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Shop Women's Shaving Cream & Gels from System Jo at Peaches and Screams UK Sex Shop. Browse the best Female Hair Removal products right now.

What is Shaving Gel for Women

A shaving gel is applied to the body to enhance hair removal. Most shaving gels are made of Aloe Vera and coconut ingredients that are safe for the skin. It comes with various benefits, such as boosting hair and skin hydration. Shaving dry hair hurts compared to moisturized hair. Moisturizing also minimizes breakouts and offers skin protection. Without shaving creams, your dry skin will itch and get irritated. Dry skin can lead to pores forming its natural oil called sebum. If you see acne growth and irritation bumps developing on the skin, just know it’s due to overproduction of sebum. The cream also provides lubrication that allows a safe and close shave. The razor slides across the skin surface safely without nipping the skin. By doing, this, your razor’s life extends, thus saves you costs.

How to Choose a Female Hair Removal Kit

The market is flooded with various shaving products, including creams and razors. It can be difficult and confusing to get the right selection for your skin. To settle on the best shaving products, consider the following;

Ingredients Used

The best shaving cream is manufactured with natural and organic ingredients such as almond, coconut oil, and avocado. Such ingredients grant your body the right lubrication and protection, especially during a wet shave. For people with sensitive skin, ensure Aloe Vera is part of the ingredients list. This plant has antiseptic features to avoid skin irritation. Also, go for gels with essential oils such as lemon, sandalwood, cedarwood, peppermint, and cypress. Avoid products containing chemicals, petrochemical ingredients, and dyes because of high possibilities of skin irritation, allergies, dizziness, or clogged pores.


A shaving gel has two essential contents; thick lather and lubrication. The top performing creams balance between the two properties. They give your skin the best protection it requires.


To get more information about a particular shaving gel, read reviews from previous users. Although it my not be accurate, you will get an impression of what to expect after purchasing. Look at the date the review was written because the formula might have been changed.

Ease of Use

Always go for a cream that isn’t difficult to apply using the shaving brush or hands. Also, ensure that the cream goes along with hard and soft water.


People have varying preferences. For instance, some people prefer shaving products with strong smells, others like a lighter scent or unscented creams. It goes with personal preference, just don’t forget to pick one with organic and natural ingredients.

After the Shave Experience    

The after shave feeling is Important to choose a shaving gel. The best shaving gel should give a moisturizing feel after rinsing it out. A quality shave kit provides skin protection after shaving. Be careful when choosing a shaving cream, especially if you have sensitive or dry skin.


A little splurging in buying a quality cream isn’t a bad idea. Ensure that you stick to your grooming and body hygiene budget. System Jo offers quality shaving gels and creams at an affordable price.

How to Use Women's Shaving Gel

Start by gathering the needed requirements, including the shave brush, gel, and glass container.

Use the brush to gather the gel amount you need for a particular body part if your kit contains a bowl and lathering shave gel.

Start applying the gel on various body sections.

When shaving, grab the shaving tool and use the razor as guided by your hair’s growing direction. Shaving in the opposite direction will irritate the follicles, resulting in infections, acne, razor burns, and irritating bumps.

After shaving, rinse the razor in running water. You can also swirl it in clean bowl water to clear the gel and hair.

Run your palm through the shaved areas to ensure no patches were left out. If all is well, use warm water to rinse the areas before using cold water. The cold water closes the hair pores and preventing debris and dirt entry. Dry using a towel and  apply aftershave to avoid irritation or to calm skin redness.


Shaving gels are a better option compared to to body wash or soaps. They prevent skin irritation by removing snugs and acne formation. A shaving gel also allows better razor glide and is transparent, making shaving easier. It doesn’t require water for dilution before shaving, and this allows minimal time to get done. Get System Jo shaving gel for women and enjoy a smooth, safe and easy grooming session.