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Transexual Sex Dolls

Transexual Sex Dolls

Shop Transexual Sex Dolls - Buy Transgender Shemale Sex Dolls

Transexual sex dolls from Peaches and Screams allow you to receive pleasure from both male and female body parts using a single blow up doll.

Transsexual dolls like mid-range, high-end luxury, and entry-level sex dolls are created to keep your orgasms train in motion in your partner’s absence. Sex dolls emerged as the best alternatives to original sex toys that could not make people feel exactly what they want. Since the outbreak Covid-19 pandemic, the world of sex dolls has taken shape, especially in the era of social distance. In some states, this industry endured a rough path. However, with their soft and smooth texture, intense and extreme sexual pleasure is always guaranteed. While people still google to find out if sex dolls are real, the industry has ensured that you get exactly what you miss from your partner. The sex toy comes in different materials and shapes to allow you to choose what works well with your sexual desires. This article explains everything you should know about trans sexual dolls.

What Are Transsexual Dolls?

Transsexual dolls are designed from inflatable material. They feature male and female genital organs to allow both genders to enjoy pleasure. They are made from different materials like silicone, rubber, and polyvinyl to offer you a flesh-like feeling. Moreover, they come in different shapes and sizes to elevate the experience and make it as human as possible. Some dolls can be modified to meet your specific needs and desires.

Transsexual Sex Dolls’ Category

Entry-Level Sex Doll

If your concern is about the features and not the size, this category is your option. These dolls have gorgeous and fabulous features but small smooth bodies.  For instance, they have big pointed boobs with soft nipples ready for your kisses. They are made from different materials like silicone and rubber to offer your skin a flesh-like feeling. Some come necked, while a few are dressed in sexy lingerie. These sex dolls are a stepping stone for newbies who wish to familiarize themselves before going for full-size sex dolls.

Mid-Range Sex Doll

Mid-range dolls are designed to give you unforgettable sexual pleasure coupled with a stress relief option. The dolls are made from different materials like TPE, silicone, and rubber to allow you to choose what works well with your skin. These full-sized dolls come in different styles to help you enjoy your preferred sexual position. They have big tits with gorgeous nipples, succulent holes and realistic penis to help you explore your sexual fantasies. They lack metal skeletons to enhance flexibility for different sex positions.

High-End Luxury Sex Dolls

This category is designed to give you company coupled with intense and extreme sexual pleasure. This adult sex dolls are ready to give you the exact sexual pleasure you get from your real lover. Their succulent mouths, vaginas, and asses have smooth textured interiors to give your cock a gentle touch. The penises are soft and smooth with pointed tips for easy and smooth penetration. They are made from phthalate-free and latex-free materials, ideal for sensitive skin.

Factors to Consider When Buying Sex Dolls 


Satisfying sex comes from what you feel, especially on the skin. If you look for a gentle feeling to your skin, silicon, rubber, jelly, and polyvinyl are the best option. However, if you have sensitive skin, jelly dolls may not be ideal. Thus, start slow to find out if they are friendly before you continue.


The material alone cannot elevate your sexual pleasure. Size also matters, especially if you are a beginner. If the doll is too large, its intimate areas are big. For beginners, small dolls are ideal for a comfortable and an enjoyable game.

Consider the Durability

Some dolls have gorgeous features but do not last for long. The material may determine the durability of your sex toy. Also, go through customer review to know the durability of a sex doll.

Look at the Flexibility

The flexibility of the dolls allows you to enjoy the game in different positions. Choose flexible dolls to allow you to switch to different positions comfortably for better and more enjoyable lovemaking.  

How to Use Sex Dolls

  • Prepare the ambiance for a better and more enjoyable experience, especially for first-timers.
  • You can dress your doll in sexy lingerie to make the best of the night.
  • Warm the doll with a sleeve warmer or wrap her with a warm blanket for 10 minutes before you get into the business.
  • Place the sex doll into the right position before you start the game.
  • Pour enough lubricants on your doll’s intimate areas and lube up yourself too.
  • You message oil if you want to massage her before the penetration.
  • Switch to different positions for endless sessions.

Safety Tips when Using Adult Sex Dolls

After every session, clean the doll immediately to enhance longevity and make it ready for the next session. If your dolls have orifices, retrieve them and clean them separately in hot soapy water and moist cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sex Dolls

Can Sex Dolls Use in Partnered Games?

Since they have all intimate features, these dolls can be enjoyed in a couple's play.

Are Sex Dolls Safe for People with Skin Sensitivity?

Some are made from phthalate-free and latex-free materials to give people with skin sensitivity a comfortable and enjoyable game.


Transsexual sex dolls are designed to give both genders powerful sexual pleasure in a solo or couple play. They are available in different styles, materials, and sizes to give every person fantastic sexual experiences. When cleaned regularly, they can offer you safe, comfortable, and enjoyable sexual pleasure.