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OhMiBod Sex Toys - Remote Control App Controlled Vibrators for Women

Buy the Best Remote Control App Controlled Vibrators for Women from OhMiBod at Peaches and Screams sex shop. Browse the Best G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrators for Women

Sex toys can change someone’s life. However, one may feel intimidated buying them, more if it’s your first time walking in a sex toys shop. But the Ohmibod female vibrators at Peaches and Screams UK sex shop is the best for quality delivery deal. Please visit the Ohmibod female vibrators shop today to start having a fun sex life full of adventure through their products

What are female vibrators?

 A female vibrator is a sex object used for pleasurable sexual stimulation on a woman’s body. Vibrators come in various sizes and shapes. Some are manually used whereas others are electrically powered to function. You can use a vibrator for flying solo or with your partner. Some individuals can even use it with more than two people. The market contains devices for a couple’s play during the play to stimulate their genitals. They’re mostly operated on the erotic zones such as the clitoris, anus, vulva, or vagina. Vibrators are well recommended for women finding it difficult to achieve organism either through intercourse or masturbation. That’s why the Berman Center is here to satisfy your sexual needs.

How to choose a female vibrator

Picking the best vibrator depend on a number of factors. With the lots of choices in the market, it can be hard to walk out with the best. For the best sexual experience, you should be aware of what you prefer most. Use the following to have the right choice;

Material and texture

Vibrators are found in a wide materials’ range due various people’s preferences. But for first time users, hard plastic should be your top pick. Most beginners would never imagine getting a hard thing in their genitals thinking it’s uncomfortable. They don’t know that it’s instead, an advantage over soft material since it lets you experience the vibrations fully. Unlike a soft vibrator that’s ever muted. For some, hard surface vibrators seem very intense. But remember, you can always reduce this intensity by using it on a towel, blanket, or hand for muting.

Quiet or noisy?

Different vibrators produce sounds differently. It may be a concern during usage to your apartment dwellers, neighbors, or any other people around. Therefore, look at the description given and find out the extent their sound can go, either quiet, moderate noise, or too loud. You can as well check it for yourself before accepting to take home for use.


We’ve got waterproof vibrators for use in the shower and bathroom. Getting a waterproof vibrator suits individuals with the urge to expose sex when showering or bathing.


Vibrators plugged on the wall are known to work better, vibrate more, and last longer. Nevertheless, most of them are noisier. They also play multiple functions like rubbing your back. If you buy a rechargeable or battery operated vibrator, it can serve you from anywhere. No need for an outlet. But, mostly the battery powered vibrators never last as long as the others.


What hand or tongue stimulation kind do you prefer? Mild or intense. It can be a bit hard to realize it when buying. It’s the reason we recommend that you buy one with adjustable speed ranging from low to high. Also, the vibration type matters a lot. It can either be buzzy- sensation is felt on the skin surface, and throbby whereby it gets deeper into the skin providing deep tissue massage.


Do you like an internal stimulation, external, or both? On the lips, clit, or inside the vagina? Well, until you get to it, you may never know your real preference. Some ladies feel extremely stimulated closer to the body’s outside, leading to an orgasm. These group needs a vibrator reaching one to three inches in the vagina. Those looking out for vaginal penetration, get a shaft-shaped vibrator. Additionally, to know the best size, insert your fingers inside the vagina and know how many feel comfortable. Then, find the width taken by those fingers as your vibrator size.

How to use a female vibrator

Begin by determining and choosing the best vibration speed and pattern for you. Start by setting the mood then, followed by making the area slippery by applying some lube, then start moving the vibrator around your labia and clitoris until you find that spot, where it feels superb. You can further move to applying the vibrator all over your body surface. The thing may seem small but you won’t believe how great it works beneath the labia surface and around your clit. Later on with more experience, you’ll be amused by how you can reach a precision level of fantasy with a good vibrator. Women who’ve gotten into it for longer say their clits have a specific side that’s more sensitive.

There’s a technique called edging. It’s the practice of taking your body near the orgasm edge but not getting to it just yet. Continue doing that until you reach your optimal arousal level that a simple touch will leave you exploding. This plus more other techniques get realized especially after a long time of using the vibrator. Also, understand that the vibrator has various settings. It ranges from settings for timid beginners who’ll be interested in the gentlest movements to those in need of solid smashing with great intensity. Each feeling is worth giving a try to get to know what you’d never imagine.

 If it’s a partnered sex play, you might realize a partner feeling intimidated on introduction to the vibrator. It’ be best to get them calm down by applying the vibe on them. In case it’s a man, move it around the balls, nipples, below the penis head.

If you want all these and more, visit the Ohmibod female vibrators at Peaches and Screams UK sex shop today and get the best stimulators for your sexual pleasures. Come get the vibrator for better sexual arousal or want to experience an orgasm or multiple orgasms. It can also help when your partner is ill, not interest, or tired. Moreover, stimulating your vulva or clitoris is a recipe for achieving orgasm on penetration.