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Anal Inflatables Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Anal Inflatables Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

It seems anal penetration is attracting more people than vaginal play. If you wish to experience mind-blowing and fabulous anal sensations, choose giant, huge, vibrating, and remote-controlledanal inflatables that will leave you sexually satisfied.

Anal Inflatables Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Probably, the ratio of anal play to vaginal insertionhas shown a sudden change in recent years, with anal penetration becoming the most loved bedroom game. Every person wishesto enjoy every bit of the anal penetration.For this reason, manufacturers have always introduced new anal toys that come in different shapes, colors, textures, and sizes to allow you to get the perfect one. Some of these advanced toys include anal inflatables, ideal for both butt play novices and experts.

What Are Anal Inflatables?

Döring, (2021) explained that anal inflatables are sex toys created to help you fix your sexual fantasies by inserting them into the anus. They come in different sizes with handpumps to inflate or deflate the dildo while in the session. The tools comprisea penis-like dildo and a pump that can be adjusted for compatibility. They can be used by both gendersand for all kinds of anal play. Various sexual adventures do not work out for everyone. Therefore, anal play is one of the pleasurable things that have made every person achieve their sex goals.

How Couples Use Anal Inflatables

Most of the time, people use anal inflatables on themselves during solo play. However, couples have also adapted the use of these anal inflatables to their partners. They use it during foreplay with their partners to warm the anus and prepare it for penile penetration. Some couples use anal inflatables as a sexual activity to enjoy themselves and see their partner's reaction and how they respond to the feelings brought by the sex toy. Maras, & Shapiro, (2017) stated that some even get turned on just by seeing their partners moaning to the sensations brought by the anal inflatables.

Best Lubes to Use Inflatables with?

According to that Dubberley, (2021), the best lube to use depends on the material that the anal inflatables are made of. You should only use the anal inflatables made from silicone with water-based lubricant. This is because the silicone-based lubricant is likely to interfere with the silicone material of the anal inflatable and may cause some serious damage to it. Since most of them are made from silicone material, it is important to use the water-based lube on the anal inflatables. Individuals should make sure that they use a lot of it because they are not that thick and dry out so quickly.

Why Do You Need Anal Inflatables?

While few people love vaginal sex, anal play involving inflatable toys has several advantages for both beginners, intermediates, and experienced, including;

Intensifying Women Orgasms

Even though vaginal penetration provides sensual pleasure, anal play is well known for adding more orgasms. Whether in a solo play or with your partner, anal inflatables will give a strong sensation without disappointment.

Provide A Highly Inclusive Sensation

Sometimes external play or vaginal sex alone leaves most people dissatisfied. Hence, with anal inflatables, you can ride your anus wild for fulfilled pleasure.

Stimulate the Prostate

Zhang et.al (2021) explained that the prostate or the P-spot is one of the sensitive centers to which many people credit intense stimulation. The expansion of the anal inflatables inside the rectum, stimulates the prostate providing mind-blowing and pleasurable sensations.

Are Best for Beginners

As for the beginners, using anal inflatables help the rectum adjust to steamy real penis penetration. If you are venturing into the world of anal play, start with anal inflatables to explore your rectum for pleasure.

Types Of Anal Inflatables

Vibrating Anal Inflatables

Enjoy extreme and full of vibrations with these incredibly designed anal inflatables brought to offer you multiple orgasms. The tools come in various materials like silicone, steel, or glass for a long-lasting anal play. Moreover, they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to allow you to choose one that can create a romantic impression even before using it. Vibrating anal inflatables have speed control panels for compatibility and easy control of the sensations. Also, they have different powering options to offer unending play. If you wish to spice up your butt fun, these powerful devices are the best choices to pick.

Remote Controlled Anal Inflatable

Remote-controlled anal inflatables are ideal for newbies and experienced users because of their endless possibilities. They have beautiful dildosthat come in different colors with pumps to blow your mind at the push of every button. The dildos are also made from a body-friendly material to enhance more intense fun. Nonetheless, the dildos have smooth and tapering heads for easy penetration. The remote-control option allows you to tease yourself in any position. The devices are compatible with your favorite water-based lubricant for more pleasure. You can use it alone or allow your partner to tease and make you feel all kinds of sensations.

Giant Anal Inflatables

If you are an anal play pro and want to feel a hotter penetration, then these super butt plugs are the right choice for you. They vary in size starting from 11 inches long to make you feel like a king in the bedroom. Beginners should not try these because their anal walls are not yet used to expansion. The tools have dildos that come in different shapes with tapering heads for a steamy thrilling penetration. You can use them in a solo play or with your partner for a stronger sensation.Also, the tools are flexible to allow you to switch to different positions.

Huge Anal Inflatables

Huge anal inflatables are best for those people with huge sexual desires. Are youa pro who wants to experience different levels of anal penetration from the previous one? This option will offer double orgasms on the go. As the name suggests, the tools guarantee huge orgasms that will have you sexually satisfied.They are compatible with other toys like bondage ropes for a new wave of sensations.

How To Buy Anal Inflatables?

There are more points to consider when buying your tool for a stress-free experience. These include;

The Size of The Toy

Preciado,(2019) explained that the size of your anal inflatable will determine the pleasure provided. The tools come in variousoriginal sizes ranging from five to ten inches. Individuals should consider the base and its maximum size to get cool and sensual orgasms. If you are a beginner, a 5-inch dildo is the best for your anus until you get used to the game, then you can choose a bigger one.

The Material

Before buying an anal inflatable, ensure you choose one made from a high-class material for a worry-less experience.Sex therapists recommend silicone material because it is the most body-friendly and easy to maintain.

Consider Your Comfortability

When choosing your anal inflatable, pick one that has a loop or flared base to avoid it from slipping into your rectum.

How To Use Anal Inflatables?

Anal Inflatables Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Start Playingwith Fingers

Since the anal walls are not stretchy enough like the vagina, you can start by using one or two fingers to stretch them. If you feel pain while doing it, stop immediately until the pain subsides.  After adapting to the tool, insert and inflate it by squeezing the pump gently.

Anal Inflatables Safety Tips

Consider Hygiene

Always wash your anal inflatables after every use to maintain the features and durability for better results in all sessions. Cleaning can also prevent the spread of infections like STIs, bacteria, and fungi.

Use Lots of Lubricants

Leite et.al (2021) stated that, unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating. For this reason, start by lubing up the toy and your anal walls with a healthy lube for easy penetration.

Ensure It Is in Good Condition

Before and after parties of fun, make sure that there are no punctures on your anal inflatable. Avoid using unwanted lubricants to prevent damaging the tool.

Frequently Asked Questions about Anal Inflatables

Are Anal Inflatables Safe?

Anal inflatables are always safe when used correctly and follow all the instructions. When using them, you should stop being anxious and be calm. When you are anxious, you are likely to use force and be aggressive. This, in turn, will make you uncomfortable, and while using the anal inflatable, you may experience some pain and may even bleed. If you experience such things, you should inflate the plug immediately and stop using it. To be safe, be sure that you use a lot of lube on the anal inflatables.

Does The Anal Inflatables Cause Allergies?

The most common material that causes an allergy is a sex toy made from latex. The anal inflatables are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction to a person if they are not allergic to latex. The most important thing to have in mind is that if you are allergic to latex, you should find a sex toy that is not made from latex. Do not use a condom made from latex on the anal inflatable as they will make you react.

Can One use Anal Inflatables with My Partner?

You can use the anal inflatables in solo or partnered play. Partnered play is so enjoyable if both of you are so into anal sexual activity. Your partner can help you insert the anal sex toys into your anus, and they will get to see the feeling you give out through the anal stimulations.

Can I Use Inflatable Butt Plugs for Anal Training?

The anal inflatables can also be a good way to train your anus for anal penetration. You can always use them during the foreplay activities to warm up the anus and prepare your anus for the anal penetration. The anus is likely to expand and be comfortable enough to allow the penis to get in without difficulty or pain.

Can an Inflatable Sex Toy Get Stuck?

When the anal inflatables are used properly, they are unlikely to get stuck. Morales et.al (2018) explained that it is common knowledge that you should use a lot of lube on inflatable sex toys. This will help reduce friction and tearing of the anal tissues and even make the whole moment pleasurable. An inflatable sex toy penetrated on the anus with a lot of lube is unlikely to get stuck. When using the water-based lube, be sure to use a lot of it because they dry out so quickly, and the anus does not self-lubricate. When you feel that your anus is getting too dry, make sure to apply more lube to the inflatable sex toy. It is better to use a lot of lube than less. Once you ignore the feeling of getting dry, the anal inflatables are likely to get stuck.

What Are the Risks of Anal Inflatables?

Using the anal inflatables should not cause any risks if you have followed all the instructions and are using them for the intended purpose. If you fail to use lube on the sex toy, it might likely get stuck inside, and you will be at risk. You must always use a lot of lube on the sex toy to avoid the risks present. Check on the anal inflatables that you are using and their type. If it is a silicone sex toy, be sure not to use the silicone-based lubricant on them. They may cause some damage. The best one will be the water-based lube.

Infections are something that one can run away from if you are very hygienic. Do not share the anal inflatables. Also, make sure that they are always washed thoroughly after they are used. This will help to get rid of the probability of bacteria building up on the sex toy. The play will also be more fun with a clean anal inflatable.

When buying the anal inflatables, make sure that they do not have any defects on them. individuals do not buy them as they are very dangerous and may cause a lot of accidents; make sure that the base at the end is flared and that it has a stopper on it so that you can instantly deflate it when you feel any discomfort or pain. This will prevent the risk of it getting stuck or lost inside the anus.


Most risks are caused when one decides to use an inflatable anal toy that is so big, yet they are still newbies to sex toys. It would help if you always started small until you get used to the one that you are using. You can then try the next size if you are okay with the one you were previously using. Make sure that you use one of the right sizes before moving to the next size. 


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