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G Spot Vibrators Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

G Spot Vibrators Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

The market contains various G-spot vibrators in different designs and has different pleasures. Going for a classic vibrator with a curved tip is advisable for easier stimulation if you are a newbie. You can buy a ribbed vibrator for intense stimulation as it passes over the G-spot with its raised ridges.

G Spot Vibrators Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

G-spot is an erogenous area of the vagina that leads to powerful sexual arousal when stimulated. It may also lead to female orgasm and ejaculation. It is located about 8 cm from the front vaginal opening and the urethra. It is the most sensitive part of the female prostate, increasing the blood flow into the vagina when touched. You can also try a fully insertable egg making the tip of the vibrator sit on the G-spot. Note that this action may sound a bit intimidating.

Common Features of G spot Vibrators

Below are some features you may spot in your G-spot Vibrator:

Slightly Curved Tip

It is angled in such a way that it will hit your G-Spot

Flexible Stimulator

This stimulator moves with the body, and at the same time, it will remain constant with it.

Vibration Modes

Some vibration modes include: pulse, heartbeat, cha-cha, and buzzing.


Some G-spot vibrators contain the self-heating feature, which helps relax the pelvic floor once inserted.

Why Use a G spot Vibrator?

If you are wondering which benefits a G-spot vibrator can provide, some of the benefits of G-spot vibrators are stated below:

  • The G-spot vibrator can help you if you desire to reach your orgasm.
  • It also helps in targeting the G-spot area.
  • A G-spot vibrator provides simulations through unique vibrations.
  • A G-spot vibrator provides firm pressure to the area, which in turn helps stimulate the area when it is moved in pulsating motions.

Best Lube to Use with G spot Vibrators

Before you choose which lube is the best for your G-spot vibrator, make sure they perfectly match and for your skin. Below are some best lubes you can use with your G-spot vibrators:

Silicone-based lubricants

Baumgarten et al. 2018 stated that silicone lubricant contains a silky feeling which soothes the skin and leaves the skin feeling smooth. If you have sensitive skin, the silicone lube can be a good choice for you since it is hypoallergenic. It also works best for people who have allergies. Since they contain silicone, this lube lasts longer and is reapplied every few times compared to water lubes. Isbill (2018) explained that if your vibrator is silicone, you should not use the silicone lube. It is because it will cause a reaction that may lead to your vibrator breaking down most of the time. If your vibrator is made of plastic, aluminum, steel, etc., it is safe for you to use the silicone lube.

Water-based Lubricants

These types of lubes are the most popular. This is because they are easy to wash. An individual can use it with any G-spot vibrator since pure water is its main ingredient, and is compatible with different sex toy materials. However, this lube is not ideal for water play because it is easily washed off. Also, it requires frequent reapplication, which may interrupt the play.

Oil-based Lubricants

Fox et al. 2007 explained that if you want a long-lasting lube that provides a silky feel, the oil lube might be the best option. Oil lubes are quite hard to clean from the vibrators, so you should be prepared to clean up your vibrator well after using it. In addition, these lubricants are not ideal for use with condoms, since they cause breakages, which may lead to infections.

How Couples Can Use G Spot Vibrators

G Spot Vibrators Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

You should first find a setting for your partners, like if you are using a vibrating wand. Vibrating toys contain up to ten settings with different patterns and offer different forms of intense vibration. It would be best if you took your time to find out which one your partner enjoys the most.

Water-based lube is recommended to lube the vibrator. Before inserting the vibrator, you can start with external stimulation, which helps warm up your partner. An individual can do it by using your lips or even her tongue. If you notice that your partner is enjoying the sensation, you can check whether they want more. Afterward, you can insert the wand gently inside their vagina. Before going any deeper, it is better to ask them first.

Karinch (2019) stated that the wand was naturally designed to fit against the G-spot area. Then rock the wand back and forth, in and out, or you can leave it in a specific place. It depends on what movements your partner will find most enjoyable. To stimulate their clitoris, you can use your lips and tongue again. Many females enjoy the touch of the tongue, saliva, and lips. You can do all that together while throbbing the G-spot vibrator, and you will be sure that your partner will get to enjoy that.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a G spot Vibrator


It is important to go for a comfortable G spot vibrator. If you are a beginner, start with smaller vibrators, and work your way up with experience.

Additional Features and Designs

Some vibrators have ribs and nibs on their surface for added pleasure. However, you can still opt for a vibrator with a smooth surface. Also, go for waterproof G spot vibrators, especially if you intend on using your vibrator in the shower, bathtub, or pool.


G spot vibrators come in different materials, including silicone, plastic, metal, glass, and PVC. Go for a body safe, hypoallergenic material to prevent risks of infections. Also, choose easy to clean materials.

Mode of Operation

G spot vibrators have different operation mechanisms. Some are battery operated, while some are rechargeable. Rechargeable G spot vibrator are ideal because they are portable and convenient.

Vibration Modes

If you are a beginner, go for a vibrator with different vibration settings. This allows you to choose the vibration pattern and speed that you can withstand. Always start with a lower vibration level as you work your way up.

Frequently Asked Questions about G spot Vibrators

How Do I Locate My G spot?

Ong (2018) explained that many women find it difficult to find their G-spot. To locate your G-spot, you can try the following steps:

  • Place one of your hands over the bladder located above the bone
  • Using your other hand, insert two of your fingers into the top of the vagina. When you feel sensitive while pressing both hands, that's your G–spot.

When using your fingers, you will feel a difference in texture where the G-spot is. It is normally bumpier compared to other parts of the vaginal lining, which is smooth. If you feel like you've touched something like your nose's tip, that means you are in the wrong place since that's your cervix.

What Are G Spot Vibrators Made of?

Vieira-Baptista et al. (2021) explained that G-spot vibrators might be made of material that will give you a pleasant feeling. These materials include jelly, rubber, silicone, or even rubber. It can also be a combination of the named material. When selecting a vibrator, go for body safe, hypoallergenic material. Also, go for non-porous materials, to prevent spread of infections. The material of a G spot vibrator also determines the lube used. For instance, materials like silicone are not compatible with silicone-based lubricants.

Are G spot Vibrators Safe?

Yes, they are safe as long as you get to use them responsibly. You should also ensure that the G-spot vibrators are clean before use. G-spot vibrators may pass on STIs or even blood-borne infections.

Can a G spot vibrator lead to External Stimulation?

Yes, it can. If you are unsure if one may like g-spot stimulation, you can use your G-spot vibrator as an external vibrator. Hensel. Al (2021) explained that it could help you enjoy clitoral stimulation, a type of external stimulation.

How Often Should I Use a G spot Vibrator?

You can use your G–spot vibrator as often as you want. If you want to enjoy it several times a day, that's okay. Sayin (2019) explained that using a G-spot Vibrator too often cannot lead to desensitization but can help increase women's clitoral sensation. In case you feel a mild discomfort after using a vibrator for too long, know that it is only a temporary feeling. Using a G-spot vibrator cannot cause clitoral desensitization.

Are G spot Vibrators Waterproof? Can I Use it in the shower?

Some types of G-spot vibrators are waterproof. It makes it safe for use in the shower since it cannot be destroyed or interfered with.

What is the Noise Level of a G spot Vibrator?

Most G-spot vibrators make noise levels below eight five decibels (dB).

What Is the Difference Between a G-spot Vibrator and a Dildo?

A G-spot vibrator is specifically used for the G-spot area and not for other uses. You can use a dildo to stimulate the G-spot area and can also be used for other purposes like anally and vaginally without stimulating the G-spot.

How Do I Clean My G spot vibrator?

Since it is waterproof, it is safe to clean your vibrator with water. There are some ways in which you can clean your G-spot vibrator. They include:

Using the Dishwasher

Make sure to look at the fine print on your G-spot vibrator before throwing it into the dishwasher since not many electronic toys can pull through. You should also check the material used in your vibrator since some materials don’t mix well with hot water since they can melt. Materials that can do well in the dishwasher include Pyrex, silicone, and stainless steel. Vibrators made of glass or battery-operated cannot go into the dishwasher.

Hand washing using soap

You can clean your G-spot vibrator with anti-bacterial soap and water, and they will be squeaky clean. Though handwashing your G-spot vibrator may not be that effective.

Using alcohol or other chemical disinfectants

Even though alcohol can kill germs, it can cause harm to you and your G-spot vibrator. If your vibrator is made up of porous material, it may melt or be disfigured when immersed in alcohol. It would be best if you did not use harsh disinfectant cleaning your G-spot vibrator.

How Do I properly Store My G Spot Vibrator?

Most G-spot vibrators are purchased with their pouch, which is used for storage. Before storing your G-spot vibrator, ensure it is completely dried up before putting it away. It would be best if you also put in place out-of-reach for children.


Using a G-spot vibrator for the first time might be intimidating. A G-spot vibrator helps you and your partner enjoy a pleasurable, intimate experience. If you are a beginner, start with small sized vibrators, and increase the size with experience. Also, you can experiment with various vibrators, to find the best for you. This article highlights tips on how to use and choose a G spot vibrator. Get one and enjoy mind blowing sensations. 


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