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  • Zado Leather Harness Uk Size 8 To 12 - Peaches and Screams
    Zado Leather Harness Uk Size 8 To 12 - Peaches and Screams
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    Zado Leather Harness Uk Size 8 To 12

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    Classic fetish one piece made of black leather straps and connecting rings made of steel. With a guidance hook also called vaginal or anal hook. Th...

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    Original Price £236.59
    Current Price £181.99
    Save £54.60
    Only 2 left!

Zado has gained a reputation in the sex toy industry by manufacturing high-quality bondage game sex toys with innovative designs and incredible functionality. This brand is among the leading producers of beautiful fetish wear, and every item from Zado targets to unleash the animal in you. Its items range from chastity belts to pony harnesses with additional features like mouth gags and cock rings. The collection is made from pure leather material that is skin-safe and easy to wear. The common bondage tools manufactured by Zado include:

Mouth Gags

These are the best bondage tools, especially when thinking about silencing your subject during bondage play. The two popular mouth gags are bondage ball gags and penis gags. Ball gags have a round ball that fits in the subject's mouth, secured in place using a buckle strap or band. Penis gags have a penis-shaped dildo that goes in the mouth, sticks out on the front, or both. The dildo is also secured using a cock ring or sturdy leather band.

Types of Mouth Gags

Your choice of mouth gags is determined by the type of bondage play you want to engage in and your preferences. Consider the following variations of mouth gags from the Zado collection;

Bondage Ball Gags

Bondage ball mouth gags are the most common naughty BDSM sex toys and gear. They have a spherical ball that fits the wearer's mouth and is fastened at the back with a strap. The balls are designed to silence the subs and distort their faces, rendering them helpless, which is a turn-on for some masters. The size of the ball ranges from small to large to suit different bondage levels.

Bondage Penis Gags

Penis gags have a protrusion that enters the mouth or sticks on the wearer's front to mimic oral sex. Those with penis-shaped dildos that stick in the sub's mouth restrict the wearer's speech and leave them helpless. The dildo is made of body-safe materials and sometimes flavored for a romantic taste. While some have standard dildos, others have inflatable dildos that increase t size to fit different subs' mouths. They include Black Leather Inflatable Penis Shaped Bondage Gag.

Funnel Mouth Gags

Funnel gags consist of a tube leading to the wearer's mouth. They are mostly used when the master wants to force drinks into the sub's mouth. They are ideal for experienced players; hence beginners should be careful because these bondage game sex toys can easily choke the submissive partner.

Zado Body Harnesses

Wearable bondage is also among the sought-after in the BDSM industry. This collection consists of rings and straps restricting the wearer from moving their body parts, rendering them helpless and submissive to their masters. They are ideal for men and women, and most have additional features like cock rings and hooks to intensify the play.

Types of Body Harnesses

Different body harnesses have unique advantages to the wearer. When buying a body harness, contemplate why and how you want to use it. Here are the common types of body harnesses from Zado;

Strap-On Harnesses

Strap-on harnesses mostly have adjustable straps fitted around the legs, waist, and arms with O-rings in different sections. They also have O-rings used to fit dildos when worn by women. The front O-ring enhances erection for long-lasting penetration or masturbation when worn by men. They include Men's Leather Adjustable Harness with Cock Ring.

Body Harness with Hooks

These Zado light bondage sex toys have an added feature of a hook that fits in the wearer's vagina or butt. They mostly have multi-adjustable straps with buckle closures to fit different body sizes. The hook prevents further vaginal or anal penetration and exerts pressure on the wearer. They include Black Leather Fetish Harness with Dual-Purpose Hook for Pony Play.

Bondage Collars

Playing with your partner's neck is commonly a sign of ownership, especially when gifting them neckless. Imagine taking the excitement in the bedroom by dressing your partner with a bondage collar? Once the collar is wrapped around the sub's neck, they become vulnerable to your commands, and you can lead them in whichever direction you wish. Buy your favorite Zado bondage collar and experience the feeling of sexual ownership.

Types of Collars

Bondage collars are designed to suit various roles and BDSM scenes. When buying a bondage collar, consider how you plan to use it with your partner to create a different sexual environment. The common types of bondage collars include;

Slave Collars

These naughty BDSM sex toys and gears are crafted with easy-to-use and unlimited possibilities in mind. They are mostly made of soft materials like leather and rubber with fastening buckles at the back for suitable fitness. Slave collars also have O-rings or D-rings at the front used to attach other bondage tools like ropes and cuffs. They include Black Leather Collar with Metal Ring for Attachments.

Leashed Collars

These bondage collars have already attached leashes with matching colors and materials. Some leashes are removable if you want to attach your favorite tools.

Bondage Ankle Restraints

Ankle and wrist restraints tease and render the wearers helpless by restricting their movement. Whether you decide to tie your partner on the bed during sexual intercourse or tease them, find the best restraints and use them without hurting your partner. Bondage game sex toys are suitable for beginners and experienced bondage players. They are made from body-safe and sturdy materials like leather, stainless steel, silk ropes, and neoprene. All have adjustable closures, allowing subs to flex their arms during plays comfortably. Bondage ankle restraints from Zado include Black Bondage Ankle Restraint with Silver Chain.