Remove the Cup

Your flow does not affect the cup’s removal time. Cervix menstrual cups can last in your vagina for up to 12 hours, whether you are experiencing a heavy or light flow. You can also wear the cup at night. Empty the cup if it fills up before 12 hours to prevent blood leakage.

How to Take Out the Period Cup

You can easily take off the menstrual cup using the following tips;

  • Clean your hands using soap and water
  • Insert your thumb and index finger in the vagina and pull the cup until you reach the base
  • Pinch the base to let go of the seal and remove the cup
  • Pour the cup's content into the toilet or sink

Care and Maintenance of Menstrual Cups

Wash the cup after each use with lukewarm water and mild soap before reinserting it into the vagina. Empty the cup twice a day.