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From cutting strips of cloth to strap down and flatten boobs, women have come a long way in handling issues to do with their sexual attributes. Between the 15th and 16th Centuries prominent breasts became popular which nudged the steady production of bras following through from the creativity that stemmed from the era of the corset. By the 1930s brassieres were designed to support and draw attention to the bust line. But it was not until 1964 that a Canadian woman, Louise Poirier, was struck by a flash of creative genius and came up with the push up bra. Popularly known as the Wonderbra it would change the lingerie landscape for all the women who desired cleavage or an enhanced bust size. It became a revered fashion statement and a great confidence booster for women with smaller breasts. Tailored to give an illusion of evenly round and bigger breasts push up bras are padded with foam, water or silicone. The end product is an item of intimate wear that is soft to the touch and feels like a natural breast. It is important to get your bust and cup dimensions correct when buying these products. You can try on various sizes to zero in on the perfect size, get measured and fitted or follow online instructions of how measure yourself. Comfort and proper support is of essence to avoid neck, back or spine problems. Buy and wear them for both aesthetics and functionality. Get them in nude or vibrantly brazen colours. They also now come in backless or strapless to go with outfits that require that type of undergarments. Follow washing instructions to keep them clean and buy replacement products in this category before the ones you have start losing foam and support. Improve your posture and the way your tops or dresses fit by wearing the right size, colour and texture of undergarments. No matter how snug your bra feels it is not advised to sleep while wearing it as it can cut off circulation.

Invest in push up bras that encourage more touching and exploration. Give your bust an all important lift. Wear smoking hot outfits with low or plunging necklines and show some cleavage. Watch as people stare in rapturous admiration of your prominent bust. Enhance your sex appeal add these to your must have bedroom essentials. Breast enhancement might be out of your reach but you can enjoy the pleasure and reassuring convenience of a brassiere that gives in size and support. Extend your experience in the various styles and find the ones that best suit your requirements. Express your fashion freedom through these erotically explicit intimate garments. Wear them for sexual effect and to cast a spell on your lover. Seduce and be seduced in gorgeous body hugging finery. Get yourself lavish underthings and treat your partner to a night of luscious foreplay. Unleash the sex goddess in you step up your game buy and wear bespoke underwear that speaks of your expertise in unlocking wanton lust. Strengthen your bond and increase your desire for each other. Include these products in your hot bedroom repertoire.

Everyday Lingerie

If you are looking for the perfect everyday bra that has both comfort and style then you have come to the right place! We have hand picked the best bras that will feel great, last for a long time and are not boring. We have tried and tested brands like Triumph and Gossard for the routine sizes together with the high quality specialist brands for the larger cup sizes such as Freya and Panache.

We have whatever you need to feel great throughout the day every day...

For a great range of everyday lingerie you have come to the right place. For soft and comfortable bras and briefs in a wide variety of colours and styles including your basic everyday lingerie colours such as black nude and white to be unseen under whatever you are wearing and to go with any colour t-shirt. At great prices you can afford to stock up on everyday lingerie from some of your favourite brands.

Everyday bras

Everyday bras are a staple of your everyday lingerie firm favourites are usually t-shirt bras that are comfortable materials and soft. They can be wired or non-wired depending on what you prefer and are a great aspect of everyday lingerie. Our favourite everyday bra is a t-shirt bra. Perfect for giving you that shape that improves your overall appearance under your t-shirt or blouse without over enhancing anything or making you look unnatural.

Everyday briefs and knickers

Everyday briefs and knickers are very important in your everyday lingerie, making you feel comfortable in your regular work pants or skirt or whatever you are wearing. A great everyday lingerie staple is a great pair of knickers that will make you feel comfortable and give you a nice appearance in your clothes, whether that’s a pair of cotton knickers that are breathable or perhaps something a bit silkier for increase comfort we have a great range in our everyday lingerie.

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