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Wedding Stockings


Any woman would gladly tell you that a wedding day is one of her most important occasions in life. It is a day to cherish, and for most, planning starts anywhere from 5 years into teenage years. On top of the obvious glamour, passion, and sexiness of wearing wedding and bridal lingerie that intrigues your partner, every woman wants to look prettier than everyone in the reception crowd. Though most importantly, you have to look pretty and sleek to ensure your groom stays ecstatic from the day he says “I do”. That said, nothing accentuates your sexy legs or complements your beautiful wedding gown like luscious wedding stockings.

Everything from the sexy lingerie under your gown to the stockings that adds more glamour and sophistication to your legs, be sure your partner will die to caress those legs and see what is underneath your bridal gown. Stockings are akin to wrapping your legs like pretty gifts that the grown won't wait to disrobe on your wedding night. Sexy wedding stockings are a must-have piece of lingerie for the occasion and are available in trimmed lace, ribbons, mesh, fishnet, and satin to give you that seductive edge by accentuating your curves and things. If you fancy that extravagant look and glamour on your wedding day, here is your buyer's guide to wedding stockings.

What Are Wedding Stockings?

Wedding stockings refer to soft, close-fitting, elastic, and stretchable garments designed to cover your legs and parts of the thing under your wedding gown. Stockings are lingerie accessories every woman needs to complete her look, add sophistication, and complement her wedding gown. stockings not only intrigue your partner but are the perfect piece of hosiery to accessorize on this special occasion that you will cherish forever.

Wedding stockings come in different designs, colors, fabrics, and transparency, and are great matches for any form of lingerie that women typically accessorize under their gowns, including corsets, panties, bra sets, garters, and suspender belts. Choosing ideal wedding stockings can take what might seem like a lifetime for most women. Understandably so because every woman should look her best on this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Why Use Wedding Stockings?

Regardless of your motivation for wearing stockings at your wedding, here are a handful of reasons why you should use wedding stockings:

  • Wedding stockings ensure you look elegant and comfortable from the inside and outside, and help build anticipation from your partner as he dies to disrobe you on your wedding night.
  • Stockings will wrap, hug, and highlight your luscious curves to not only match but ensure your wedding gown flows flawlessly over your body.
  • Wedding stockings are sensual and downright alluring and represent perfect lingerie accessories to match your gown.
  • Stockings are ideal to match with other lingerie sets, which are guaranteed to boost your confidence.
  • Most fabrics used to make stockings are breathable, so you don’t have to worry about sweating on your wedding day.

How The Different Wedding Stockings Compare

Wedding stockings come in different variations and styles to suit everyone's needs. They vary in aspects such as the amount of leg coverage, thickness, fabric, design, and transparency. However, they offer more than sexiness and feminine seduction. Wedding stockings can be worn in different ways to complement your wedding gown, and here are how they compare:

Garter Hold-Up Stockings

These types of stockings are designed to be secured in place using garters and garter clips. The front and back straps utilize garter clips to secure your wedding stockings from slipping down your things and making you uncomfortable. The garters are often stretchable, and elastic, and the fastening clips are fully adjustable.

Suspender Stockings

Suspender stockings differ from hold-ups because their suspender belts are built into the fabric to create a complete outfit. As opposed to hold-ups, suspender options are perfect if you don’t appreciate the fiddly nature of having to deal with hooks and clips. All you have to do is roll them up your legs and things, and secure them in place using suspender straps around your waist.

Suspender stockings are particularly perfect for weddings as you would have to worry about slippages down your thighs or the occasional wardrobe malfunction. Besides, the straps hug your waist and curves so seamlessly that nothing will protrude and ruin your gown.

Crotchless Wedding Stockings

Nothing is as sensual as a crotchless set of lingerie. The same applies to crotchless stockings. They are typically thigh-high, sleek, and sexy, and they cover the waist, except for the crotchless design that makes everything breathable and easily accessible. With crotchless stockings, you don't have to worry about slipping down on your wedding day because they typically come with strong waistbands that hug your luscious, tender, curves.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Wedding Stockings

A wedding day is a special day in any woman's existence, and because no one dares to ruin that day, women take their time to choose wedding stockings, and indeed all forms of bridal lingerie. That said, bridal lingerie requires that glamour, seduction, and comfort take precedence, but that is easier said than done. Luckily, we have a few handy tips to consider when shopping for your bridal stockings:

The Quality of Fabric

Be sure to experiment and settle for comfortable and breathable fabrics because your wedding day is long. Luckily, most stockings and tights are created from satin, silk, and lace.

The Design and Color

Some stockings offer limited knee-length coverage, while others are thigh-high and come with garters or suspender belts to hold them in place. Regarding color, ensure your stockings match and complement your wedding gown.


Transparency relates to stockings denier range. If you want something as breathable and sensual, go for fishnet designs. However, if your wedding is held during chilly winters, select opaque deniers that might offer some warmth.

Usage Tips

  • As always, have your leg hair and fingernails trimmed before rolling the stockings up your legs and things.
  • Sit on a chair to avoid the awkwardness of stumbling while rolling up your socks.
  • If you don't want to fiddle with garter clips and fastening hooks, opt for suspender stockings with built-in outfit straps.
  • For thigh-high stockings, use wider bands for comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are wedding stockings?

Wedding stockings refer to soft, close-fitting, elastic, and stretchable garments designed to cover your legs and parts of the thing under your wedding gown.

Why should I wear stockings on my wedding day?

Stockings can highlight your sexy legs, wrap you in warmth, and also complement your wedding garments and lingerie.

How should I clean my stockings?

As with any other delicate lingerie and lingerie accessories, always hand-wash as opposed to using machines.

The Bottom Line

All brides want to look stunning, sensual, and extremely seductive more so on their wedding days. Nothing beats the sensuality and sexiness of wearing stockings on such a special day. They are the ultimate pieces of lingerie to not only hug your curves and whatever is underneath but also complement your gown for a breathtaking look.