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Fleshlight Accessories Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Fleshlight Accessories Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Fleshlight is amazing.But the experience is different when using them with their specifically designed accessories. Your involvement becomes easier and more enjoyable, delivering the best encounter in each moment. You're probably thinking of what you like most in a fleshlight- its tightness on your shaft or the texture. Regardless of what you love in fleshlight, be sure it can always be in a better state than before. This article looks at a guide to fleshlight accessories to help improve the seamless sex toy. Let’s read on to find out more about its accessories.

Fleshlight Accessories Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Basic Fleshlight Accessories

Shower Mount and Hands-free Adapter

Using the amazing and highly durable fleshlight shower mount can make the shower experience more fun as it is an easy-to-use fleshlight holder. Assemble it by unscrewing the end cap and attaching the mount before sticking it on the bathroom wall. That's possible through a strong suction cup base enabling a hands-free experience. After that, customize the frame, ensuring it gets to your preferred angle for more comfortable use. You can re-stick to various parts to test the height position you like most and have the pleasure. This mount was designed for use in the shower room and on any other flat surface that allows proper sticking. Therefore, you're free to move to different areas in your home for adventurous fun.

USB-powered Warming Rod

Quickly heat it to normal body temperature to give your fleshlight the realistic feeling you always wish for. Olmos (2018) explained that it is USB-powered and made specific for fleshlight heating within 10-15 minutes. Also, it features shut-off and power cycling properties to ensure the stroker doesn't overheat. Don't worry about the toy falling off because of its heavy base; it has non-slip pads to give it stability. Its USB cable is long enough to extend to your bed. It's also packed with an EU adapter and US plug for easy carrying when traveling. Another wonderful aspect is the pretty innocent appearance that gives it discretion. It blends well with other house appliances.

Renewed powder

Wiratno (2021) explained that most people love fleshlight strokers for their super skin sleeves. The material is extremely soft with a life-like feeling, almost giving an impression of making love to a real person. Maintaining this soft texture, maintaining it is key. It's possible by using renewal powder. It enables the super skin material to remain cool and supple, despite the duration of use. But how do you use it? Sprinkle a thick layer on the area, and it'll be ready for the following pleasure moment.

Liberator Fleshlight on a Mission

Modify your solo missionary vibe by freeing your hands for the best experience ever with the liberator fleshlight on a mission. It's a soft-foam cushion with a fleshlight slot to allow thrusting into your sleeve. A comfortable faux leather is friendly to touch on the outside. The material is machine washable and durable. That means it's simple to clean and maintain. You can experiment with it to mimic a styling pillow for oral sex or anal. It's highly incredible and versatile.

Flesh wash

Watson et al. (2019) explained that soap and water are the main cleaners for washing sex toys. However, there's a special treat for fleshlights, the flesh-wash. Wallis (2017) explained that it is the best masturbator dirt remover, which clears any dried lube and jizz off your fleshlight, leaving it soft and nice. Your stroker needs washing from time to time, but with longer use, get a flesh-wash bottle and safeguard your toy investment. Be sure to feel different during the next use.

Fleshlight Lube

Herbenick et al. (2017) explained that a lubricant is significant in making sex more sensual and sweeter. The same applies to masturbation; using a water-based lube helps get the most out of your fleshlight. That's why you need a fleshlight lube to get started.

Guide for Choosing the Best Fleshlight Accessories

The world contains numerous fleshlight accessories that you can’t acquire all. There are considerations for getting only that which is necessary to an individual. Well, people have different opinions, and we can't dispute that. The best recommendation, however, is a fleshlight mount. Having it enables the user to utilize various sex positions, including missionary style, that bring a more realistic emotion. It has a soft and supple faux-leather case. You can use it with your partner too.

For people flying solo and need accessories to better the experience, go for the USB-powered rod and shower mount. The USB provides warmer and unique involvement, whereas the mount helps adjust to different wall heights and angles, conveying a customizable session. If you need more stimulation with ease and comfort of thrusting, ensure you get a fleshlight lube. Not forgetting the need to warm your toy to body temperature for a life-like sensation. Another thing is the powder that keeps the toy, making it appear new all the time.

Fleshlight Features to Look at in an Accessory


Anzani et al. (2021) explained that comfort is a major factor for any sex toy to deliver results as always advertised. In fleshlight accessories, buying a cushioned mount is better than a normal shower one. With a cushioned type, you can enjoy your session while lying down. It may be hard to stand and thrust with a hip or knee condition, but a cushion mount can be a pleasure.


According to Hensel et al. (2018), size is another critical matter in choosing sex toys. For instance, some accessories require larger storage spaces, whereas others need less. Some extensive accessories like cushion mounts need more ground for storage, unlike shower mounts. That means you should consider how much room is available in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fleshlight Accessories

What are Fleshlight Accessories Made of?

100% Silicone

It is one of the most incredible materials used for making Fleshlight accessories. It is not toxic like other materials such as jelly and rubber. Moreover, it doesn't crack easily like plastic when using your Fleshlight accessories. Additionally, the companies that produce Fleshlight accessories made of silicone take their time to create a fabulous design that will fill you with pleasure. 

However, not all silicone is of the same grade. Some of the best qualities include 100 percent medical-grade or platinum-grade Fleshlight accessories. Because of the high demand for silicone-made Fleshlight accessories, some brands use the name silicone to posture their Fleshlight accessories. These accessories only contain a small percentage of silicone; the rest are filler materials. These imposters are sold cheaply and may contain dangerous substances that harm you. Real silicone is opaque, odorless, and last for a long time, so don't be deceived by some fake brands.

Advantages of using Fleshlight accessories made of silicone

  • They are firm and flexible
  • Transmits the Fleshlight vibrations easily
  • It is easy to wash, and one can use the dishwasher machine.
  • It is non-porous, phthalates-free hence safe for anyone.
  • To prevent contamination, the manufacturing process is done under strict government guidelines and in sterilized environments.
  • It easily adapts to the body temperature.
  • Comes in various textures; hence you can choose a Fleshlight accessory that fits your preference.

Fleshlight Accessories Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko


This material is used to make Fleshlight accessories that are non-porous and doesn’t pollute the environment. It restrains cold and hot temperatures to a higher degree, increasing fun when playing with your Fleshlight accessory. Moreover, Fleshlight accessories made of glass are not expensive; hence you can easily afford them. You shouldn’t confuse glass Fleshlight accessories with pyrite Fleshlight accessories as the two are different. The glass Fleshlight accessories are reinforced with borosilicate material, making them unbreakable, thus having a long life span.

Stainless Steel

Fleshlight made of stainless steel is non-porous. It is easy to clean and sterilize after use, like silicone. If you want your Fleshlight accessory to offer firm touch, the one made of stainless steel should be your choice. Moreover, stainless steel Fleshlight accessories are strong, and their weight makes them the best ones for powerful stimulation. Although it may be close to touching, it instantly adapts to your body temperature; hence, it may be good for you if you want temperature play. But you must also be careful because not all stainless steel Fleshlight accessories are high quality. Many imposters will misguide you to buy fake brands that will harm you.

Hard Plastic

Most Fleshlight accessories are made of plastic. They are affordable, non-porous, and easy to clean as silicone and glass. If you want to feel all the vibrations the Fleshlight toy produces, using a Fleshlight accessory made of hard plastic is the best choice. But, the only drawback of this material is that it pollutes the environment. Moreover, they can crack when dropped down hard accidentally.

Elastomer and Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

Elastomer Fleshlight accessories are stretchy like rubber. They are phthalates-free, antiallergenic, and latex-free, meaning they are safe for the body and are a great material compared to jelly rubber. Although it is porous, its extent pales in comparison to jelly rubber. The accessories made of elastomers cannot be sterilized; hence, you are advised to use a condom for further safety. Moreover, they are only compatible with silicone, water-based lubes, not oil-based.

A thermoplastic elastomer is a special type of elastomer featuring special properties of both plastic and rubber. Unlike pure plastic, Fleshlight accessories made of TPE can be recycled by an individual. Hence, they don't pollute the environment. Although it's slightly porous and it is good compared to pure rubber.


Jelly Fleshlight accessories are flow quality, and their porous levels exceed any other material. Moreover, they can harm your health; several Fleshlight accessories are made of it. Examples of materials under jelly material include latex rubber, jelly-vinyl, Cyber Skin, and jelly rubber. They are harmful to you because their porosity allows them to absorb bacteria, and it is not easy to clean them off. Moreover, the manufacturing of jelly material involves adding phthalates material that produces high amounts of toxic substances into the environment.

Safety Measures When Using Jelly-Made Fleshlight Accessories

Jelly-made Fleshlight accessories can be harmful to your health if you're not careful as they have phthalates and latex, highly toxic substances. If you’re going to choose Fleshlight accessories made of jelly material, use the following tips to remain safe:

  • Always use a condom on you or in one Fleshlight accessor, depending on the type. That will prevent the toy from absorbing bacteria from one partner to another.
  • Use toy cleaner to clean all the porous Fleshlight materials. Toy cleaner contains concentrated chemicals that will effortlessly kill all the bacteria that hide in the porous material. However, the material will absorb some toy cleaner chemicals; hence you should rinse it thoroughly.
  • Do not store two Fleshlight accessories made of jelly material together. They might stock together and create a mutant toy.
  • Use water-based lubes and silicone-based if you are using a condom. Do not use oil-based lubes

How Do One Clean My Fleshlight Accessories?

Use warm water and toy cleaner to wash every Fleshlight accessory. If the material is not porous, soak it for minutes, ascribe gently, and then rinse with warm water. Dry and put them in a sterilizer to kill any remaining bacteria before storage. For porous flashlight materials, make sure you use protection to make the cleaning easier.

Can Couples Use Fleshlight Accessories?

Yes. Although it is not common, couples can use Fleshlight materials but not simultaneously when pleasuring themselves. It can be used as foreplay or to gather momentum before engaging in sex with your partner.

Why Should One Buy Fleshlight Accessories?

  • They offer you more pleasure that using the Fleshlight sex toys alone by increasing the power of your masturbation.
  • It controls your stimulation whenever you want.
  • They enable you to learn how to masturbate properly.
  • It can be used more than once and for high quality once in a lifetime.
  • There are many types available hence you can easily find your taste.
  • It feels like having sex with a lady, thus increasing your mental and physical pleasure.
  • Help you reduce some ejaculation problems such as premature ejaculation.
  • It will train you on how to have sex with your partner.


Fleshlight are wonderful sex toys. However, you can transform them from being great to fantastic by getting the ideal accessories. They better the experience, regardless of how you want it with your best sleeve. To select a suitable accessory, pay more attention to the size and comfort obtained from using it. Doing this helps get near perfection for the sexual encounter you've yearned for so long. Check out our website for another read if you're new to fleshlight. 


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