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My.Size Condoms - Regular and Extra Large Condoms

Buy Regular and XL Condoms from My Size Condoms at Dimepiece LA sex shop. Browse Extra Large Condoms, Latex and Non-Latex Condoms in Bulk

When talking about condoms, size matters a lot. We’ve got three standard sizes that you’ll in stores like the MY.SIZE condoms at Peaches and Screams UK sex shop. For instance, small that best fit two-inch penises in thickness and seven inches in length. The standard condoms are for penises ranging from two to two and a half inches with a seven and a half inches length. Large condoms, as mainly sold by the MY.SIZE condoms shop, are for penises more than the standard size with a length of up to nine inches. For more information and a guide on condoms, please visit their website and check out what’s provided.

What are condoms?

Condoms are thin fitted tubes worn by women or men prior to sexual intercourse. Their chief purpose is preventing unwanted pregnancies and diseases such as HIV and STIs. A condom creates a barrier that prevents semen from getting into the vagina, anus, or mouth. In short, it acts as a barrier for fluids exchange between partners having sex. We’ve got various condom types, for males and females. However, it’s not advisable to use both at ago. Because of increased friction that might tear them apart or one can pull out the other leading to the unintended. Condoms’ effectiveness greatly rely on how you use it. With proper use, male condoms can give more than 98% effectiveness, whereas female types around 95%. They also have less chances of spreading an infection from person to person.

How to choose a condom


Without the right condom fit, do you think sex will be enjoyable? Definitely, no- using a condom too big or too small is likely to break or sip off the penis leading to fluid exchange and diseases transmission. You may as well not orgasm properly. For these reasons, knowing your condom size is crucial pleasurable and safe sex. Condom sizes also differ depending on the manufacturer. You may realize a small size for one brand is the large size for another. But, that’s not an issue because knowing your size helps find the best fit. To find out your size, a measuring tape or ruler is needed. This is only done on an erect penis, but without that, then you’d be getting the minimum size. As a result, you’d end up picking a small size which doesn’t fit when your penis erects. You should also know the penis girth- distance around, and width- the diameter distance, to help get a proper pick.


The market contains various materials for condoms- for example, latex, non-latex, among others. Let’s have a look at some of them;

  • Polyurethane- These are the most well-known substitute to latex material. It’s plastic-like and thinner than latex. It’s also a better heat conductor.
  • Polyisoprene- This material closely relates to latex except for lacking chemicals that might react with a user’s skin. As compared to polyurethane, this material is thicker and tender almost like rubber. Its condoms are stretcher than polyurethane types.
  • Lambskin- Among the oldest materials. It comes mainly from cecum, which is a part found in the sheep’s intestines. It’s uniquely thin, biodegradable, and stays longer. Unfortunately, it’s not safe from disease transmission.

Outside or inside choice?

Both inside and outside condoms work the same functions, protection from STDs spread and preventing unwanted pregnancies. Inside condoms are pre-lubricated with silicon lube and composed of synthetic latex material. The advantage with inside condoms is they are available in one size that can fit almost all female vaginal canals. You can discuss with your partner for the better selection between the two. Remember, you should never combine the outside and inside condoms for use at the same time. It’s due the risk of sticking together, bursting due to too much friction, or slipping off.


When it comes to condoms, don’t worry about the price because they’re affordable. In case the cost gives you a problem, there are various free condoms given at different locations in the state. However, never ever compromise safety for money. Your health and that of your lover is very imperative.

Flavored or not?

Most individuals aren’t attracted to a condom because of its taste. Most people also rarely use condoms for oral sex. There’s totally no problem since the mouth has very minimal disease transmission chances. But, if you wish to have intercourse with oral sex, nothing limits you from going for the flavored types. The MY.SIZE condoms shop contains various flavored condom tastes, including blueberry, vanilla, strawberry, banana, strawberry, and cola. The flavor is another wonderful way to take your sex life to a different level.

How to use a condom

Correct condom use is the beginning of its safety. If used improperly, don’t expect surety about safety. Use the following points for proper condom use;

  • Read through the packet to check the manual guide and expiry date.
  • Carefully open it to avoid damaging before use. Avoid using scissors or teeth.
  • Check to ensure it’s ready to roll down the correct way- confirm that its rim appears on the external part and not inside. Maybe you should try unrolling it before getting it roll on the penis for surety. In case you mess by confusing the inside and outside, please discard and get a new condom, instead of flipping it for use.
  • Use your thumb and index finger to pinch its tip, then place on an erect penis. Pease leave some space between the penis tip and that of the condom for cum collection.
  • Start unrolling the condom down your penis up to the base. Remember, lube is essential and so you can apply some inside the condom’s tip and the outside too to reduce friction and give more sensation. It’ll also prevent the chances of the condom from breaking.
  • Get your way inside and have fun.
  • After cumming or ejaculating, tightly hold the rim and get out of your partner carefully. Be quick in doing that before the penis becomes flaccid as it may loosen and mess by letting the semen out.
  • Move away from your partner and get it off before throwing at the dustbin. Please avoid flushing the used condom in the toilet.