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Push Up Bras

Push Up Bras

  • Corsetti Sexy Wet Look Red Bra And Panty Set - Peaches Screams
    Corsetti Sexy Wet Look Red Bra And Panty Set - Peaches Screams
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    Corsetti Sexy Wet Look Red Bra And Panty Set

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    Unleash your inner vixen with the Corsetti Sexy Wet Look Red Bra And Panty Set. The Corsetti Sexy Wet Look Red Bra and Panty Set is the epitome of ...

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    Original Price £42.24
    Current Price £32.49
    Save £9.75
    Only 2 left!


Are you looking to give your bust the much-needed lift? A push-up bra is exactly what you need to reveal more neckline, make your cleavage more prominent, and boost your confidence. Push-up bras are not only sexy and youthful, but they are uncrowned champions in every woman's closet that personify passion. They add a dose of youthful appeal by giving your bust a rounded uplift.

Unlike your regular bra constructed with no padding and underwires, push-up bras are heavily padded to give your bust a smooth, rounded, and perky finish. The padding eliminates the seam lines that are typically seen through your outfit. Also, while your everyday bra is worn for support, a push-up bra gives your bust a perky look by pushing your breasts inwards and upwards, creating a flatter chest.

This article highlights everything you need to know about push-up bras, how the different types compare, usage tips, and why you should invest in one as your bedroom essential.

What Is a Push-Up Bra?

While bras are typically worn for comfort and support, the meaning of a push-up bra lies in its exact utility. A push-up bra is an undergarment designed to enhance a woman's bust. Essentially, it is distinctively constructed to push her breasts inwards and upwards to create a flatter chest and cleavage.

A push-up bra has a heavy padding and uses support enhancers embedded in the bra cups. These enhancers are angled to make your breast full and intact.

Why Use a Lift-Up Bra?

Breast enhancement may not be within every woman's reach. However, you can still achieve a lush perky bust, thanks to the functionality of a push-up bra. As a wardrobe essential, this piece of undergarment will encourage more exploration and passion in the bedroom and can be worn with numerous outfits to leave people staring at your cleavage in rapturous admiration.

Push-up bras come in various styles, and every woman is guaranteed to find what works for their needs. Regardless, these sexy undergarments not only give your breast the support and shape of your liking, but they set the tone of how confident you feel throughout the day. Among other reasons, here is why women are in love with push-up bras:

  • Are versatile and can be worn seamlessly with virtually all garments. From plunging tops and dresses to T-shirts, the choices are vast.
  • They give your bust an uplifted appeal of youthfulness.
  • They make your cleavage appear more prominent without compromising on comfort, thanks to the padding and underwires that are angled to perform this function.

How The Different Push-Up Bras Compare

Strapless Push Up Bras

If your outfit looks best without shoulder straps, then a strapless push-up bra will benefit you the most. It is constructed to offer support and lift, but you won't have to worry about the straps because the support comes from the thick band.

This bra is perfect for off-shoulder dresses, T-shirts, and blouses. With it in your collection, you wouldn't have to ditch your bra because of your outfit choice. However, it is best worn by women with smaller busts because bigger breasts may spill out of the bra cups. So, invest in a strapless push-up bra and ditch shoulder straps.

Full Lift Push-Up Bras

A full-lift push-up bra refers to the thickest and most heavily padded bra that offers the maximum bust lift. Bras can be classified into three categories depending on the thickness and quantity of the padding material in the bra cups. Level 1 bras have less padding material, Level 2 has a considerable amount of padding, while Level 3 bras are heavily padded to offer a maximum bust lift.

Plunge Push-Up Bra

Plunge push-up bras have deep bra cups that expose more of your front bottom breast parts. This makes them ideal to complement V-cut or low-cut shirts and tops. The short wiring on the front of the cups enhances your cleavage and bust. However, you should avoid plunge push-up bras if your breast tissue is loose because they might not offer adequate support.

Factors to Consider When Buying Sexy Push-Up Bras

The priority when wearing a bra is support and comfort. However, push-up bras offer additional functionality that, when done right, can add a dose of youthfulness and sex appeal. In doing so, you may experience a bit of huffing and puffing, which is pointless. Here are the key things to look out for when purchasing a push-up bra:


Avoid undersized or oversized bra cups because they may not help you achieve your intended look. Measure the width of your chest and the extent of your bust before placing your order.


Chafing in bras occurs when part of the material rubs repeatedly against your skin, especially around the band region and shoulders. This feature is common in tightly stitched and padded bras.

The Material

Push-up bras come in various fabrics. When choosing the material, opt for a fabric that seamlessly complements your outfit. Whether it is cotton, lace, mesh, or nylon, the key is to strike a balance between quality and comfort.

Sexy Push-Up Bras Usage Tips

  • Position the cups perfectly over your breasts to achieve comfort.
  • Ensure the breasts sit comfortably in the cups. Ensure it is neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Ensure the shoulder straps aren’t too tight before you fasten your bra.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lift-up Bras

What Is a Push-up Bra?

A push-up bra is a sexy women's undergarment with underwires and heavy padding to give you a bust lift.

How Does a Push-up Bra Work?

A push-up bra is designed with underwires and heavy padding embedded in the bra cups to push your breasts inwards and upwards to lift your bust.

The Bottom Line

Push-up bras are sexy women's undergarments that not only add a sense of sex appeal but give you confidence too. Unlike your everyday bra, a push-up bra offers a bust lift and cleavage prominence in addition to support and comfort. The key is to select the right size and material that complements your outfit.