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As a man, your penis should help in giving enough confidence for a quality time with her. The best way is through using a penis pump to boost your manhood’s size. Penis pumps are great for various benefits a part from being a bedroom vibe. For this reason, you should visit the Mojo Penis Enlargers at Peaches and Screams UK sex shop website for more information and samples. Find out additional details about penis pumps and their user guide below.

What is a penis pump?

A penis pump is a vacuum equipment used for pulling blood into the penis, leading to new blood engorging it resulting to an enlarged cock. It’s mainly made of an acrylic cylinder with either an electric or manual vacuum. Additionally, it comes with a sleeve like tool or comfort padding and a cock ring.  The cock ring is a plus to restricting the pumped blood from leaving the penis. Therefore, after wearing the ring is when you can remove the pump to get ready for penetration or foreplay. The device no only helps in maintaining a longer erection but also helps people struggling with erectile dysfunction. Such victims can use the pump to remain harder for longer than without. To your girl, the penis enhances the sexual experience making it better day by day, thus improving your relationship.

How to choose a Penis Enlarger

The market contains numerous Penis Enlargers leaving one in confusion not knowing what to pick. But, we’ve got tips for buying, to help make a better choice. They include

Battery or manual?

Do you wish to use a manual or battery powered pump? A manually operated pump is used by hands on technique to release pressure. The function varies depending on the brand bought. For example, some will require plunger pushing found at the cylinder’s end, whereas others work y lever squeezing, which is attached to a hand grip ergonomically designed. It’s easier with battery umps since you only press the button to switch on the pumping action. Simply provide a seal between the cylinder and your skin and there you go. You may get overwhelmed not knowing a favorable choice, but maybe consider the economy and choose a manual pump. Both pumps work perfectly, no doubt.

Economical or luxury?

Maybe budgeting is your concern when buying a penis pump. Well, most pumps have a suction level as regulated by the government. Nevertheless, you’ll find pumps creation a better seal that’s airtight enough for greater pumping than others. Others contain luxury properties such as a sleek, tension bands, different sized adapter bushings, and a zippered carrying case. That implies you can choose the one friendly to your budget with lesser features or prepare your pockets and get a more modified model.


When buying a Penis Enlarger, please don’t forget paying attention to the warranty. It’s because they’re frequently used, especially for therapeutic reasons.  There are brands backed up by warranty periods. Some for a few years and others for an entire lifetime. For instance, if a pump you bought gets damaged, say the cylinder cracks, then be sure to get a replacement for free. It may not be the case with most economical models, which may only have a one year warranty or not at all.


Please ensure you pick a pump with a ring fitting your penis size. It should be tight enough to perform its function as intended. If it gets too tight, then you’ll only be risking discomfort throughout the usage, which might result to negative impacts on your tissues. The best way to find your exact fit is trying various cock rings.

Vacuum limiter

A vacuum limiter is an important consideration when buying a penis pump. It ensures the air pressure is limited because it shouldn’t get too strong. If it does, there’s high chance you’ll get your penis injured. If for medical purposes, then make sure the pump is specifically made for erectile dysfunction. Because it should only cause temporary erection and not enlarge the penis forever.

How to use a Penis Enlarger

To use the penis pump, a man has to first start by shaving the groin area and around the genital part. Doing this is good for safety and comfort during pumping. Again, lube maybe another option on the least side. Lube up generously to also avoid uncomfortable feelings caused by working on dry skin. The lube helps in sealing up the pump after the penis gets inside to create an airtight seal, which enables efficient and optimum functioning of the device. Therefore, slide your erect cock into the cylinder. An erect penis is preferred for ease, but it’s ok to use it while flaccid or semi-erect. After inserting, use your hand to pump if it’s a manual device or switch on the motor for electric pumps. Be ready to experience a pulling sensation because of the blood being flown to your penis. Keep pumping slowly without stopping until the cock’s size achieves your desire. Once you’ve reached the pressure you wanted, slide your penis through a cock ring rolling it to the base.

The cock ring plays a major role in maintain the harder and long ererection. It does that through blood constriction and having the blood stay in the penile tissue. Failure to using this ring may hinder the erect penis from maintaining its state for longer as expected. When using penis pumps, it’s relevant noting that you can permanently affect the tissues involved without proper control. That means you should be careful in following the instructions as directed. For instance, too often use or extreme pumping several times can break down your blood vessels and damage the skin after longer use. The good news is that proper usage can help tell when things are likely to be going wrong. A good example is when pain is felt during pumping, there’s a problem. It means you should release the pressure slowly immediately. You can also opt for pumps comprising a pressure gauge to monitor and ensure safer pumping every time.