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Zolo has been the leading manufacturer of male masturbators. For men looking for the best sex toys to replace their long-distance girlfriends or fight singlehood, Zolo male masturbators can be great starter-packs to get things hot and fulfilling in the bedroom.

What Are Male Masturbators?

Masturbation was considered a women's topic, as men thought masturbating weakened their manhood. However, with advancements in the sex toy industry, men can now use sex toys for their satisfaction. This has led to the manufacture of exotic male masturbators with features meant to give men extreme stimulation and multiple orgasms. These devices include Zolo masturbator cups. Male masturbators are designed to give men their desired penile stimulation. They have human-like features like the vagina, mouth, or anus for men to experience realistic sensations during masturbation. While some provide hands-on experience, others are motor-powered to provide a hands-free experience with intense stimulation. Order your favorite Zolo masturbators, relax, and enjoy eternal penile vibrations.

Types of Zolo Masturbator Cups

Various Zolo male stimulators give men different intensities and joy levels. These types include;

The Original Zolo Cup

The Original Zolo Cup is the first masturbator produced by Zolo. It introduces men to a new pleasurable experience with a perfect gripping shape and textured inner sleeve. It is controlled by a click-button that is easy to access, giving you a realistic feeling, intense stimulations, and motion lubricant for ultimate pleasure.

The Girlfriend Zolo Cup

This Girlfriend Zolo Cup is ergonomically created with a perfect grip and a ribbed inner sleeve that replicates a woman's vagina. The suction can be controlled by a fingertip control for a customizable fit.

The Personal Trainer Zolo Cup

If you have erectile dysfunction or wish to have a monster erection, buy this Personal Trainer Zolo Cup that will turn you into a bedroom bully. The device has a tight grip with a lifelike textured inner channel. You can control the level of stimulation by pressing the control button.

The Deep Throat Zolo Cup

This Zolo adult sex toy is created for oral lovers. It has a mouth orifice with a ribbed inner sleeve, giving men the blow job experience they have been yearning for. A touch of a button easily controls the tightness of the 'throat.'

The Back Door Zolo Cup

With this Cup that mimics anal pleasure, men can also enjoy the tightness they have been looking for. The ribbed inner sleeve offers the perfect penile massage, while the click-button allows you to choose the best sensations.

How to Choose the Best Male Masturbator

Choosing the best masturbator is usually influenced by your preference. Before buying any Zolo masturbator cup, consider the following factors;

Your Orifice Choice

While some men only enjoy vaginal penetration, others are fascinated with anal and oral sex. Since Zolo offers different orifices to suit various demands, you can buy your favorite opening to enjoy your desired stimulation and fulfill your imagination. Some masturbators have vaginal entrance, while others have butt or mouth opening. However, if you are only interested in the final result, buy neutral entrances.

The Sleeve Sizes

Every man has a unique penis size, meaning enjoying your masturbators depends on the size of the sleeve. If you are looking for a personal trainer, buy a stretching material with an original size smaller than your penis. However, if you are looking for anything to replace a partner, buy an average size that is not too tight or loose on your erect penis. Most Zolo masturbators are designed for average penis size but crosscheck or test different sizes to get your perfect fit.

The Masturbator's Material

Most materials used to make Zolo male mastubartors are soft and stretchy for customizable tightness and sensations. When choosing the material, consider the type of sex lubricant available and the flexibility. For instance, silicone materials are body-safe, non-porous, and hypoallergic but are not stretchable. Masturbators made of PVC and rubber materials need careful maintenance because they are highly porous and challenging to clean.

Vibration Levels

Some Zolo masturbators have vibrating systems while others do not. Furthermore, some Zolo vibrators have a removable bullet, while others have a permanently fitted bullet. Therefore, when buying a masturbator cup, decide between a vibrating and a standard masturbator. Also, check for the available vibration speeds and levels to avoid disappointments when given a masturbator with only one vibration level.

How to Use Male Masturbators

Zolo masturbator cups are crafted to deliver intense stimulations and orgasmic climax. However, for them to last longer and to avoid infections, consider the following safety tips when using male masturbators; Start by assembling the parts and checking if all parts work as described in the manual. When using a suction masturbator, gauge the wall or floor to which you will stick it and test the weight it can withstand. Apply plenty of compatible sex lube to the masturbator and your penis and set into a sex mood by stroking your penis. Gently slide in the masturbator and build up the motion by increasing the thrusting and the vibration levels. When done, clean the Zolo male stimulator with the recommended toy cleaner and dry it with a clean towel. Let it dry completely before storing it in a cool and dry place, preferably in its storage box.