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Ultimate Guide: How to Buy Round Butt Plugs

The excitement of anal play in conquering enticing anal toys achieving that instamatic orgasm that you only see on Hollywood movies. Such toys like round butt plugs pose the puzzling challenge of how to insert them. Yet, once to win this block, the anal stretch and stimulation rewarded will be mind-blowingly anal arching.

These classic shaped butt plugs are designed with a rounded tip that is both challenging and exciting to insert. They are definitely not designed for the novice. With every anal session, you will struggle to insert the rounded butt plug; but, once you conquer it, you will savour the extra fullness and stretching that start from the sphincter tissues up to the prostate. Just brace yourself for leg shaking stimulations and orgasms that will leave your body trembling in explosive ecstasy.

Round butt plugs are designed for both men and women who love exploring the limits of their bondage pleasure. Be the master of your BDSM scene by changing the way you deliver pleasure. Prep and inserting a round butt plug into your partner. Then let them savour the fullness as you stimulate their nipples of vigorously massage their penis for a strong body arching orgasm.

If you are one of those who enjoy solo play, taking a warm bath will relax your body. Once you have lubricated, massage your anus with circular motions to relax the anus muscle even further. Then arch your body up and gently insert the rounded butt plug into you and enjoy the glorious feeling that should definitely lead to an amazing feel factor. Continuous rhythmic movement guarantees an orgasm like you’d never had before.

Choosing a Round Butt Plug

Size: Length and Diameter

With round butt plugs, size definitely matters. Round butt plugs come in small, medium and large sizes to deliver you the most canalizing pain-pleasured moments of your life. The rounded tip can be a challenge to insert even when you have a well primed anus. Though conquering the insertion is the most exciting part of this plug. Pay attention to the overall length and width of the butt plug. You may want to start small even when you are an intermediate anal enthusiast because the rounded tip can be humongous and painfully challenging even for the anal elites. Consider starting your foreplay with other stimulants such as fingering or inserting a tapered butt plug to relax your anus for a smoother insertion. However, if your fantasy is anchored on the challenge of inserting, by all means savouring the bittersweet stretching and pleasure from the word go.

Material: Cleanliness and Durability

Round butt plugs are made from different materials including silicone, rubber, jelly, polymers, metal, glass and exotic stone. Pick a body safe, durable and easy to clean material. Jellies and rubber are most comfortable for long-term wear. However, you need to be careful with these materials because they contain harmful toxins. If you must use them, make sure you buy from top-branded manufacturers and retailers like Peaches and Screams to ensure you plug in made from the highest quality materials. You can also slip on a condom to avoid direct body contact just for extra precaution. On the other hand, silicone, metal and stone are body safe, non-porous and easy to clean. Although, the decision strongly lies on how you plan to use the plug and your personal preference. For health and hygiene reason, we at Peaches and Screams recommend that you refrain from sharing your round butt plugs with your partner.

Flanged Base

When it comes to anal play, you want sex toys that are designed for safe play. Make sure the round butt plug has a well-defined base to prevent the plug from getting lost in your anus. A good base also provides you control for insertion, thrusting and removal during those intense pleasure moments when you want things working quickly and efficiently.

Lube to be used

When choosing material, you also need to consider the right lubricant that is compatible with your chosen round butt plug. If your plug is made of silicone material, avoid using silicone- based anal lubricants because it will damage the toy surface. At Peaches and Screams, we recommend using a water-based anal lubricate because it is sex toy friendly.


It is a simple rule of thumb, cheap is expensive. So when it comes to buying round butt plugs, price can be a great guide on the quality and material of your chosen round butt plug. High end, body safe and non-porous materials tend to be a bit pricy while, low quality materials such as plastics are cheap. Consider investing a little more on your round butt plug. We guarantee you will get value for your money on the body safety and durability of your plug that will give you peace of mind hence, more enjoyment of mind-blowing pressure and pleasures.

How to insert a round Butt Plug

Inserting a round butt plug goes more like working with a large plug or dildo; you need a little bit more preparation and lubrication to make the whole experience more pleasurable. Make sure you clean up both your anus and butt plug before insertion. Then once you are relaxed and ready, relax your anal muscles with a massage and maybe a fingering. It can be an awesome idea to let your partner prep you for the extra stimulation and enjoyment. Once ready, take deep breaths and push outwards as though you want to poop for open up the sphincter muscle and make insertion easier. Place the rounded-tip on the anus and gently push in. This will be the most challenging part of the play. Go in slowly and keep arching your body upwards as you go in until the whole plug is popped into your anal. Now, let yourself loose and savour the extreme fullness and tingling stretching that will make you moan out your god’s name. You will be shaking your legs with pleasure with every little twist and turn your body makes.

At Peaches and Screams, we love feeding your darkest eroticism with delights and sophistication. Blaze yourself for anal ecstasy with one of our high quality round butt plugs and change how experience anal play. Remember to add a lube applicator and a douche to make the play ever smoother and more exciting.  

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