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Chemises & Baby Dolls Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Chemises & Baby Dolls Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Often mistaken for a mini-dress, a chemise can be long or short, but offers a snug and body-skimming fit. Baby dolls, on the other hand, are less body-hugging, and usually hit mid-thigh, or somewhere below the booty. Chemises and baby dolls are sexy outfits, almost look similar, and are quite popular with women for night-outs and nightgowns. Further, both are ideal choices for pear-shaped divas. For those looking to adorn these sexy outfits, herein is a buying guide to chemises and baby dolls.

Chemises & Baby Dolls Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Chemises and baby dolls are two common, popular, sexy, and fashionable lingerie nightgowns or sleepwear that come in a variety of designs, colors, and styles. Their resemblance means most women aren't even quite sure how to tell which one is which. They are similar in that their design is intended to offer comfort as well as a sexy look. However, there are subtle identifiers that make both unique. Let's take a closer look into chemises and baby dolls and highlight everything you need to know.

What are Chemises and Baby Dolls?

Chemises and baby dolls are sexy, sleeveless nightgowns or sleepwear resembling a mini-dress. The main difference between the two is that a baby doll is shorter than a chemise and it slightly hits below the booty. Both pieces are designed to offer comfort and deliver a sexy or romantic look. According to Harrington (2018), chemises were worn directly under the skin. Some styles on the current sleepwear market are even designed to double up as lingerie.

Chemises and baby dolls are women's undergarments and can be used as mini-dress to help you sleep comfortably. Kealy-Morris (2018) explains that a chemise resembles a mini-dress. Moreover, it is more body-hugging. A baby doll, on the other hand, reaches mid-thigh or somewhere below the butt.

Why Should I Wear a Chemise and Babydoll?

Chemises and baby dolls may be worn in the bedroom as they are very comfortable. The great thing about these clothing is that they are sexy and can be worn by any person, no matter the size. They can be worn to seduce your partner, and they will get turned on. The good thing is that they come in different colors and designs, making you spoilt for choice. Chemises and baby dolls will do the trick if you plan to bring some sexiness into the bedroom. 

The Different Types of Chemises and Baby Dolls

There are several types of chemises and baby dolls. They include:

V-Neck Babydoll Sleepwear Strap Chemise

This sexy lingerie for women comes with a fully asymmetrical hem to highlight your elongated legs, and the chemise has adjustable spaghetti straps to fit seamlessly. These types of chemises are fitted with adjustable front closure styling that highlights your bump, and the straps will not tightly bind your belly. They are perfect for occasions like the honeymoon, Valentine’s Day, and hot nights.

Full Slip Chemise and Baby Doll Nightdress

These types of chemises and baby doll nightgowns feature floral lace cups, bow decorations, side split designs that reveal elongated legs line, and adjustable spaghetti straps to offer the perfect fit. The style is perfect as a full slip nightdress lingerie or as bridal lingerie on a honeymoon. It is best used on occasions such as bridal showers or can be offered as a gift for Valentine's Day or bridal gift.

Backless Chemise and Baby Doll with Garter

These types of chemises and baby doll lingerie come with a garter belt, and their unique design complements perfectly with their soft, 95% polyester and 5% spandex fabrics. The backless chemise and baby doll lingerie feature deep V cups, laced trims, bodice, crisscross straps on the back, adjustable shoulder straps, matching panty, and adjustable garter belt straps. Like any garter lingerie, these backless chemise and baby dolls with garter are perfect for wedding nights, Valentine's Day, Bridal gifts, bedroom play, honeymoon, among other special occasions.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Chemises and Baby Doll Lingerie

Both chemises and baby dolls are sexy and ideal lingerie options for nightgowns. They are both characterized by straps, but may differ widely in terms of size, construction, accentuated details, and on other parameters. However, if you are having trouble deciding on which one to buy from the store, here are facets to put into account.

Look at Your Body Type

A person's body type should be a key factor when looking at what chemise or baby doll lingerie to buy. According to Dosh (2012), your body type should match the lingerie. These nightgown lingerie looks similar but fits your body differently. A chemise, for instance, hugs your body more tightly than a baby doll. Ultimately, the style you choose will significantly be influenced by your body type and as well as what you are looking to achieve.

One thing for sure is that a chemise will be more flattering than the baby doll. According to Jantzen, Østergaard, & Vieira (2006), sexy lingerie essentially helps women show off their femininity. If you want your curves to manifest as they are, a form-fitting style such as chemise will be ideal. Baby dolls, on the other hand, fit loosely and are likely to conceal your tummy and waistline.

Consider the Intended Purpose

As mentioned earlier, chemises and baby dolls are designed to elicit a sexy look or simply for comfort. Therefore, before you make a purchase, think about what you are looking to achieve with these pieces of nightgown lingerie. Are you looking for the sexiest chemise? Do you plan to wear it occasionally? Ultimately, your choice should be driven by the motivation behind your purchase and how you plan to use it. If you plan to use it as your primary pajamas every night, then comfort should be prioritized above everything else.

Buy a Body-Safe Material

The fabric of the lingerie matters. You might stumble upon a sexy piece of chemise but the material isn’t ideal. The itchy or irritating type of material on your skin should be avoided. Don’t mask discomfort in the name of beauty.

How to Use Chemises and Baby Dolls

  • Ensure the moment is right
  • Like any form of lingerie, sexy undergarment, or nightgown, comfort is key. Therefore, get your priorities right concerning the occasion.
  • If your goal is to look sexy, it doesn’t hurt to use other accessories alongside your chemise or baby doll lingerie.
  • Select accessory (panties and bras) colors appropriately to elevate your appearance.

Chemises & Baby Dolls Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Safety Tips

  • Most lingerie pieces are made from soft silk or satin material. So, be gentle because these fabrics are delicate.
  • It is recommended to handwash your pieces of lingerie, as opposed to using a washing machine.
  • When stained, soak into lukewarm water and mix with mild detergent before rinsing it off.
  • Don't use the dryer in the washing machine because the scorch of the heat can degrade the fabric of your chemise or baby doll. Besides, excessive squeezing and machine motions can break down the lingerie fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chemises and Baby Dolls

Which Is the Best Material for Chemises and Baby dolls?

The best fabric for baby dolls is usually a light material made of sheer such as chiffon. The best material that is great for chemise is silk or satin. These materials are preferred because they are so light and comfortable on the skin. According to Singh (2014), choose a good quality lingerie over brand names 

How Can I Accessorize My Chemise and Baby doll?

Chemise and baby dolls can be worn in different ways. If you are wearing them in the bedroom, wear some sexy undergarments. Put on a bra and a G-string, and complete the whole look with some sexy heels or stilettos. This will build your confidence in the bedroom and turn your man on and make them want to see the whole thing beneath the clothes. According to Ringrose, Tolman & Ragonese (2019), your confidence makes you look seductive. They will get to drool and salivate on the sight you've put in front of them. 

Try and wear them outside and make a fashion statement. Get some leggings or jeans and make them look sexy and classy in the same way. The great thing about these looks is that you may look sexy and, at the same time, classy depending on how you pull it off.   

What Colors of Babydolls and Chemises are Available?

Baby dolls and chemises exist in so many colors that one is always spoilt for choice. Retailers have come forward to make chemises and baby dolls with different colors to make one bring the color in the bedroom. The great thing is that the different colors come with different designs that you will love to see on your body. So if you are interested in aesthetic beauty, the colored chemises and baby dolls will be great for you.

Can I Wear a Baby doll and Chemise Outside?

The great thing about a chemise and the baby doll is most of them are short. This means they can be worn with anything below them and still look good. They can also be worn outside instead of being in the bedroom every time. You can put on tights or even some jeans and make a fashion statement with them outside. Try and pair them up with a denim jacket and some leggings and heels, and you will look chic and classy. 

Are There plus-size Chemises and Baby dolls?

Baby dolls and chemises are not only made for women with small bodies. They exist in different sizes, no matter how big one is. The plus-size women can also get their fit in any color and design they would love and still look chic and sexy in them. They will feel comfortable in them, and they will also get to show off their curves in the chemises and baby dolls without even the intention of them being seen. Try and get a lingerie that is comfortable, as stated by Egger & Walter (2019).

What are the Different Ways to Wear Chemises and Baby dolls?

Baby dolls and chemises can be worn in so many different ways. They can be worn in the bedroom while trying to get your partner in the mood. You can surprise them by wearing one they have never seen you in or even the one they love the most. The good thing about wearing them in the bedroom is that they show off your body and the curves and leave little detail to your imagination, especially if you have not worn anything beneath them. Your man will want to touch you as they drool on sight in front of them.

You can as well wear them outside the house. It all depends on how you wear them. Since most of them are short, you can always try and pair them with some tights, leggings, or even jeans. You can also put on a leather jacket or denim jeans on top of the chemises and baby dolls. Complete the look with either some flats or heels, and you will see how chic, classy and sexy you look.

Can I Machine Wash My Chemise?

Chemises and the baby dolls can either be hand washed or machine washed. It all depends on what you prefer. When you use the machine to wash the chemise, make sure that you put it in a lingerie bag with not more than 40 degrees. Do not mix the colors. Make sure that you wash them separately.

How to Store My Baby doll and Chemise

When storing the baby doll and chemise, make sure to put a lining below them. This will prevent the baby doll and the chemises from getting snagged by the wood inside the drawer. When hanging them, make sure that you use a padded hanger so that they may not get pricked by the metal hangers and destroy the whole fabric since it is very light. You can also have some compartments that are mainly meant for storing the baby dolls and the chemises alone. It will be easier to get to them and not destroy the fabric while looking for them when mixed with the other clothes. 


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