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Flavored Lubricants and Oils Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Flavored Lubricants and Oils Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Oral sex is an amazing idea for some people. It can be used as part of foreplay or non-penetrative sex. Not everyone likes the taste and smell of their partner's sexual organ and needs something that could cheer them up. A person can opt for a sweet lubricant like the cupcake-flavored sex lube to spice up the process to make the process more sensational.

Flavored Lubricants and Oils Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Sex can be much more pleasurable since there is reduced to no friction with the help of lubricant. Lubricants are essential during intercourse and can also be used during masturbation. A lubricant gives a vaginal feeling during masturbation when applied to the hands. They tend to reduce the friction of condoms when lubes are applied together with condoms. It will avoid breaking up the condom and spilling the semen. Lube also reduces microscopic rears, which Sexually Transmitted Diseases pathogens could use to enter the body.

Understanding Flavored Lubricants and Oils

Flavored lubricants and oils spice up things in the bedroom since they create a different environment for oral sex, as Lee et al. (2017) noted. A person can also apply the flavored lube on the inner thigh and allow their partner to clean it by licking it. Flavored lubricants are chocolaty, fruity, or minty to make the experience pleasurable, tasty, and moisturized to the mouth. Flavored lubricants and oils are available in different types, as discussed below:

Organic Personal Lube Flavored Peppermint

Organic personal flavored mint lube is thick in consistency but tends to melt when rubbing it together in the hands. Despite being slipper, the organic peppermint lube absorbs well into the skin-saving. You on the time of reapplying more lube now and then. It spices up the action with the peppermint tingle and feels natural with enhanced stimulation. When it comes to smell, these types of lube smell light with a refreshing feeling. It has a pleasant taste and will not make your skin to be gross. You miss a lot of fun if you haven't tried out this lube.

Oral Sex Flavored Personal Lube

These types of lube are suitable for men and women who would love to experience immense orgasms from a different perspective. They are made from organic food, which is 95% aloe vera. Their PH is balanced for women's bodies and perfect for oral sex since they are edible. Apart from eliminating painful intercourse, this lube is a daily moisturizer, and you do not have to worry about your sheets since they do not leave any stains. They are free from additives like mineral oil, glycerin, and hormones. You do not need to worry since they are compatible with latex if you need to use condoms.

Water-Based Flavored Lube

Water-based flavored lube drys within a very short time, and you will be forced to keep adding more. Water-based lubes are compatible with most sex toys and condoms. You do not have to worry about cleaning your sheets since they are easy to be washed out. A good example of this lube is the Wet Flavored Strawberry and Water-based Watermelon Flavored Lube that feature high-quality slipperiness and a pleasant smell. This lube is sweet when tasted, and you will not stop licking it up from your partner.

The Flavored wet strawberries are ideal for foreplay and are hypoallergenic. They feature a delicious flavor that resembles that of real strawberries. If you are still new in the world of oral sex, then these are the best lube to consider. They are latex friendly and sugar-free. They are formulated to indulge guilt-free.

Cupcake Flavored Edible Sex Lube

Cupcakes flavored edile sex lube is long-lasting and good enough to be used together with condoms. You do not have to worry about altering your vaginal PH since they have a balanced PH making them suitable for both men and women. They feature the same sweet taste as your favorite cupcake. They are designed to moisturize your skin ad rejuvenate it as well. They leave no residue, making them a perfect lube for your sheets.

Why Do People Use Flavoured Lubricants?

People appreciate the natural scent of the genitalia but sometimes want something different. People want to put a taste to our memories of a sweet moment. Every time people think of flavored lube, they think of the perfume. Some people like evoking the senses and connecting them with great experiences. This is great for people who wonder what sex tastes like. Some people use real food to give oral sex a taste. They'll apply ice cream or chocolate on you to give them an appetite for oral sex so that when they devour the food, they associate your genitalia with it. Great idea, but be ready to start looking for medications to treat your yeast infection.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying Flavored Lubricants

Consider the Cost

The performance and cost of a certain lube are the key factors to consider when selecting the best flavor for use. The most expensive flavored lube on the market does not always mean it is the best decision for your money. You might come across an excellent low-cost model with a great performance. Different companies have emerged, and each company comes up with its pricing, not necessarily considering the performance.


Opt for the one with a high-quality product and outstanding customer service if you need the best-flavored lube on the market. Good brand products are usually created with extreme care and will always be available for customers to answer your question correctly.

Check for Customer Rating

It is easier to tell which product is the best for use with technology. All you need to do is consider one with many customer reviews before making any purchase. It will give you a good indication of how other customers feel about the product. Customer evaluations are a good reflection of how happy people are with the product.

How to Use Flavored Lubricants

Flavored Lubricants and Oils Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

  • Get some of the lube on your hand and apply genitals genital. You can apply it directly if you wish
  • Slowly start by massaging your man's balls with the lube
  • Go ahead and start giving him a blowjob as you lick the flavored lube off his dick
  • Repeat the same process until your partner is fully pleasurable. Exchange roles if you wish
  • Keep adding more and more for increased pleasure when you feel the lube is drying up. There is no wrong way how to use lubricants

Safety Precautions

  • Use the correct lube with the correct toy.
  • Always check on the ingredient used.
  • Do not hesitate to add more if the lube dries up.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flavored Lubes and Oils?

Are flavored lubes and oils safe?

Flavored lubes are safe and are a great alternative to real food, but when you purchase them, you may want to test them on your arm to check if your skin will react to them. You need to test it on the most sensitive parts of your skin. The inner part of your upper arm is the best because it is usually unexposed. You cannot use a product that reacts on your arm in your genitalia. Your genitals are super sensitive, and you'll not use a product that reacts on your arms product anus unless you like dealing with unnecessary physical pain. You may try using coconut oil if you get reactions when you use flavored lube. Avoid flavored lube that has benzocaine or Lidocaine because those two numbing agents will make you not have any sense during anal sex if you are into anal sex. Not having sense in your anal canal is dangerous because you need to feel the pain to know if the sex is too rough for you to stop it. The pain acts as a signal for the anal sex to stop. The anal canal is not self-lubricating and has some delicate tissues that get destroyed when the sex is rough. Your anus may get damaged, and you wouldn't know until the numbing wears off if there's no sense of pain.
Flavored lube may be great, but if you notice some reactions, you shouldn't continue using it. You could seek professional help to know which ingredients. Your body is reacting so that you may avoid it.

Is Flavored Lubes Edible?

Flavored lube is edible, but that does not mean you can pour some on a plate and have it as a meal. The good news is that most flavored lubes are water-based because oil-based lube can make you nauseous. You'd even vomit if you are it. According to Cranor (2011), eating some flavored lube once in a while during oral sex is great, but too much of it is poison. Some flavored lubes are dangerous if taken in huge amounts because some ingredients in them may not be safe for you. As you enjoy oral sex with your flavored lube, you should remember that lube is not food.

What Are The Risks Of Flavored Lube?

Flavored lube is fun for most people but can be risky if allergic to the ingredients. You should stop using the lube if you experience itching during or after sex. Due to the sweetening ingredients, you may get yeast and UTIs from using flavored lubes. All types of lubes are great for people who are into anal sex, except if they have numbing effects. Watch out for the numbing ingredients like benzocaine and Lidocaine. 

Does Flavored Lube Affect Vaginal Ph?

pH is the unit describing how alkaline or acidic an environment is. pH ranges from 0-to 14, so 7 is a neutral pH, a pH under 7 is acidic, and any pH over 7 is alkaline. The vaginal pH is supposed to be 4. If anything over the pH of 4 is introduced into the vagina, it changes the pH of the vagina. Flavored lube does not cause pH imbalance lubes only. Bachmann & Nevadunsky (2000) noted that lube with a pH of more than 5 could make the user susceptible to yeast infections and Urinary Tract Infections because bacteria thrive in alkaline environments. 

Can Flavored Lubes Cause UTIs

Any lube can cause UTIs if it causes a pH imbalance in the vagina. You may have to check the pH range of your lube when you buy it. Avoid any lube with a pH of more than 5 because the vaginal pH is 4. You'll cause vaginal imbalance if you buy lube whose pH is more than 5, which will encourage the number of bacteria in the vagina to grow. Bacteria thrive in alkaline conditions; the less the acid, the more the bacteria

Should You Use Flavored Lube For Vaginal Or Anal Sex?

You can use flavored lube for vaginal or anal sex, but you do not have to. As you purchase flavored lube, remember that flavored lube should have the qualities that good lube should possess, depending on the functions. Most flavored lubes are water-based, which can be used with condoms and can be washed off easily, making flavored lube great for vaginal sex. The best-flavored lube for anal sex is oil-based because water-based lube dries off easily and must be reapplied too frequently. Philpott et al. (2006) stated that flavored oil-based lube would be great for anal sex because lube will be needed throughout the session, and lack of lube at any point will cause injuries because the anal canal does not produce lube naturally. The oil-based lube never dries out. The downside of using oil-based lube is that it cannot be used with latex condoms because it will tear the condom. Ensure that your partner is free from sexual infections and diseases if you intend to forfeit condoms for you to enjoy using oil-based flavored lube. Ensure that the flavored lube does not have numbing agents to cause pain when the sex is causing injuries, and call for your partner to stop during anal sex. When your anal sensors are numbed, you'll not know if your anal canal is getting hurt until the numbness wears out. Abdel- Aziz et al. (2013) advised that you could watch out for numbing agents such as Benzocaine and Lidocaine whenever you want to have anal sex; avoid the product. 


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