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Have you ever found yourself alone in bed, thinking about the previous steamy sexual moment with your partner? While most people overlook the power of visual aids in their sex life, one can tell that adult media has significance in people's sexuality, especially those in long-distance relationships.


Social media has greatly shaped the overall sexual culture. The increasing acquisition of adult materials through mobile phones, sex magazines, and movies has significantly changed how people engage in sexual activities. Traditionally, sex was carried out by a man and a woman. However, today's sexual world contains different sexual practices, including the LGBTQ community and BDSM kinks. The twist can be attributed to the spread of adult media, which is also linked to various benefits discussed herein. Therefore, if you plan to incorporate media in your sex life, whether single or in a relationship, here is everything you should know.

What Is Adult Media

Infante (2018) stated that adult media is a broad-spectrum term covering magazines, books, movies, slides, or smart devices that record and show images and videos describing and depicting hardcore materials. The term can also refer to erotic videos and images that give sexual arousal and satisfaction. Although adult media has faced harsh critics from various people, including religious folks, it is undoubtedly true that it has established stronger roots in most people's sexual menus. For instance, some couples have admitted that they love watching adult materials together, which gives them heightened arousal and mutual satisfaction.

Best Forms of Adult Media

Adult media or entertainment forms depend on various factors, including the user's preferences and sexual needs, relationship status, and privacy. For example, long-distance relationships can opt for erotic video calls, while single souls may choose adult magazines. That said, here are the main forms of adult entertainment:

Video Chat

Herbenick et al. (2017) explained that erotic video chatting is great for people who wish to have intimate time with those of the opposite sex. The entertainment form involves engaging in steamy erotic video calls with someone from far, including those who have never met. Adult media has no risk involved since people can only show their desired body parts, excluding their faces. The two strangers can also take things further and organize sex meetups, especially after developing high trust.

Adult Magazines

Those looking for private erotic moments can also choose adult magazines. Dewitte et al. (2020) explained that these magazines pack tons of erotic fun to guarantee sexual satisfaction, especially through solo masturbation. The only downside is that the reader may take time before getting satisfied by only reading sex magazines. Also, some magazines may have more images and illustrations than others; hence buyers should research more on the best adult magazines before buying.

Sex Videos

Sex videos are the primary sources of adult entertainment, covering all sexual cultures, including solo masturbation, LGBTQ, and bondage kinks. They provide a wide array of sex ideas such as best sex positions, sex toys, and other bedroom essentials. Coombe et al. (2021) explained that sex videos are available on different platforms, including solo recordings and porn sites. While porn sites are the most used sources, some sites are tagged dangerous and can transmit viruses to computers or smartphones. Therefore, avoiding free adult websites or opting for individual sex pages is advisable.

Sex Texting

Unlike video chatting, sex texting only involves erotic messages between two adults who want to get naughty with each other. Sex chatting can also involve two lover birds who want to tease and flirt with each other or strangers who have not never met before. Also, several apps are now available to provide these chatting services and connect two people from different regions. However, users are advised to hide their identity and only agree to meet when they think it is safe.

Adult Games

The last form of adult entertainment is adult games, which involve consoles, computers, and VR. Although adult games are expensive, they are fun and interactive. Adult games are also innovative, though players may need to incur additional costs such as headsets, stable internet connection, and a group with common goals. Therefore, consider your experience, sexual preferences, and space when going for adult games.

How To Incorporate Adult Media In Your Sex Life

Adding adult media to your sex life can spice and introduce more fun ideas. However, it can lead to various challenges, especially if partners do not consider the following aspects:

Communication Is Key

Before introducing adult entertainment such as magazines and sex videos, always consult your partner and value their suggestions. Jackson et al. (2017) explained that some people are against adult media because they think allowing their partners to watch or read these adult materials can take their positions in the relationship. Therefore, such people need more time to agree and embrace the power of media in their overall sex enhancement.

Choose the Right Form

Numerous entertainment options exist because not all forms will work for everyone. Single people may benefit more from images and videos, while married people may choose video calls and sex chats. People who want hardcore stimulation can also choose sex games and live chatting. Therefore, before settling for any mode of entertainment, always think about its simplicity and privacy.

The Cost of Entertainment

Like any other entertainment mode, adult media also has different prices depending on the form and people involved. Magazine, video calls, and sex chatting are cheaper than adult games. Alternatively, those with more cash to splash can opt for life chatting with porn stars for a hardcore experience.

Trying the Techniques with Partners

After watching and reading adult materials, this can be the right time to try the techniques in the bedroom. You can invite your naughty friends (if you are single) or try what you have watched with your partner. However, remember that these materials are only meant for entertainment; hence, you should be cautious when trying them with partners.

Adult Media Safety Measures

  • As mentioned above, communication is key when introducing any sexual activity. Seek permission from your partner to avoid hurting them emotionally and physically.
  • Please do not overdo it. Excessive watching and reading adult materials can pose a big challenge to your sex life instead of enhancing it.
  • Keep the materials away from children or other family members, especially if you are not living alone.
  • Seek professional advice in case of addiction.

Why Do You Need Adult Media?

As said earlier in the text, Cai et al. (2019) explained that adult media is not meant for children but for adults ready to engage in mature activities. Although media was originally meant for connecting with friends, colleagues, or family members, it has important rules and benefits for adults, especially if they are sexually active. For instance;

It Helps You Keep in Touch

It is an obvious benefit achieved by any group of people using the media. Media provides a great way for partners to keep in touch even if they are miles away. You can connect with your partner any time you want and talk to them however you like, thus keeling the boredom.

Connects People Emotionally

According to Pulido et al. (2020), adult media is a platform that impacts many people’s emotional well-being and relationships. However, that does not mean it affects them negatively. Their posture says that many people have benefited from adult media. The media associated with the platform allows partners to open up to each other about some topics that they may find embarrassing or difficult to talk about face to face. Opening to your partner allows you to build a strong and long-lasting relationship, and all that is thanks to the adult media.

Adult Media Helps People Find Partners

Alexopoulos et al. (2020) explained that many online dating apps are available today. These apps bring together those who have difficulty finding partners or don't have time to chase after their crush. The platform offers you the stage to give out the requirement of the type of partner you would like, and anyone interested in you will get connected to you. It is simple and transcendent. Many people have used the online dating system to get the love of their life without going through many challenges. So, adult media has played a crucial function here.

It Helps Adults Deal with Many Relationships Issues

If you’re having problems with your relationship, there is a way to help you solve the problem while behind the scenes. For instance, you can read about online dating experiences from many people and learn how these people solved these problems. You can use these experiences and stories to craft an efficient way out of your current situation. Moreover, through adult media, you can connect to professional sex therapists worldwide and seek guidance on anything you don’t understand. There are many sex therapists worldwide, but you are not guaranteed to meet them physically but through adult media, this is as easy as flipping your hand. You can also avoid embarrassment and awkward moments when discussing your problems with your therapists.

Freedom To Explore

Adult media will allow you to explore new sexual experiences, which is healthy for couples. Not only does it increase your knowledge, but it also makes you explore more sexual stuff than ever. For instance, you will come across masturbation stuff. It is a sexual act with several physicals, mental, and emotional benefits that you would never have known about without adult media. It is adult media; masturbation encourages people to explore and spend some time to themselves. You will discover unique features you have but never know in these ways. It hales you know more about yourself better, thus knowing what to do t the right time.


There are some taboos and myths that revolve around sex. Many people struggle with it to come out of it. For instance, many people don’t like adult content because of their religion or cultural belief. However, adult media will expose you to it and allow you to experience it, and later you will see that your understanding is subverted. For instance, if you have never explored anal sex but have come across it in adult media, you will be curious, and once you try it, you will realize that the taboos or shame you usually have about such stuff don't affect you anymore.

New Opportunities

Adult media will allow you to discover some newest fantasies and other sexual fantasies that, once you put them into action, you will notice that you have been missing much. These fantasies are impossible to recreate in real life if not for the adult media. For instance, micro philia, a sexual fantasy involving love for giants and is a difficult scene to experience in real life. However, with adult media, this can come true with different dimensions and feel as if they are having sex with the giants as in the fantasies. The new technology also allows people to explore fantasies in new ways. Exploring your fantasies helps you understand more of your features and all that you would like to experience in life. The adult media is a perfect tool to offer you this other than anything else.

Greater Accessibility

When applied in other dimensions, adult media can improve the accessibilities of some partners with disabilities or other complications. For instance, some sexual acts can’t be performed by partners with special disabilities. However, that doesn’t mean they don't need opportunities in life to explore their bodies. Adult media will help them improve their immersion and give them some discovered experiences of the same category of people.

Potential Problems of Adult Media

  • It reinforces unrealistic expectations.
  • It creates an addiction to adult media such as adult films.


Adult media is a broad-spectrum term that covers magazines, books, movies, slides, or smart devices that record and show images and videos describing and depicting hardcore materials. The term can also refer to erotic videos and images that give sexual arousal and satisfaction. Although adult media has faced harsh critics from various people, including religious folks, it is undoubtedly true that it has established stronger roots in most people's sexual menus. For instance, some couples have admitted that they love watching adult materials together, which gives them heightened arousal and mutual satisfaction.


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