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Anal Probes Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Anal Probes Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

If you think using bigger and wider anal toys is scary, buying these anal probes will be juicier and more comfortable fulfilling your crazy anal desires. These unique toys are ideal for men and women who want to stimulate the posterior part of their pelvic floor muscles.

Anal Probes Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

 As anal play becomes more popular and less taboo, more people are showing interest in tantalizing this erogenous zone. Manufacturers are also inventing new and advanced devices to help stimulate the sphincter and enhance anal orgasms. These tools include anal probes. Therefore, whether you are new to butt play or understand how to play with your backdoor to escalate the fun, you will always find the best device among the numerous probes in the market to match your preferences. Here is an in-depth guide on the best anal probes to buy.

What Are Anal Probes

Most people confuse anal probes and dildos, especially because both versions are designed to penetrate and stimulate the inner parts of the anal canal. However, anal probes are longer and narrower than dildos and are mostly created to penetrate the anus deeply. They also have tapered tips and shafts that graduate in size as you move to the base. According to Bouvier et al. (2020), some anal probes have the same perimeter from the head to the base and are mostly preferred by experts who need equal stimulation along the anal canal.

Anal probes are ideal for beginners due to their slim designs. Although they work similarly to dildos and butt plugs, these variants allow users to customize the pleasure by thrusting in and out or rotating them to give the desired sensations. Most anal probes also have thick necks, unlike butt plugs that have thin necks to allow the anal opening to clamp on them and prevent falling out. Therefore, people love anal probes because they provide various ways to play with them to attain extra fun and kinks and elevate bedroom creativity.

Why Do You Need Anal Probes?

Brusciano et al. (2020) explained that anal probing is the safest and most comfortable way of stimulating your anus and understanding your butt limits. Although the primary reason for buying an anal probe is to feel the deep-reaching anal sensations, you may also need it for the following reasons:

Anal Probes Allow Users to Explore Different Sensations

It is stated that you may not know how it feels until you try it. It means you may not know how it feels to stimulate the inner part of your sphincter until you use the right tool like an anal probe. Anal probes allow you to explore your anal canal from the opening to the deepest end. However, starting slow and inserting only when you are aroused is advisable.

Anal Probes Enhance Vaginal Pleasure

Miranda et al. (2019) stated that anal probes could also alter the width of the vagina when inserted into the anus. It makes vaginal penetration intense and satisfying, especially when playing with your partner.

Anal Probes Are Not Gender-Specific

Anyone with a butt can use an anal probe. Although most newbies prefer using fingers and tongues to stimulate the anus, using anal probes allows them to focus on sensations delivered, both outside and inside the butt canal.

The Best Lubes to Use with Anal probes

Kong et al. (2017) explained that silicone-based lubricants are the best lube for anal sex toys. It is because they do not dry out so fast and are so thick. They also cannot damage the latex condoms as the oil-based lube does. It is important to note that the water-based silicone is also great, but the only problem is that it is not thick enough and dries out so quickly, meaning that you will have to have it in plenty and apply it now then. However, when the anal probes are made from silicones, you shouldn't use the silicone-based lube as it will interfere with the toy and damage it. It would help if you opted for the water-based lube in such cases, and they should be in plenty as they dry out very fast. However, to choose the best lube to use on the anal probes, you should first check on the material that the anal probe is made up of. From there, you can now choose your best lubricant.     

How Couples Use Anal probes

Couples can use anal probes to stimulate their partner's anus.Budkaew et al. (2019) explained that when giving a blowjob, your partner can try and insert the anal probe in your anus. They will get you to have and experience double stimulation, that is, the penile and anal stimulation. The same goes for the other partner. You can lick their clitoris while inserting the anal probe into their anus. They will also experience anal and vaginal stimulation as individuals must be creative. You can also try thrusting in your partner from behind and inserting the anal probe into their vagina. They are going to experience different and intense sensational feelings. You only need to bring out your creative side and develop ways to spice up your sex life with the anal probes and see how interesting your sexual life will improve.

How to Buy Anal Probes

Getting the best anal probe depends on various factors to meet an individual's sexual needs. Here are the vital things to consider when buying your first anal probe:

Buy A Body-Safe Material

Ass probes are made from different materials, including silicone, glass, rubber, and metal. Kapetanakis et al. (2017) explained that silicone is the most preferred for newbies because it is flexible, soft, non-porous, and phthalates-free. These properties make silicone suitable for position-switching and easy to maintain. However, most silicone toys are expensive and not compatible with silicone lubricants.

Glass and metal are also body-safe materials, though a bit heavier and ideal for experienced players. On the other hand, jelly and rubber are soft and flexible materials, although they have phthalates that are harmful to the body. Therefore, when buying an anal toy based on material, always focus on body-safe, non-porous, and easy-to-maintain options.

Choose the Right Size and Shape

Newbies should start with short and slimmer probes before moving to longer and wider options. Expertscan pick larger probes with rounded heads to give extra fullness and deep-reaching sensations. However, whichever size and shape you pick, go for those with flared bases to prevent them from sinking inside your rectum.

Consider Texture

Anal probes can also have various textures, including grooves, bumps, twists, ribs, and realistic veins. These textures aim to increase the stimulation and shorten your orgasmic journey. However, if you want to focus on deep penetration for long-lasting fun, go for smooth probes with no textures.

Check for Extra Features

Extra features such as remote control, vibrating units, waterproof materials, and inflatable probes enhance your creativity and ensure you get the most out of your sex toys. If you want something that does more than penetration, buy a vibrating anal probe with wireless remote control. Also, if you want to feel the sensations while relaxing in your bathtub, buy a waterproof anal probe.

How to Use Anal Probes

Anal Probes Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Thoroughly Clean Your Toys

Always sterilize or clean your toys with the recommended toy cleaner or hot soapy water before and after use to prevent bacterial accumulation. You should also avoid sharing your toys with short-term friends to minimize sexually transmitted infections.

Start with Foreplay

Remember to include foreplay in the mix, whether alone or with your partner. It helps you relax your sphincter muscles and prepare them for the coming penetration. You can start by playing with your most erogenous zones, such as the clitoris, nipples, and perineum.

Don’t Forget an Anal Lubricant.

Shayo et al. (2017) explained that always apply plenty of anal lubricants on the toy and around your butt opening to ease insertion. The lubricant you choose depends on the toy's material and where you plan to enjoy your fun. However, if unsure about the best lubricant to pick, go for water-based anal lubricants.

Start with Gentle Moves

Once ready for penetration, insert the probe gently and start with a slow thrust before picking the pace. If you use a vibrating anal probe, start with low vibration intensity and speed and adjust the settings once you are accustomed to the probing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Anal probes

How Do I Insert Anal probes?

When inserting the anal probes into the anus, you should hold the base and make sure that you are gently pushing the probe inside the anus. Individuals should not use a  lot of force when pushing it in. However, make sure that the wires do not get into the anus. They should be outside the anus. Once you feel uncomfortable or in pain, you should avoid using them. Do not force them on you or your partner if it brings some discomfort.  

What’s the position to Use Anal probes?

Anal probes are meant to stimulate the anus. The best position to use the anal probes is lying down while the pillow is under the anus. It will make you be in a position that will be difficult for you to move, and the anal probe will not be able to come out of the position it was placed. Whatever position you feel is working best for you should be the one you should use. If you are comfortable in any position, be sure to use that position. People are different, and what might work for you does not mean it will work for the other person.  

How Do One Clean My Anal Probe Correctly?

Assefa &Abunna (2018) explained that you should clean the anal probe thoroughly to prevent the build-up of bacteria into it and the possibility of getting reactions from it. To remove the bacteria, you should use an antibacterial spray for cleaning. You can spray the antibacterial spray on the anal probe and leave it outside to air-dry or dry it using a tissue or a clean towel. You can also use warm water and some antibacterial soap on the anal probe. Be sure not to get the wires on the anal probe wet. Be sure to follow the instructions on cleaning the anal probe so that you can increase its lifespan. You do not want to be in a position where you need to buy another anal probe because you could not care for it the best way when you knew all the instructions.    

Can One Use an Anal probe in My vagina?

The anal probe can as well be used in the vagina for stimulation. When inserting it into the vagina, you should ensure that it is not that big and is of the right size. You should not force it inside but rather be gentle while pushing it inside the vagina. Ensure that the wires are not inserted inside the vagina but are rather on the outside. Hold the base of the anal probe while you are gently inserting it into the anus. You should choose a position where you will feel comfortable when inserting it into the vagina so that the anal probe can stay in place and not move about. You can also get creative, let your partner thrust you from behind, and allow them to insert the anal probes into your vagina. This way, you are going to have double stimulation. You are likely to have both anal and vaginal stimulation. Creativity will always bring out different and intense stimulations that you will enjoy in your bedroom. 

What to Do If My Anal Probe Doesn’t Stay In place

If the anal probe is not staying in the right place, you must stop using too much lube, as that is what may be causing the whole issue. Try and minimize the use of lubricants but do not stop using them. Apply some little lube on the electrodes and see if it will get to stay in place. You should try lying down, placing a pillow under your anus, and making sure that your hips are slightly raised to help the probe stay in place. 


Anal probes are gaining popularity in the modern world as most individuals opt for anal sensation. The anal lube is used with different lubes to ease friction in the anus. Individuals should be keen when purchasing anal probes as several aspects and factors need t to be considered to purchase a better anal probe.


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