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Gags and Bits Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Gags and Bits Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Most people are scared of using gags and bits during sex or even bedroom play. Some see the image of an individual's agape mouth filled with humiliating emotions as disinterested. However, people don't understand that gags and bits spice up sex by adding more fun, regardless of whether you are in a BDSM relationship.

Gags and Bits Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Gags and bits may seem a little tricky at first if you are still new, but as time goes by, you enjoy their use in the bedroom. Gags are primarily centered on the submissive and dominant dynamic. They come in different sizes and shapes, so you must clearly understand which piece to incorporate into your experiment. Therefore, if you plan to add gags and bits to your bondage play, here is everything you need to know about them.

What are Gags and Bits

Johnson (2019) explained that gags and bits create an intimate and intense hierarchy and serve as silencers by muffling a submissive partner. They increase the physical and emotional connection in the bedroom. A gag may not only be used in the bedroom but also to stop someone from calling for help by blocking the mouth completely or partially. Doing so will prevent the tongue, jaws, and lips from moving the normal pattern of speech.

Bate & Malberg (2020) explained that the individual wearing the gag would experience physical and mental arousal. Different gags come with different features. Most of them have extra features for restraints. If you do not want to experience much pain, then you can opt for the smaller gags since they can be worn for a longer period and work almost the same as intermediate ball gags. A gagged person should not be left alone since the method can be hazardous if the subject cannot breathe freely through the nose.

Why Use Gags and Bits?

Escareño (2017) explained that people today use ball gags and bits to role-play during BDSM play. People use gags and bits for many reasons, but those reasons depend on what the user wants.

  • Some people derive erotic pleasure from wearing all gags and playing the submissive or the dominant role. When gags and bits are combined with other BDSM accessories, it increases the sense of helplessness to the submissive partner and other feelings such as anxiety. The gag renders the submissive partner unable to speak and control their dripping saliva. That shows they are helpless and are at the mercy of their dominant partners. Gümüş et al. (2020) explained that most BDSM dominant partners enjoy seeing their partners in helpless situations.
  • Wearing a ball gag and bit for a submissive partner is a form of punishment and control. That means the submissive partner is under the rule of the dominant partner, and there is nothing they can do without the domes.
  • Some partners who love fetch plays get turned on by the sound that the gaged partner produces when they are being stimulated. They enjoy their drooling for a long period as they continue working on them.
  • The ball gag and bits increase the mental and physical arousal of the submissive partner by reinforcing their roles as subs or enslaved people. Unable to speak when having sex increases anxiety levels, thus increasing the overall thrill. Moreover, it leads to strong orgasmic sensations. For instance, large gags and bits force the submissive partners to only breathe through the nose. It limits the amount of oxygens intake, which leads to more intense orgasmic sensations. 
  • Certain gags and bits can put the submissive partner's mouth on display. For instance, the bits and O-rings render the submissive unable to close their mouth, meaning the dominant partner can see inside the mouth. They can also dip their fingers inside and see hidden, vulnerable mouthparts. It is fun for dominant partners while the feeling of vulnerability swells in the hearts of the submissive partners.

Types of Gags and Bits

Layer Gags

These gags consist of cleave, tape, and stuff. They are made from suitably sized pieces of cloth pulled over the subject's mouth and tied at the back of their head. They are familiar with friction and are used mostly in crime, also referred to as detective gag.

Snaffle Gags

As the name suggests, these types resemble a snaffle and come with mouthpieces and rings on either side. Each of the two rings has two holes on the top and bottom. Their cheekpieces are made of leather that runs through the holes and has metal rings at the end for the attachment of the reins. The bit will start sliding upwards once rein pressure is applied, and it will slightly rotate in the mouth. The ring size is what will determine the severity of the gags. You should expect more severe if the ring is a bit larger.

Dutch Gags

These gags are usually similar to the elevator, although their cheekpieces have stacked rings. The cheekpiece is usually attached to the ring above the mouthpiece, while the ring below acts as a snaffle. The lower two rings can be used to attach the second rein while proving gag action.

The lower you place the rein on the stack, and the more leverage is applied. This type of gag has an additional advantage as it will offer you options to choose the severity you need. If you need to produce pressure, you may need to attach the bridle cheekpiece to the top ring.

Half-Ring Gags

These gags are almost similar to the snaffle gags and come with particular severity, only that they have a half-ring. They have holes at the end of the rings for the cheekpieces to run through. There is no connection between these two holes to the outside bits, unlike with the snaffle gags, so you may only need to use the gag rein.

Elevator Gags

They are H-shaped with one ring on the upper shank for the attachment of the cheekpiece. The lower shank is meant for the gag rein, and you may also attach a snaffle rein since they have a middle loop. The mouthpiece can slide up the curved sides of the bit as the reins are taken up, which will cause more pressure on the corners of the mouth. The elevator gag does not offer the option for the height to which the reins should be attached.

Factors to Consider When Buying Gags and Bits

Size of The Restraint

Mdzeluri (2018) explained that choosing between different sizes can be confusing. You need to tell if your partner can withstand the size of the gag that you are planning to use. The larger the gag, the more pain it will cause.

Materials Used to Make Them

Shamszadeh et al. (2020) stated that since gags are applied to the mouth directly, you need to consider the material that will not react with your skin and cause an allergic reaction. The material for the bit can sometimes vary from metal to rubber. The most commonly used metal is stainless steel since it is long-lasting and won't rust easily.

Type of Mouth Pieces

Before making any purchase, you need to be keen on the kind of mouthpiece since there are two different types. You can either go for the snaffle or the curb one. Either bit can have broken joints, a jointed mouthpiece that perfectly fits on the mouth, or a solid mouthpiece that applies more pressure on the mouth side of the lips.

How Couples Can Use Gags and Bits

Putting a gag orbit on your partner is easy and depends on the type of gag and bit you are using. Take care with something that may hurt your partner when inserting or removing, such as metallic spider gags. For the rest parts, how to use gags is simple:

Gags and Bits Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Ensure You Have Talked to Your Partner About Using Gags And Bits.

Talk about what you like in the session, what you or your partner don't like, and what appeals about the session. You should as well talk about what will be the turn out of the situation. Wok on some non-verbal language and safe words that you will use to establish rapport during the session. Talk about your partner's problems such as jaw complications, stuffy nose, or fell seek. If that is the case, it is best to wait when they are well before embarking on the topic.

The non-verbal safe words you choose should not involve the moth since it will be stiffed with the ball gag orbit. Non-verbal clauses enable you to communicate with your partner without mouth or sound. You can achieve that by using some easy-to-operate squeaky toys on the hand, ringing bells, double-tapping, or surface or clapping. All the things must be easy to do and are within reach of the submissive partner.

Choose The Correct Type of Gag and But You Are Going to Use

You should engage with your partner and decide if it's your first time using ball gags and bits. Do not go for nearly developed gags or force your partner to decide. If you are an expert, the toy can consider changing to a safe gag if your partner was in pain the last session. You can choose a smaller one or one that will not bring the soreness.

Wash The Gag

It doesn’t matter if your gags were washed after the last session or not; you have to wash them once more before using them. The thing is going into the mouth; hence it should be sparkling clean. You can do it a few minutes before the session and place it on a sterile surface to prevent it from contracting bacteria.

Slide The Gag into Your Partner’s Mouth

It should be done with utmost care. Let the submissive partner hold the gain their mouth while fastening the straps. Luo & Zhang (2018) explained that this is how BDSM gags are used, and it may vary depending on the type of gas you have decided to use. Using bit gags is easy compared to others. The submissive partner holds it in their mouth as with any other object. Most gags are slightly larger than a toothbrush, and most people get it hard to hold feely with their mouth.

  • Instruct your partner to hold the gag in their mouth
  • After setting the mouth gag in its place, have fun
  • After playing, undo the gags from the back

How to Use Gags and Bits

  • First, you need to prepare your partner.
  • Place the gag into their mouth and let them know they will be quiet for a while.
  • Start squeezing the pump to inflate the gag inside their mouth to a point where they cannot speak.
  • At this point, you can now turn the silent slave into an obedient one

Safety Measures

  • Do not over-inflate the gag and cut off airflow.
  • Remember, most of these products are for novelty; hence, their safety is solely the users' responsibility.
  • If your partner starts to experience difficulty breathing, stop the process immediately.
  • Always be careful when using a tape gag since it can cause pain during removal.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gags and Bits

Are BDSM Gags Safe?

Yes, they are safe if you use the correct gag size and follow non-verbal communication when your partner is not comfortable and released.

How does One make a Homemade Mouth Gag?

  • Makes sure the material is moth-friendly and soft.
  • Makes sure you have safety shears at your disposal.
  • Think about how the gag will interact with your throat.
  • Think about the comfort of the submissive partner
  • An individual must observe cleanliness to avoid the transfer of infectious bacteria.

How Does One Know the Right Size of Mouth Gag for Me?

  • Open your mouth wide but do not strain.
  • Measure the distance between the tip of the upper and lower incisors.
  • Take that as the diameter of the ball gag orbit you should buy.

How Does One Keep a BDSM Gag and Bit Clean?

  • The ball gag should be clean after and before every use.
  • Wash with clean water and friendly soap, and warm water.
  • Wipe it dry and put it on a sterile surface to prevent it from contacting germs.

What Are the Risks of Bondage Gags and Bits?

  • Your jaw may break if you use a large gag or bit.
  • You are vulnerable to attack by bacteria since your moth is open and freely exposed to air that carries the bacteria.
  • The jaw may become sore.


Gags and bits are mostly used during BDSM, but individuals can use them during oral sex to increase the sex experiences and sensations in the bedroom. There are different types of gag and bits as individuals choose which product they need to buy. It becomes easier as there are factors considered that individuals consider when purchasing such products. 


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