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Flavored, Colored Novelty Condoms Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Flavored, Colored Novelty Condoms Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Condoms help to prevent infection, the transmission of disease, and the prevention of pregnancies. That might not be the case with the flavored novelty condoms. Using flavored condoms for vaginal or anal sex is the same as using no condom.


Consider reading the condom label to confirm whether it is approved by FDA for the same purpose before using it.  Most brands are additionally FDA-accredited for energy and protection. consider a perfect condom that fits you to avoid discomfort during sexual intercourse. Tiny condoms will limit a person from enjoying the pleasure whereas, loose might slip out of a man’s penis during sex.

Understanding Flavored Condoms

Flavored novelty condoms feature artificial flavoring and sugar. According to Ferretti et al. (2005),  some condoms feature studs for more stimulation of the penis to maintain a longer erection. Each condom is straight and treated with non-spermicide lubricant and is made to add dimension to oral intercourse. Flavored condoms are an example of novelty condoms that come in endless different flavors. These flavors include cola, strawberries, vanilla, licorice blueberry, and many others. They are regular latex with an additional extra flavoring. They are mostly preferred for oral sex since they may cause painful irritation to your genitals. Sometimes they are colored to match the flavor in them.

Novelty condoms contain covers that have a humorous joke to spice things in the bedroom. This will help to ease up the tension that may have built up during a stressful day. Novelty condoms can be defined as unusual condoms with the intrinsic aim of aiding adult humor. There is a wide range of extraordinary condoms that fall under this category.  Despite playing a functional role, you need to be keen. Read the instruction carefully to ascertain that the product can legitimately be used as a tool for contraceptives or prevention of STDs.

Why Use Flavored and Colored Condoms

Flavoured and colored condoms are great for oral sex. Some people use the flavored and colored when they want to engage in oral sex. Most of them are not fans of having the latex feeling or taste in their mouth. They then result in using the flavored ones because of their taste. The flavored condoms come in handy when having sex with your partner, and planning to switch from anal or vaginal to oral sex. The presence of the sugar coating covers the latex, making it possible not to feel its presence when engaging in oral sex.

How Do Couples Use the Flavored and Colored Condoms?

Couples use colored and flavored condoms when engaging in sexual activities. Many couples buy flavored and non-flavored condoms. Couples use flavored condoms when the non-flavored condoms run out and they still want to engage in penetration sex. However, a couple shouldn't use flavored and colored condoms on the vagina simultaneously because the sugar-coating that covers the latex surface can cause yeast infections, as Yah et al. (2018) advised.

However, couples can use the flavored and colored when engaging in oral sex. The flavored condoms were specifically meant for oral activities. Normal condoms have the latex that turns off some people when engaging in oral sex. The flavored ones are mostly considered because they have a sugar coating that masks the latex area and therefore does not make one feel the taste of the latex but rather the flavored condom.

Types of Flavored Condoms

Flavored condoms come in handy with different types. Below are types to use to spice sex in the bedroom.

Tickler Condoms

Tickler condoms either have a gentle rubber tickler tip or have a mint of soapy jelly. Montgomery et al. (2012) discovered that tickler condoms feature different styles including nubs, ridges, and nodules to tickle the inner wall of the vagina giving a lover an immense orgasm.

Mint Condoms

Mint condoms are non-lubricated and are coated with a powder that gives them candy spearmint. A good example of these condoms is the trusted mint condoms that feature a green eye-catching appearance and are made with a sugar-free formula. These condoms are loose-fitting with an enlarged pouch-like for extra friction. They feature additional latex that will stimulate the tip of the penis. Always stay with recognized manufacturers when you are looking for a flavored type of condom.

Latex-Free Polyurethane Glove

These condoms come in a box of twelve with four bananas, four strawberries, four oranges, and four kiwis. They are made for hypoallergenic pure rubber latex material. A person should not worry about using water-based lube in case a partner licks all the flavor. These condoms' odor is nice with a pleasant appearance. These edible condoms usually come in four-packs with different flavors. Some flavored condoms have thrilling warming or cooling down lube to help a person postpone the climaxing process. This will make a person last longer in bed.

Skin-Warming Flavored Condoms Four Pack

Skin-warming flavored condoms feature a loose tip for holding up the semen and preventing them from sipping on the edge or damaging the condom. Warming condoms are manufactured from thinner latex to bring about a higher sensation. The warmer lubricant is usually activated by natural physique moisture. The inner and the outer layers of these condoms contain a normal latex whereas the third layer contains a safe pigment that glows in between the layers

Ultra-Thin Condoms

These types of condoms are extra thin enough to allow a person to experiment with almost a natural feeling condom during intercourse. They are super thin to provide that skin-to-skin feeling. This is a great product for those who are experiencing their first-time use of condoms.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Flavored Condoms


Consider a condom that will fit you perfectly since a loose-fitting might fall off your penis and a tiny one might cause discomfort. Condoms are made in different sizes to fit different people.

Material and Ingredients Used

The material used to make condoms matters a lot more;  if you are using it for oral sex. Most flavored condoms are made with a different ingredient that may not favor your genitals hence they are preferred for oral sex only. Always check on the label to confirm which ingredient or material was used to come up with the condom since sometimes you may need to switch from oral sex to either vaginal or anal sex.


Always go for the pocket-friendly product not dig deep in your budget. An expensive condom does not make it the perfect product for use. You can get the same sensation from a low-cost product

How to Use Flavored Condoms

Flavored, Colored Novelty Condoms Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

  • Check the expiry date on the package to ensure the condom is in good condition
  • Careful open the wrapper and take out the flavored condom
  • Have its place on the tip of your fully erected penis with the rolled side facing outside. Uncircumcised individuals should consider pulling back the foreskin first before inserting the condom.
  • Ensure to leave a space of about a half-inch at the tip for the collection of semen that is if you are going to experience vaginal penetrative
  • Unroll it down your cock.
  • Sit in a comfortable position either on an arm-less chair or on a bed where your partner will have an easy time accessing the condom.
  • Allow your partner to lick up the flavor as you experience the pleasure.

Safety Measures

  • Always be keen when practicing vaginal penetration since some of these condoms are not meant to protect you from pregnancies or STDs but are meant to bring more fun.
  • The flavor usually comes from additional glycerin which may affect the vaginal PH putting you at risk of yeast.
  • Be cautious when persuading your partner to explore new ways of increasing your pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flavored, Colored Novelty Condoms

Are Flavored Condoms Safe

Flavored condoms are considered safe as long as you use them for what is intended. Saini et al. (2010) stated that most flavored condoms are used when having oral sex. The vagina is very sensitive to flavored condoms and should not be introduced to sugar when engaging in vaginal penetration. Many times people do not use condoms when having oral sex. You should note that sexually transmitted infections can be transferred when engaging in oral sex. The flavored condoms are great because they give an amazing taste and make one to be protected against sexually transmitted infections.

Are Flavored and Colored Condoms Effective in preventing STIs and pregnancy?

The flavored and colored condoms help vent the spread of sexually transmitted infections and the risk of getting pregnant. Flavored condoms are preferred when having oral sex than vaginal and anal penetration. According to Bjekic et al. (2018), a person can get sexually transmitted infections from oral sex when they do not use condoms. It can also protect you from getting unintended pregnancy when wearing them during vaginal penetration, although it is not advised to use them on penetrative sex. While engaging in oral activities can be pleasurable, they are very effective in preventing sexually transmitted infections, but when used in vaginal penetration, they are likely to cause yeast infections.

Can All Flavored and Colored Condoms Be used for penetrative sex?

It is great when you buy flavored and non-flavored condoms. The non-flavored condoms are great when a person uses them for vaginal and anal penetration. However, when they run out, and you want to engage in penetrative sex, you can always use flavored condoms. However, the downside is that condoms can cause infections in the vagina because of the flavors. Vaginas are not supposed to be introduced to sugar flavors as they may alter the pH level. The flavored and colored condoms are great when they are used in case the non-flavored ones run out, and you plan on engaging in vaginal or penetrative sex.

Are Flavored and Colored Condoms for Oral Sex

Flavored and colored condoms are meant to be used during oral sex. Its flavored coating makes it possible to enjoy oral sex without feeling the latex on your mouth as it covers it. They are mainly used in oral sex, and their only aim is to prevent one from getting sexually transmitted infections. Flavored and non-flavored condoms can be used for oral sex. However, the flavored one is preferred because they have a sugar coating that covers the latex, making it possible for one to enjoy the moment without feeling the taste of the latex when giving a blow job to your partner.

What Are the Side Effects of Colored and Flavored Novelty Condoms?

The colored and flavored novelty condoms are specifically made for oral sex. This is because the latex in standard condoms can turn off people. The flavored one has a sugar mask that covers the latex and makes it possible for them not to feel it when engaging in oral sex. However, they should not be used in vaginal or anal penetration. This is because the colored and flavored novelty condoms are full of sugar, and when used in the vagina, they are at risk of getting infections. The vagina is a sensitive part of the body, and introducing the sugar coating into it will likely alter the pH of the vagina, increasing the risk of having vaginal candida or vaginosis. Yeasts feed off the sugar, bringing about yeast infections.

Can You Use Lube on Flavored Condoms?

Lube can always be used on flavored condoms, especially when you plan to have penetrative sex with your partner, be it anal or vaginal. The best lube is silicone-based lube because it does not dry out easily. This is because it is sticky and thick enough. Water-based lube can also be used but be sure to have it in plenty so that you may have un and reduce the friction that would be present when it dries out.

The Bottom Line

Flavored condoms are the best to use during sexual activities to spice a relationship. Consider types, material, size, and modification of flavored condoms to enhance stimulation. Some people are allergic to latex and avoiding using colored and flavored condoms simultaneously prevents yeast infection. Let your partner pick a preferred condom to enjoy the moment. 


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