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Fleshlights Complete Set Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Fleshlights Complete Set Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

The market contains numerous fleshlight types and shapes, making it difficult to know where to start. The good news is that almost all models offer something and can help the user enjoy it. It will help if you start by knowing the basics in a fleshlight. Think about your penis size, masturbation intensity, and many others. If asked to choose the best for everybody, it may be hard since people have different personal preferences. It is the case, and it's best to understand all the available fleshlight types and decide what to get from a complete set. This article is here to discuss the various fleshlight types making a complete set. Read on to get details. 

Fleshlights Complete Set Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Common Features of Fleshlight Complete Set

The fleshlight is commonly named because of the flesh-like material found on the inner sleeve. The plastic material found on the outside covering it makes the whole thing resemble a flashlight. Morales et al. (2018) stated that it is referred to as the fleshlight because of its whole look. The inner sleeve comprises the vulva, anus, and the mouth where the penis will enter.  

Why Should One Buy a Fleshlight Complete Set?

It is a great sex toy, especially during solo play. You can use it when playing with yourself during masturbation. Flisfeder & Burnham (2017) explained that it helps to stimulate the penis and can even give the perfect blowjob. It has the anus, vulva, and mouth, which is perfect because it will feel like the real thing during suction. If you have a problem with cleaning it, you can always use a condom with it, and it will be easier to use it next time as it won't be dirty.

Can Couples Use a Fleshlight Complete Set

The fleshlight is specifically made for solo play, especially during masturbation. However, they can be used with couples to have fun. You can use them during foreplay with your partner. You can use the fleshlight to stimulate your partner and make them feel different sensations. It will make them go crazy as they feel the different pleasures they are getting.

You can also use it as a surprise with your partner. However, before surprising them, ensure they are okay and that you may have spoken about it and given their consent. You can use it to wake them up and give them a blowjob by using the fleshlight. You can always stop if you are not in the mood. Please do not force it on them.

The double stimulation is also something you can try when using the fleshlight. You can use the fleshlight on yourself while masturbating while your partner gives you some anal play. They can use anal sex toys, fingers, or mouths to stimulate the anus. 

Fleshlight Types

Intense Fleshlight Sleeves

In a fleshlight, it is referred to as intensity, either the orgasm power in the end or penis stimulation. The most intense sleeves can give quick and strong climaxing or are great at stimulating build-up. Almost all types may feel intense if used for the first time due to the bumps and ridges present. However, a masturbator's intensity is in its combined stimulating effects that nurture different pressure points over the cock leading to explosive orgasms. The main recommendations for such toys are;

  • Kissa Sins Insatiable
  • Autumn Falls Cream
  • Stoya Destroyer

Most Realistic Types

Fleshlights with the most realistic textures contain super skin material in the sleeve. Making pocket toys realistic may not be true, but the feeling of thrusting with your penis can bring a closer relationship. Again, if visual looks matter more to you, go for fleshlight girls' designs with artificial orifices, such as vagina, mouth, or anus. The examples in this category include the following.

  • Brandi Love heartthrob
  • Mini Lotus
  • Kendra Sunderland Angel

Fleshlight Girls

Fleshlight girls are created from lady porn stars with stats, including the bra size, favorite sex act, and hometown. To buy such, you begin by choosing your favorite girl. That may not be hard since they're available. You can also be moved by the titles or themes used or heard about, such as the forbidden texture. It contains a spiraling feel inside, which creates some drag. Even with lube, you'll still feel some resistance that truly increases the realism. The toy is soft and perfect for masturbation.

Fleshlight Ice

This fleshlight has an ice texture and has different inches that change from time to time. It goes well with men carrying something like 10 inches. If you want toys with changing textures, you should opt for this type. Embers in the club with average inches can begin on the smaller diameter size. Please don't focus on the toys often because their texture isn't exactly like that of ice, maybe half the appeal. Notably, the clear super skin in the sleeve can become cloudy due to friction produced during the session. It’s also simple and quick to clean.

Flight- Pilot

This fleshlight has a case almost resembling a modern art piece. The smaller cap is well balanced to prevent the big ends. It comes in two textures. One has the miniature version of Mini-Destroyer or Pilot, and the other, Mini-STU or instructor, as it is a great all-rounder. Its size and texture enable easier holding during use and storage. The opening is easy to penetrate and in hands-free mode. The internal material is soft and subtle to give the best pleasurable emotions.

Sex In A Can

This masturbator is created in the design of a beverage can. It's narrow with a straight-edged case with a similar diameter. It also lacks logos. An example is the Lady Lager fleshlight.

Flesh jack sword

A flesh jack sword contains a soft and squeezable case. As a result, it compromises other modifications to the toy. It can't keep twist cps; thus, the punch holes found at its back allow airflow. The toy replaces the twist cap with a plug located at the bottom for lining up the sleeve's end.

Quick shot

The quick shot toy is lightweight and thus convenient during play compared to traditional fleshlight. It’s a great device for beginners. You’ll love its discreet appearance. It can properly fit in the bathroom drawer and will appear like lotion or soap.

What To Note Before Shopping For Fleshlight

  • Be prepared to get lube in your arms. It calls for having tissue in plenty, especially with a Quick shot.
  • The lubrication type chosen gives its unique overall experience. The best choices are flesh lubes specifically designed for fleshlight. But that doesn’t limit you from choosing a type from your local place. Using a water-based lube on super skin material is another point to note because it’s safe. Other lubes like silicone-based types may be trapped in the holes of the porous material, thus creating room for bacterial trapping.
  • During masturbation with fleshlights, there's the emission of a sucking sound caused by air displacement. The sound's volume varies with how you customize the back cap. Opening the cap raises the sound, but closing reduces the sound. That’s why you should be keen on the type to buy. For instance, a quick shot is usually open on the ends, thus louder on thrusting, whereas Lady Lager has a closed cap, making it quiet.
  • The best sleeve is all about an individual preference. The only method to realize the most suitable is experimenting with different types.
  • Whenever shopping but doubts fill your decision, try to be simple. There's no bad choice. Suppose the final decision isn't good; you can always return to the market for a better thing.

Safety Considerations When Using a Fleshlight Complete Set

It must be cleaned or washed with water only after you use it. Make sure not to use soap on the sleeve. Allow them to dry, then place them back into their case. When placing them on their case, ensure that their end caps are loose to allow some air to get into them for ventilation.

Make sure to store them in a place that is not too humid but at a cool temperature. The area should also not be exposed to so much light. Ensure that you do not use too much force when washing the fleshlight or when using it. It is recommended that you do not store it in the case because it may not have dried enough. Please put it in a cloth until it is completely dried off. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Fleshlight Complete Sets

Fleshlights Complete Set Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

What Is a Fleshlight Complete Set Made of?

The fleshlight is made of a material known as super skin. It gives it a realistic feel.

How Do I Use a Fleshlight Complete Set?

It would help if you warmed it up first before using it. Phillips (2018) states that the fleshlight's fleshy material lacks the warmth it needs. Once you warm it, it will be easier and have a great feeling on the skin when sliding it in. you can warm it by either using warm water or putting it inside a hot water sink for some minutes and then picking it up.

Make sure that you have used lube on it so that you may reduce friction. However, the best lubricant to use should be water-based lubricants. The rest are likely to destroy the material of the fleshlight. Once you have applied lube on it, you can then go ahead and let the fleshlight sleeve into the penis. You can hold the sleeve as you strike it using your hands. The good thing about using your hands is that you can control and manage the speed and the angle as you use it. You can also make any adjustments when they are needed.

How Do I Clean My Fleshlight Complete Set

Döring & Pöschl (2018) explained that the fleshlight has a removable sleeve that can be removed when washing it. The sleeve is removed and rinsed in warm water. It should then be left for some time to dry off. Be sure to shake off the excess water and put the sleeve in a well-ventilated area like the windowpane or the fan. You can also slide in a cloth to the other end and then take it off after some time. You can even turn the fleshlight sleeve inside out. Since it is made of super skin, try not to use soap. If you wish to tough clean it, you should use some alcohol. If you wish to maintain the soft feeling, you can sprinkle a little corn starch on the sleeve and ensure the excess powder is shaken off. When putting it back in the case, the end caps should be loose to allow some air to get through it. Remember that for your fleshlight to last for long, you should take care of it by cleaning it once in a while.

Which Is the Best Lube to Use with my Fleshlight Complete Set

The best lube to use on a fleshlight is the water-based lube. The other lubricants, the silicone-based lube and the oil-based lube are likely to damage the material of the fleshlight after some time. To be safer, it is recommended that you use the water-based lubricant as it cannot react on the fleshlight and is easy to clean.


Fleshlights are a wonderful investment for your pleasure. They are known widely due to their high-quality picks and availability to customers. Numerous fleshlight types include flesh jacks, quick shots, sex in a can, and flight. They come with the best discreet designs and material sleeves- super skin, conveying a realistic feeling to the user. You are only required to make it warm before use to give it the lifelike feel of the human skin. The best type for you depends on what you love most in a fleshlight.


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