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Fist Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Fist Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Fisting is becoming popular with people trying the activity to satisfy their sexual desire. Buying a fist dildo such as a silent duck, the prayer hand, and the fist dildo is what you need if your partner is not around to help you fulfill this crazy sexual fantasy.

Fist Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

A finger inside the butt or vagina may feel good but have you ever thought of inserting two, three, or the whole hand? Most people find it pleasurable to fist themselves but you can invite your partner and convince them to give you that incredible finger fucking you have been yearning to have. Fist dildos help to fight limits as they feature a bigger and broader size that is not common to other sex toys. Fist dildos develop intimacy between couples as they will be whispering sweet words or giving each other sweet massages paring them psychologically for the next task.

What Is A Fist Dildo?

Some people fear trying fisting as they term it taboo. Due to such reasons, there was the invention of the first fist sex toy used for masturbation, helping such people hide their sexual fantasies from the public. Fist dildos are hand-shaped sex devices created to mimic the penetration of a real hand. These dildos feature different sizes, materials, and shapes giving you a wide option to choose the one that perfectly suits your desires.  According to Ritchers et al. (2006), fist dildos are ideal for anal and vaginal stimulation. Fist dildos are usually made from a rigid material. Fisting is only meant for the advanced individuals but that does not restrict the newbies from having a taste of it. Be careful when using fist dildos for the first time for it may be accompanied by pain, tear, and discomfort.

Types of Fist Dildos

Classification of fist dildos is based on the shape of their head. Different girth and tips mean different sensations produced. Some fisting dildos are discussed below.

The Silent duck's Fist Dildos

The silent duck fist dildos are ideal for beginners since they are easy to use as the insertion and removal require little or no skill. These are standard fist dildos that feature one hand with a straight finger shape that mimics a duck's beak.

The Prayer Dildo

These types of fist dildos are meant for advanced users and feature two hands with open fingers joined together to resemble that of a real praying hand. Examples of the prayer dildos available on the market include the black massive double dildo.

The Fist

These fist dildos are for intermediate users who need something bigger than the silent duck dildo. They can be used by newbies and feature clenched fingers making a round shape. The fist dildos will explore the sweet spots of a pussy or anal opening due to their size.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Fist Dildos

Material Used

Fist dildos are made from different materials including rubber, jelly, latex PVC, silicone, and TPR. The reason why these materials are highly preferred in the making of the first dildos is that they are pliable, squishy, and smooth, offering an almost realistic feeling during insertion. These materials have different characteristics and maintenance needs, making some superior to others.

Silicone-based dildos are skin-friendly and easy to clean although they react with silicone lubes. Naik (2021) stated that rubber, jelly, and PVC dildos may encourage bacteria since they are porous. Latex offers a raw feeling during penetration and it is also waterproof but tends to cause allergies to people with sensitive skin. You need to spend much of your quality time cleaning any dildos (despite the material made from them) before inserting them into your body.

Size of the Dildo

Fist dildos are manufactured in varying girth and length; however, they are designed to represent an average human fist.  Some feature a slim shaft with a thicker shaft and longer insertable length while others have a shorter insertable length. Go for slim and shorter fist dildos if you are learning how to use sex toys. The advanced or intermediate can go for a larger fist that provides a comfortable penetration.

The Shape of the Tip

Fist dildos feature different tip designs; some have clenched fist shapes while others are stretched fingers with thumbs curved inside the palm. You need to start from the stretched fingertips before advancing to the clenched ones if you are a newbie. Stretched straight fingers are easier to insert and remove than a clenched fist.

How to Use Fist Dildos

Fist Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Using fist dildos requires much attention and care, unlike other sex toys. This helps a person not to tear a pussy or the anal opening.

Apply Lube

Consider getting the right lube regardless of whether you are using fist dildos or your own hands. According to Taormino (2006), you could consider a thicker anal lube or fisting gel when fisting. The application of lubricant will ease up the penetration of the first dildo. Ensure the lube is compatible with the sex toy to avoid drying up easily. Stick to water-based lubes if the dildo is made up of silicone materials to avoid damaging the surface of your dildo. Different materials are compatible with different sex lubricants and gel.

Start with Foreplay Using Other Toys

Start warming up before the actual penetration and ensure you are using the right fist dildo. Consider using other sex toys to do the foreplay together with your partner. Once you feel your body is ready for the dildo, slowly insert it and proceed with caution. Slowly remove the toy and relax when fully pleasured.

Clean Yourself and the Fist Dildo

Hygiene is an important factor when using any sex toy. Ensure your dildos are highly sterilized to avoid contamination and infections before using them. Follow the cleaning instructions as displayed on the package.

Care and Safety Tips for Using a Fist Dildo

  • Use a generous amount of lube.
  • Ensure you train to loosen your vaginal or anal muscles before using fisting dildos if you are a beginner.
  • Use condoms to prevent the porous holes from absorbing bacteria if the fist dildo is made of porous or toxic material. use condoms if you share the toy with your partner.
  • Use anal dilators and stretchers for training before using fist dildos.

How to Clean Fist Dildos

  • The ease of cleaning fist dildos depends on the material it is made of. Dildos made of hard plastic, stainless-steel aluminum, silicon, glass, or any other compact material, can be washed using warm water and soap. Wipe it dry and the store carefully.
  • Use a toy cleaner for other materials (porous). Toy cleaner has powerful chemicals that will help kill bacteria. Rinse with clean water and let t to dry for some time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fist Dildos

What Is a Fist Dildo Made of?

Fist dildos are made from a variety of materials. They include:


Silicone is a polymer made of sand, inert silicone, and oxygen. Fist dildos made of silicone are free from polish and can maintain their high quality for a long time. They are non-porous; bacteria can hide or stick to the first dildo. They are easy to clean and sterilize.

Fits dildos made of silicone are safe due to their lack of toxins and durability. It can hold up to any temperature and easily adapt to it, playing more sensations. Silone material can be made into a skin-like texture, ensuring that your fist dildo has a realistic feeling.

Most customers who love fist dildos go for ones made of silicone because it is a high-quality material, flexible, and firm. However, other companies produce the Fist Dildos but use low-quality silicone with many filler materials. You must be careful not to fall for it. The silicone material is opaque and doesn’t have any odor.

Borosilicate Glass

Fist dildos made of glass are non-porous, safe to the body, feature a hard texture, and have no smell or taste. They look beautiful and will turn you on from their appeal alone. So, if you want a luxurious fist dildo, consider going for one made of glass. It is smooth while sliding in the vagina and its high density allows for more pleasure in the vaginal walls. Fist dildos made of borosilicate glass are high quality and durable; it doesn’t break easily, meaning with careful maintenance practices, the fist dildos can serve you for life. It easily adapts to any temperature; hence, it is the best choice if you are a fan of temperature play. However, when buying a glass fist dildo, you shouldn’t confuse it with the synonymous Pyrex; although it looks like glass, its quality is low, and it can easily break. The Pyrex is made by replacing the borosilicate glass with some low-grade soda-lime glass. Your fist dildos will give cracks if subjected to extreme temperatures and pressure, as Andiç-Çakır & Hızal (2012) revealed. That is not good for your health because the chips might harm you.

Metals and Stainless Steel

They are body-safe, non-porous, hard texture, and have no taste or smell. Fist dildos made of stainless steel are smooth, strong, and lightweight; moreover, they don’t crack when subjected to high force or fall. Stainless steel is an alloy made by mixing different elements such as silicon, nickel, chromium, iron ore, carbon, manganese, and nitrogen. Fist dildos made of stainless do not crack or rust due to the addition of nitrogen and carbon during manufacturing. Some brands produce fake stainless steel fist dildos. You need to have discerning eyes so that you won’t be deceived and scammed.

Another safe metal used to create the fist dildo is aluminum. It is resistant to corrosion, lighter than stainless steel, and easily adapts to heat change. Other metals include zinc and its alloys, which look like stainless steel.


Fist dildos made of wood are safe, non-porous, hard texture, and have no taste or smell.

The wood used to curve fist dildos include oak, hickory, and maple. Fist dildos made from wood can be a great work of art in your toy collection. They are curved and polished to achieve a smooth and gliding surface.

ABS Plastic

The material is slightly porous, has a hard texture, and has no taste but smells like plastic. The ABS material is a high-quality plastic made from common materials such as cameras, medical equipment, and helmets. It can be subjected to high temperatures and then molded to a fist dildo of any size. It is safe for the body, and it's friendly to the environment since it can be recycled when damaged.

Other Materials Include

  • Stone crystals
  • Thermoplastic rubber and elastomers
  • Latex
  • Polyvinyl chloride
  • Jelly
  • Fanta flesh
  • Cyber skin

These materials are harmful, and if you are using fist dildos made from them, you need to pay extra attention. Use extra-large condoms for extra safety.

Is a Fist Dildo Safe?

Fist dildos are safe. They are made of high-quality materials that are body-safe. Use a condom to avoid skin contact if your fist dildo is made of any harmful material. Using a fist dildo needs experts. Your vaginal walls need to be strong and stretchy to accommodate it. It is better to run to familiarize yourself with fisting before using the toy if you have never been fisted. However, you can also use smaller-sized fist dildos and pleasure yourself.

Can You Use a Fist Dido for Anal Training?

It depends on your preference and the shape of the fist dildos. Using fist dildos for anal training will be more painful. Use anal dilators and stretchers if you want to train your anal hole for anal sex. They will help you train systematically. Fist dildos are for experts alone.

Is a Fist Dildo Beginner friendly?

Unless you have trained and you are an expert in fisting.

Can Couples Use a Fist Dildo?

Bringing about all the effects of fist dildos needs you to have a partner. The fist dildos can be attached to a strap-on, and you can play with your lesbian partner for the same. Straight couples can also use fist dildos to add more pleasure to their session.

The Bottom Line

Fist dildos are hand-shaped sex devices created to mimic the penetration of a real hand. These dildos are designed using different materials and come in varying shapes to give you a wide option to choose the one that perfectly suits you.  Fist dildos can offer anal and vaginal stimulation and are usually made from a firm material. Ensure you apply enough sex lube that is compatible with the sex toy before using the dildos. 


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