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Finger Vibrators Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Finger Vibrators Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

A vibrator is described as a massager. It is a sex toy used to produce sexual pleasure and stimulation in the body. Vibrators come in different shapes and modes. Some may be electrically powered while others are battery-powered. Nevertheless, vibrators can be used for both partnered play and solo play as well. They are applied to the erogenous zone such as clit, vagina or vulva, penis, and scrotum for stimulation. Women with difficulty getting to orgasm through intercourse are recommenced by a sex therapist to use vibrators.

Finger Vibrators Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

The finger vibrator is a hand-held, small sex toy used for targeted clitoris stimulation. It is small and portable, and can also be used as a dual stimulator during a sex game with your partner. A finger vibrator is a perfect choice for beginners venturing into sex toys. The device is available in different designs such as knobbed or smooth, depending on the perfect taste that suits your need. This is the perfect toy for you since finger vibrators don't look like a real penis even though they are non-phallic. It is also good food for those who value their privacy with adult toys. They come in different various styles and shapes either for adding a little texture or wearing on your finger like a thimble.

Common Features of a Finger Vibrator


Most finger vibrators come in various bold colors such as pink, blue-purple, and black. Some have sophisticated colors like teal that make them timid and attractive. The sparkling color will make you fall in love with this finger vibrator at first sight. They are curved to slide over your fingers easily to allow rippled stimulation whenever you are stimulating yourself. You will stimulate the clitoris efficiently with curved vibrators, unlike using other vibrators such as a magic wand.


Many finger vibrators have internal batteries that need to be reached for use. That makes it convenient to use it if it has sufficient power. A person needs a USB cable and power source to recharge any finger vibrator. The finger vibrators need a low current to charge. Therefore you can charge it using a power bank or laptop. 


The finger vibrators are made with unique technology to prevent water from seeping inside. This feature makes cleaning any other maintenance practices that involve liquids easy. Moreover, it also makes it convenient to use the toy in an aquatic environment such as a bathroom or swimming pool for pleasure. However, if you love to play wet, the finger vibrators are a good start for you.

Powerful Vibrations

Vibration is the main aspect of finger vibrators. Although all of them vibrate to give you pleasure, the degree of pleasure varies from one finger vibrator to another. Some may have powerful vibration intensities, while some have low-intensity vibrations. However, having low-intensity vibes does not mean that it is not pleasurable. You must know that the clitoris or other erogenous zones such as nipples have sensitive nerve endings, and stimulating them slightly gives you pleasure. However, there are some vibes with several levels and modes of vibrations; you can choose the one that suits your taste of pleasure and go with it during your session.

Pleasurable Settings

These are the settings you use to control the toy for self-pleasure. Most finger vibrators have different settings that can range from level one to ten. The higher the level of setting, the more pleasurable the finger vibrator. 

Charging Time

Most finger vibrators are rechargeable. The average period a finger vibrator takes to charge fully is less than one hour. Whenever your finger vibrator loses charge, you can always connect the charger and wait for some minutes before continuing with your play. A finger vibrator can continuously serve you for two or more hours when it's fully charged. This is a lot of time for endless pleasure, and you will explore your erogenous zones however much you want.


Finger vibrators are amongst the most discreet sex toys in the sex toy world tanks to their small sizes. Some of them may look like single-hand gloves, and someone will find it hard to connect them with a finger vibrator. Their elegant appearance makes them look like decorations rather than sex toys. Their discreetness makes them a good traveling partner; you can use them to pleasure yourself at any time without the need to worry about someone discovering your activities.

Why Should You Use a Finger Vibrator?

  • The motors are quiet; hence you will have uninterrupted pleasure.
  • The buzzing stimulation that comes from the toy enhances foreplay.
  • The gentle vibration is good for ladies with a sensitive clitoris.
  • It is an excellent nipple stimulator for both ladies and gentlemen.
  • Men can use it for scrotum stimulation and ladies for perineum stimulation.
  • Add excitement to boring love life.
  • They are discreet and don't look like sex toys.
  • Their small size is easy to hide it away from people's access.
  • Heps ladies with dry easily produce natural lubrication.

Types of Finger Vibrators

Dame Finger vibrator

These women-owned products are versatile enough to use in multiple ways. You can either slide them between your fingers without stability or with the tether stability. Position the fan on the top side of your finger for a tactile sensation on your partner's sensitive spot such as the clit and nipple. The activity will turn your finger into vibration conduct.

Thorn Double Finger Vibrator

These are the staple of sensation play that comes with a spiked wheel at the end. The spikes create a pleasurable prickly sensation when rolled along the body, waking up your nerves and making them tinkle magnificently. The classic wheel is taken by the finger pinwheel and plopped onto the end of the two-pronged ring when using them. These will make the inaccessible pleasure with the hand to be immobility accessible.

Rechargeable Finger vibrator

These silky silicone purple finger vibrators come with rechargeable batteries. They are cheaper as they save money that would be used to purchase a new battery. These finger vibes are made of silicone material that makes them non-porous, flexible, and firm; hence, they can be used at any suitable position of your finger. These amazing sex toys will make you shiver everywhere by offering you explosive orgasms and they can be used in the bathroom due to their 100% waterproof ability.  The vibrators come with two motors for providing double sexual stimulation and have 6 different speeds and functions for varied stimulation

Basic Finger Ring Vibrator

The basic vibes come with one speed and can be used for a solo session or with your partner. Slip the vibrating ring on your or your partner's finger when using it. Power on the vibrator and place it in your most sensitive erogenous zone. The vibrators come with an irreplaceable battery that can only run for 30 minutes before the power runs out. Also, they are made of silicone water-proof material that makes a perfect choice for use in the bathroom. The basic ring vibes are the best finger vibrators for a newbie.

Fun Factory Finger Vibrator

Fun Factory vibes come with irreplaceable inbuilt batteries that last for about 60 minutes, giving you pleasure before they are recharged again. They add a sweet orgasmic element to the simple traditional ones of intimate touching. These vibes come with 5 different vibration modes and feature a dual-motor, making you reach new heights of pleasure. They are coated with soft silicone material that makes them more pleasurable when coiled in between two fingers. They are also equipped with a locking function, making them portable and can be used in the bathroom since most are made of waterproof materials.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Finger Vibrators

Power and Runtime

What differentiates vibrators is the type of power it generates and the way it is powered. Power is a constant aspect of all vibrators. Consider if you need the one with in-built batteries or replaceable batteries before choosing the right vibrator for yourself. The replaceable battery-powered sex toys are perfect for you if you are a fan of traveling or if you don't have easy access to electricity. Their runtime varies according to battery capacity.  A vibrator with at least 30 min to 90 min can be a perfect one for finger vibrators. According to Bardzell & Bardzell (2011), consider the smell of the sex toy and grip as they may influence your pleasure.

Material Used

Ensure the material used on a vibrator is firm and flexible. Rigid materials like stainless steel, glass, and metals are considered the best since they are body-safe, easy to clean, and do not harbor toxic bacteria. However, if you need flexible and smooth materials, go for medical-grade rubber and jelly materials. The sex lubricant you choose depends on the toy's material.

Vibration Pulsations and Speed Patterns

Some finger vibrators come with a one-speed pattern, while others have as many vibration patterns depending on how naughty you need them. Brandt (2011) advised that beginners can start with finger vibrators with a few vibration pulsations and speed patterns.  Sex toy pros can buy vibrators with more intense vibration speeds and pulsations.

Is the Toy Waterproof?

Waterproof vibrators can withstand water splashes since they have waterproof compartments. This allows a partner to play with them in the bathroom without damaging the internal components. However, it is recommended to consider how deep the toy can go inside water before taking it in the shower or bathtub.

How to Use a Finger Vibrator

Finger Vibrators Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Basic Method for Beginners

  • All the steps are easy to flow, and you won't find anything confusing.
  • Lay the finger vibrator over the clitoral hood. The curved part should face the vaginal entry.
  • Lift your hand slightly and push the tip of the finger vibrator into the vagina.
  • Remove the tip from the vagina slowly while maintaining the pressure and slide it over the perineum.
  • Press the finger vibrator in the perineum and insert the tip of your thumb finger into the vagina.
  • Slide the finger vibrator to the clit using rocking motion movement and repeat the process.
  • Maintain that sensual flow and the rhythm while performing the process countless times.

Advanced Technique

An advanced technique is a creative method that stimulates a lady's two hot erogenous zones, like the clitoris and the G-spot, as Conradie (2011) noted. The clitoris gets pressed between the vibrator and the thumb finger in this magical technique. The pressure from both the finger and the vibrator produces buzzing stimulations and creates powerful arousal. Use the following tips to achieve the feat:

  • Insert the finger vibrator into a wearing digit such as a dildo and push it into the vagina until it aligns with the clitoris.
  • Pinch your thumb and the toy together, pressing the toy in the middle.
  • Slightly tilt your arm downwards and move your hand upwards to contact the most sensitive hits spot – the G-spot.
  • Massage the G-spot for at least thirty seconds with your fingers while your thumb still presses against the clitoris and the tip of the finger vibrator, as Chalker (2018)
  • Repeat step 4 above numerous times rhythmically and slowly and experience the sensations.
  • You can move the thumb in a circular motion while massaging the clitoris and ricking your hand for more pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Finger Vibrators

Are Finger Vibrators Beginner friendly?

The toy has nothing complicated. Following the method described above, you can use it to your benefit.

What Lubes Can I Use with Finger Vibrator?

It is not advisable to use lubes with finger vibrators. Keep the toy's tip stuck to your clitoris without sliding for more pleasure. Friction is needed when using a finger vibrator hence no need for lubes.

Can I Use a Finger Vibrator for Anal Sex?

Arnold (2020) suggested that a person could use a finger vibrator for stimulating the sphincter muscles. should not return it to the clitoris before cleaning and disinfecting.

Is a Finger Vibrator Satisfying? Can I Orgasm When Using it?

Finger vibrators are highly effective and will make you orgasm within a short time.

How Do I Clean My Finger Vibrator?

Use warm water and toy cleaner to wash, then wipe it dry using a towel. Store it well away from interruptions. 

The Bottom Line

The emergence of different vibrator styles and shapes can turn your finger into a pleasurable tool to tease your most erogenous zones. Buy small but powerful finger vibrators and enjoy private masturbation if you need to relax in your bathtub while feeling some buzzes on your clit or nipple. However, consider how and where you want to use your vibrator and your privacy when buying it. 


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