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Bodies and Playsuits Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Bodies and Playsuits Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

If you are looking for playsuits that fit tightly around your waist and spice up your look, then choose apple body figures, petite, pear, and curvy figures.

Bodies and Playsuits Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Choosing a suitable playsuit that will make you stand out is always a bit tough. While color, material, and decoration make it fantastic, the tightness of your playsuit offers a lot to your look. People have different body sizes and shapes, and everyone wishes to have their figure read in public. Thus, manufacturers have ensured that you do not move from one shop to another, trying every suit to get your perfect fit. It has been simplified as one can search by making this ultimate guide to bodies and playsuits.

What Are Bodies and Playsuits?

Cardoso Filho etal. (2019) explained that bodies and playsuits are versatile outwear designed for those who love the easy breezy simplicity. Theseoutfits come in different colors, shapes, and sizes and are made from attractive materials to provide a stunning look. They can be put together within minutes with a unique style covering you from top to bottom. The garments are rapidly becoming one piece of choice for ladies who want their natural waists to be hit.

Why Should One Wear Bodysuits and play Suits?

The best thing about bodysuits is that you do not have to tuck and untuck them like the tops, blouses, or t-shirts. You also get rid of the bulky clothing on the waistline and the annoying creases after you tucked them in. They also make layering not hard but easy. They are so simple; thus, easy to pair them up with any clothing. You can put on a sweater, blazer, and a jacket over the bodysuit, and you will still look classy. They also flatter your curves the best way they know, making you look very fine. They are body-hugging and support you by showing off your curves.

Different Types of Bodies and Playsuits

Apple Body Figures

For those who love something adjustable and want to move around comfortably, get these wonderful apple body figures that come in multiple choices. For instance, you will get them in different colors and sizesto allow you to get one that works perfectly with your body. They come with properly fitted stretchy panties to give you comfort.Still, you can avoid tight-fitting and get readily available loose-fitting playsuits that sit around your midsection to leave your derriere shaped and sculpted amazingly.

Petite Bodies and Playsuits

Saint-Loubert (2017) stated that petite garments would make you feel like staying in them throughout, even when the time for bed is right. This type is the best option for those with the tiniest bodyframes. They have fine detailing at the top and fantastic silhouettes with little shape. Petite cinch in at the waist to provide a nice and comfortable look. They have spaghetti straps and corsets to show off your petite frame perfectly. You can pair them with your favorite heels to give your lean figure an attractive power.

Pear-Shaped Bodies

According to Lalchhandama (2020), for those ladies who want to show off their cleavage perfectly, then pear is the best option to bank on. These super bodies and playsuits come in contrasting colors on the top and bottom to complete the gorgeous look. The light colors with openings at the breasts center will draw attention to your sexy cleavage. With a cock-bottle silhouette, tight-up top, and tapered shape around the ankles, this type will not flaunt your envious curves.

Curvy Bodies and Playsuits

Are you a curvier lady who wishes to wear something with a defining waistline? Chose curvy figures, which is the key to attracting any man who sets their eyes on you. These bodies and playsuits create a perfect hourglass figure. They come in different colors and have corsets with a deep-v and sleeves to fit big tits women perfectly. Moreover, they have amazing lines of clean-cut silhouettes to make you stand out.

Factors to Consider When Buying Bodies and Playsuits

Body-Safe Material

Material is always important when choosing any piece of garment, especially those meant for playing. You are made to feel comfortable in every bit of movement when the material is body-friendly. You can consider nylon or polyamide material to offer you a comfortable feeling. Avoid shiny fabrics because they give little comfort.

Right Size

Li (2020) explained that size is another crucial factor when searching for a perfect playsuit. While some ladies consider tight-fitting, a few choose loose playsuits because they have no good assets. However, it is important to select something slightly looser to allow you to move without your body constricting it.


Color is a great deal of looking amazing that you should consider when buying your playsuit. Try something that compliments your skin tone to avoid going too bold. Also, consider theeventthat drives you to buy the suit. For instance, red is valentine's color; hence, any other color from this will ruin the day.

Go for Sleeves

Most women love wearing playsuits and adding other accessories to cover their arms. You can go for sleeves playsuits to avoid killing its attractive power with other accessories.

How to Wear Bodies and Playsuits

Bodies and Playsuits Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

  • Pair your playsuits with a blazer. Adding a blazer to your outfit will give it some personality. When choosing a blazer, consider one that goes with the current occasion and enhances the playsuit.
  • Pair wide legs playsuits with heels. Wide-leg playsuits will make you appear short, but pairing with heels adds you some centimeters. Avoid wedges, clogs, and thick heels when your playsuit is light and airy.
  • If you are a little daring, consider wearing playsuits with a bright color or polka dots.
  • Avoid too loose playsuits that will completely lose your figure
  • Cinch your playsuit at the waist by adding a beautiful beltto add femineity to your look.
  • Feel free to wear your playsuits for formal occasions.
  • Pair white playsuits with navy heels and cinch the waist with a sparkly belt.
  • When carrying a handbag, ensure that it fits your playsuit. For instance, black goes with a white suit.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bodysuits and Play Suits

What Is the Best Material for Bodysuits?

GABARDO etal. (2017) explained that the best material for a bodysuit is always the one that can stretch as they are very tight and body-fitting. This will make them comfortable while wearing it. When you get a bodysuit that can stretch, it will be very comfortable on you, very fitting, and also easy to pattern for.

Can One Get plus-size Body Suits?

There are different styles of plus-size bodysuits, and they come in different sizes. However, they are in different materials as many manufacturers do not make them. They may lack the type or color you want, but you may still get the one that can fit you. The good thing is they are now very much available for plus-size women. 

Can One Wear A Bodysuit and Playsuit Outside?

Some bodysuits look like lingerie that can be worn outside and accentuate your figure. Some can be paired up with jeans and a blazer to cover it up. You will look classy and sexy at the same time. There is lingerie that looks like a bodysuit that can be worn outside and will still look good on a lady. The great thing about wearing them outside is that they cannot give you the worry of tucking them in or out, and also, they do not show some bulk of clothes on the waistline. 

How Can One Accessorize a Body Suit?

Bodysuits can be worn as a layering piece or even when making a fashion statement. You can accessorize them with great pieces like a simple necklace. The best thing about the bodysuits is they can be styled up with any clothing. You can pair them with official pants or skirts, casual clothing like shorts, jeans, and even skirts. They can go well with any bottom clothing, be worn on any occasion, and still look classy.  

Can A Washing Machine Wash a Body Suit?

It is best not to use a machine to wash your bodysuit as they should be hand washed. This is because the washing machine's high temperatures may alter the bodysuit's structure and even interfere with the elasticity. You should wash it with cold water and make sure that the soapy detergent feeling is rubbed evenly onto the bodysuit and left for about thirty minutes. Rinse well after it has soaked well and get to press out all the excess water from it.    

Are Body Suits Stretchy? Can One Size Fit All?

Bodysuits are very much stretchy, but they come in different sizes. Just because they stretch, it does not mean that they are one-size-fits-all. You are likely to fit into one even though it is not your size, but it will still be uncomfortable for you, and you may alter the structure of the bodysuit and it may interfere with its shape. It is always recommended that you get one of your sizes to complete and flatter your curves very well. 

Can a Body Suit Make Me Appear Smaller?

A bodysuit makes one feel and look slimmer and smaller. It makes you feel like you have a smaller waist, appearing smaller. It also makes you feel curvy as it flatters your curve in ways you never imagined.

Care Tips and Maintenance for Body Suits

While washing the bodysuit, be sure to be soft on the fabric. Do not wash it using too much force and rough as it may lose its structure and elasticity. Avoid washing it in a washing machine. The high temperatures are likely to interfere with the structure, and it may lose its shape and elastic feeling. It would help if you always hand-washed it with cold water and soap. If you use warm water, ensure the water is not more than 40 degrees. Do not use bleach on the bodysuits.

Safety Tips

  • Do not wear too tight playsuits as they will make you uncomfortable.
  • When sharing your playsuit,remember to wash it before wearingto prevent skin infections.
  • Ensure the playsuit does not touch the ground while walking to avoid tearing and accidents.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Bodies and Playsuits

It is advisable to hand-wash Playsuits to make them more durable. Machine washing your outfit may damage the fabric's structure and eventually reduce the outfit's elasticity. When washing your playsuit, use mild detergents and avoid using bleaches.


Every woman wants to look attractive and outstanding every time she is in public. The desire has kept them on their toes,trying to find something that can expose their curves perfectly. Even those without enough assets wish to highlight their slimness and satisfy themselves. It may not be easy when choosing the best outfit that matches your body. Your playsuit can give you confidence throughout the day, but you may look shorter, chubbier, and un-stylish if worn wrongly.However, this articlehighlights thetipsto help you select the best playsuits to surprise the world with your stunning look.


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