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Lingerie Shop - Women's Sexy Gloves & Costume Lingerie Gloves - Long, Satin, Fishnet & Black Lace

Women appear to be more sophisticated and graceful when they are wearing a pair of gloves to match their attire. Much more when they are wearing the sexy gloves type. Even when you’re in a not so sexy outfit, having a pair of gloves wrap around your hands would be enough to make an alluring statement. Ladies gloves are garments often added as part of the outfit for formal and semi-formal event. Wearing gloves at these days give the impression of vintage fashion, and vintage is always as elegant and classy as ever. Back to the Victorian days, gloves are worn by women in an effort to make their hands look smaller since petite hands were believed to be a symbol of exquisiteness.

Aside from the purpose of shrinking the size of the hands, gloves also cover up the not so beautiful hands. That with sexy gloves in stylish designs, the woman who wears it appears no less than perfect feature of classiness. Gloves real function is to provide protection against cold or heat and it did give comfort for the hands as well. But then it has also become a part of fashion statement when women started putting it on as fashion adornment. Gloves, especially the chicly created ones, speak of something that is closed to a loud statement of refined manner of clothing. Whether it is intended or not, gloves add up to the over-all appeal of the woman who wears it.

Ladies’ gloves for high-end gatherings are varied in three lengths – gloves up only to the wrists, gloves that reached to the elbow and the opera gloves that reached up to the biceps.  Whichever length type of gloves chosen, each adds undeniable charm to the lady who wears it on her hands. Making her more interesting as she appears to be mystically alluring with those sexy gloves pulled up on her smooth elbows.


It’s really something, isn’t it? The way her clothes fall so perfectly on her curves and edges. Her face is just so flawless, it’s as though the gods themselves sculpted her. She is simply too perfect. Think about what happens to you when you look at her. You can feel this warmth cloud over your entire body. Your face gets a little hot, your palms too. Time seems to stop for a moment, your endless thoughts, the constant chatter that goes on in your mind finally silences. You look her in the eyes and there isn’t a place in the world you’d rather be. It’s amazing, what a woman can do to a man. If you have a special lady in your life, you know better than anyone what happens in these moments. Not only is just drop dead gorgeous, but the sex is amazing, right? It’s perfect and you wouldn’t change it for the world. However, what if there were things you could do to make it a little better? Is that even possible? It’s easy to get complacent, and get into a routine when it comes to sex and intimacy. But, if you were to think about it right now, are there any things you can think of that will improve your sex life and take it to the next level? Yes, there are. There are things you can do to make things better. With the right equipment you can surely turn up the heat. What do you like? What do you find “sexy”? We all have our nasty little kinks and turn-ons, but something we can all agree upon is this: anything that can make a woman sexier is worth paying attention to. Its true! We all have our personal preferences, sure, but we are still always open to new ideas and options. If you want to avoid a dull sex life it’s important to spice things up a bit by constantly experimenting and trying new things. But with there being so many options, what exactly are you supposed to do? Well, one accessory that is guaranteed to heat things up in the bedroom is a pair of gloves. Yes, you read that correctly. The right pair of gloves can do plenty. Think about it. Certain gloves that are designed a in a particular way just have this elegance to them that is almost unprecedented. Picture your lover wearing some sexy black gloves that stretch out to her upper arms. They add class and sense of recklessness. She is already beautiful; she has the perfect body and these nice plump lips. She is so seductive and simply looking at her can get you going. But if she had on your favorite transparent gloves with the dark leather tips, who knows how hot you’ll get. You may bust in your pants like you were in high school all over again. If you go through our inventory you will find some of the most gorgeous options, and yes they are all available to you. You can purchase them and have them sent to you immediately. And you will not ever be disappointed, why? Because all of our products are handled with the utmost care and protection. We pride ourselves in our customer service and we value quality. It would do us and you and disservice if we mishandled these beautiful gloves or any of the products we hold. Our gloves are made with only the highest quality materials and the finest fabrics we could find. You can test them out for yourself as soon as you take them out of their box. Feel the fabric, give it a stretch and pay attention to the flexibility and their durability. You won’t be disappointed and you may even find yourself running back to us. Shop for sexy long gloves for women, satin gloves, fishnet & black lace gloves below.

The beauty of women is endless. They possess a magic about them that is more enticing than the most succulent flower. A delicious woman tells you with her words and with her eyes she wants you. She can give you one look to let you know she needs your touch. If she’s naked or if she’s wearing something luscious and sexy you know when you want her. Enticing a partner is never easier than when she wears something sexy over her soft skin. Whether it’s erotic lingerie or a fancy gown, you know it’s meant for your eyes and for you to take off later. If you give your lady sexy long gloves or fetish gloves, just imagine how intriguing her long arms would be. Think about those arms around you as the fabric of her soft gloves runs across your own skin. Bits of lace running along her skin will give her the confidence to fancy you even more. As you hold her body close to yours, she will yearn to touch you as well with the lace along her fingers. Our bodies respond to the feel of different fabrics. Sexy and enticing gloves can spice up your sex life leaving you wanting her even more. When you order long gloves, fishnet gloves, or lace gloves for the woman in your bed, think of what you’d like to gain from the experience as well. Do you wish to have a rougher feel across your skin as when she wears the lace with a soft look but rougher feel? Would you prefer the feel of soft satin when she touches you in all the right places? Or would you like a mix of both sensations with fishnet gloves that offer a peek into the sexiness women hold dear? Imagine lying naked next to her while she wears only her beautiful long gloves. Maybe she’s rubbing your cock with soft satin on her fingers. Maybe she’s making you wet with the lace she runs along your body. Which one could you imagine opening and place over her fingers before pulling up her long arms? No matter which long sexy gloves you place on your lady, you are sure to gain from the experience as well. Your sex life might be exciting now, but just wait until you introduce erotic lingerie and gloves into your sex life. You could fantasize with these gloves. You could lie back with your eyes closed and feel your senses awaken with our gloves. And you could be giving the gift of sensuality to the woman in your bed. Be sure to check out all our options and imagine the pleasure and that will come out of your bedroom. You and your special lady will be sure to spice up your life in various ways using long and luscious gloves. With elegance and with precision, your sex life can get better and even more exciting with each new purchase from us. Gloves, outfits, leather, latex, or lace. We have it all. Are you ready to add some spice to your bed tonight?

Sexy Gloves

You walk into the closet and pick out your sexiest lace corset, your garters and stockings, and then slide on your favorite matching lace thong. The set is complete and you walk over to your high heels, putting them on ever so slowly as you fully embrace and indulge in your own sexy transformation. This is the best you have looked in a while and you are planning to give a show of a lifetime. You twirl as you admire yourself in the mirror and you are immediately struck by that uneasy feeling that something is missing but you can’t figure out what it is yet. You choke it up to nervousness and decide to practice your sexy number before walking out and showing your partner what you are made of. Then it hits you like a ton of bricks; you forgot your matching lace gloves. Putting them on, you finally feel complete and ready to take on the night and show your partner why you always deserve the sexy goddess crown.

Gloves are the classiest accessory ever known in the fashion industry. From the 18th Century and with great fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn having being captured in multiple films and photos with them on, it is no wonder it never goes out of taste. Gloves are either wrist length, elbow length or may even reach the upper arms, depending on your outfit and the look that you were going for. The classy balls and parties, including costume parties, never miss an icon or two with their hands enclosed in some beautiful and sexy fabric that drives up the sexiness and sophistication factor tenfold. Not to forget the sexy performances by the greatest of musicians from Whitney Houston to Mariah Carey, gloves have always made an appearance even to the point of being matched up with the tiniest of costumes for that demure and sexy look that makes you forget the blatant nakedness of the exposed skin. Gloves are featured in all burlesque shows, the sexiest of performances, and the removal of the gloves is usually a slow and effectively seductive process even though the only exposure is that of the hands. The powerful magnetism of a pair of gloved hands is neither to be underestimated nor underrated. The simplest of movements can be the most seductive, and the sexiness of gloves is among the top most examples of sexy simplicity.

For the bedroom, latex gloves are for those that enjoy the sexiness of the feel of latex and it is well paired with a latex costume, to give off that bad girl vibe as you embark on your BDSM role play or as you embrace the dominatrix in you and get that leash and whip cracking. For the demure and simple seduction game, lace gloves give off the nice girl seductive goddess vibe without being too bold or overwhelming. Peaches and Screams has gloves for each seductive character, whether it is the hard core seductive force or the seductive shy mistress trying to come out of her shell.

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