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TONGUE JOY Oral Vibrators - Best Oral Sex Toys

Buy TONGUE JOY Oral Vibrators at Peaches and Screams UK Sex Shop. Browse the Best Oral Sex Toys and Sex Toys For Women

For ladies mostly, oral sex can be more pleasurable than penetrative sex. It’ because putting a lot of emphasis on your clit is simply amazing for a powerful and easier orgasm chance, don’t you think? Well, it doesn’t suggest that blow jobs aren’t miraculous for men, they are. Therefore, count on the Tongue Joy oral vibrator at Peaches and Screams UK sex shop for the most magical oral vibes you’ll live to remember.

What is an oral vibrator?

An oral vibrator, as the name suggests, is a sex object used for pleasurable sexual stimulation on the body using tongue-like motions. Oral vibrators come in various sizes and shapes. Some are manually used whereas others are electrically powered to function. You can use a vibrator for flying solo or with your partner. Let’s follow the guide below for more.

How to choose Oral Sex Toys

Know your body

Are you new to sexual adventure? You’ll need to understand your boy anatomy using likes and dislikes. Again, know that almost 75% ladies mainly achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation. As a man or woman, find out your most sensual parts and buy what suits best.

Rechargeable vs. battery

Most battery using products can cause pain, especially when they die before you peak. They’re expensive and likely to corrode and damage your toy. The other type is favorable because it serves for longer and as intended.

Quality vs quantity

You could think that spending too much on a sex toy is a waste, but you should come across those created in high volume and lowly priced. After some time they wear out and not properly serve their purpose due to poor quality. If you can, go for a high quality product that serves well and is durable.


Experts recommend that you pick a toy material, which is 100% silicon, metal, glass, or finished wood, among others. Avoid mixed materials and go for highly reputable manufacturers. Oral vibrators are found in a wide materials’ range due various people’s preferences. But for first time users, hard plastic should be your top pick. Most beginners would never imagine getting a hard thing in their genitals thinking it’s uncomfortable. They don’t know that it’s instead, an advantage over soft material since it lets you experience the vibrations fully. Unlike a soft vibrator that’s ever muted. For some, hard surface vibrators seem very intense. But remember, you can always reduce this intensity by using it on a towel, blanket, or hand for muting.

Quiet or noisy?

Different oral vibrators produce sounds differently. It may be a concern during usage to your apartment dwellers, neighbors, or any other people around. Therefore, look at the description given and find out the extent their sound can go, either quiet, moderate noise, or too loud. You can as well check it for yourself before accepting to take home for use.


We’ve got waterproof vibrators for use in the shower and bathroom. Getting a waterproof vibrator suits individuals with the urge to expose sex when showering or bathing.


Oral vibrators plugged on the wall are known to work better, vibrate more, and last longer. Nevertheless, most of them are noisier. They also play multiple functions like rubbing your back. If you buy a rechargeable or battery operated vibrator, it can serve you from anywhere. No need for an outlet. But, mostly the battery powered vibrators never last as long as the others.


What tongue stimulation kind do you prefer? Mild or intense. It can be a bit hard to realize it when buying. It’s the reason we recommend that you buy one with adjustable speed ranging from low to high. Also, the vibration type matters a lot. It can either be buzzy- sensation is felt on the skin surface, and throbby whereby it gets deeper into the skin providing deep tissue massage.


Do you like an internal stimulation, external, or both? On the lips, clit, or inside the vagina? Well, until you get to it, you may never know your real preference. Most ladies feel extremely stimulated closer to the body’s outside, leading to an orgasm. Get something that mainly focuses on the external area of the vagina.

How to use an oral vibrator

To find a wonderful moment with your tongue vibrator, begin solo. Having a solo erogenous adventure is the greatest way to start your tongue vibrator use journey. Set the mood by caressing the body parts you like being touched, licked, or kissed. Begin with a lighter vibration taking the vibrator all over your body, for example, run it over the neck, nipples, chest, and other places that will get you on heat. You can go further by running it over your abdomen, arms, inner, and outer thighs until it turns you on- no area is limited. By this time, be sure your body would have started tingling and exploding to the sensation. Your vagina might have self-lubricated, but it’d be best if you added lube on for more pleasure and sensation. So, apply lube on to the vagina and some on the vibrator’s tip. Then take it down to brush over your vulva. Fortunately, most oral sex toys are made extremely flexible, it can incredibly do wonders all over the labia and vulva region. Try playing around with the various settings on the vibrator. Change the vibration mode and pressure to tune into the feeling that’s comfortable and appealing to your sensations. By doing this, you’d be getting ready to surprise your clitoris with the treatment it deserves. When it gets there, please don’t forget that it’s you in control of all happening. Move it back and forth over the clit as you monitor the speed and vibration intensity. Keep doing this and any other pleasurable thing for that moment until you get to climax. In case it’s a partnered play, you can guide them on what and how it went during your solo experience. Give the guide with more confidence now that you experienced and know how it feels. Using the vibrator, you can begin by teasing one another to get turned on. Apply stroking movements and tracing patterns and find out what feels great for both of you. It all depends on how you both feel about oral vibrators and sex. You can choose to stick to using the oral sex toy stimulator or simply for showing your partner what and how you desire it done.